Believe the title of this article or not, Americans really celebrate the day of the cheese sandwich, one of their favorite food. The course gained its popularity from the beginning of its creation and until now, its glory spreads all the world around. Any person on the Globe did try a burger once in a life and did enjoy its taste. Nowadays, people mostly prefer famous McDonalds’ recipes which are unusual and unforgettable. This article will show some interesting points in the history and traditions of the day and one can find out when is National Cheeseburger Day in 2022.

The meaning of the feast

What does National Cheeseburger Day mean for Americans? It is the day of aliment commemoration when there are no limits and restrictions in the food consumption. Everyone can and must eat it in the unlimited quantity. The day out honors those who are cooking the sandwich and those who love them. It is also a time for little relax and rest even in the middle of working day. Still, one must not forget that cheeseburgers are unhealthy fast food. Eating much of them may cause serious problems in the bodies so one of the aims of the holiday emphasizes the need to follow a healthy lifestyle and consume the aliment rich in vitamins and minerals. Moreover, because of its high level of carbohydrates, the culinary miracle may lead to overweight. That is why the food anniversary has two meaning โ€“ positive and negative. If you do not want to waste your health, eat one or two โ€“ it wonโ€™t become a real danger for you. If you are the food lover โ€“ be moderate and everything will be OK.

National Cheeseburger Day

The definition of the party time

The cheeseburger presents a delicious sandwich. Its general, important and must-have ingredient is… yes โ€“ a slice of cheese. There are many ways to prepare this food, what products to choose but cuisine chiefs accentuate people’ attention on a sort of cheese to put in. The most popular variants are mozzarella, cheddar, Swiss and the blue one. It depends on the customerโ€™s order and on the chefโ€™s plan. The nutritional quality changed with adding one or another milk product. For example, French adore blue and Italians โ€“ the mozzarella pieces to put in the food and both nationalities will obtain different tastes and contrasting quantity of calories. People prefer the course also with onions, mustard, sauce, cucumbers, and salad, always fresh and odorous.

The history of the feast

Being purely American, the September 18th in US calendars is the time when is National Cheeseburger Day in 2022. One affirms the date was not chosen eventually because September is already the spring. Despite the period has already gone, this unofficial festival returns us back to hot summer days of spare and free time and lets the joyful atmosphere enter our routine time.

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The big inventions of the humanity are always made by accident. That is the case of the cheeseburger invention.

The food is the indispensable attribute of the American lifestyle. As is well-known, it firstly appeared in one restaurant in Los Angeles, probably in 1928. It was a small luncheonette with the title Rite Spot in Pasadena, California. It is strange but the personal of the snack bar told the history themselves, they were its vivid testimonies.

They attested the sort of sandwich was invented… by mistake. According to their words, a 20-years old young chef Lionel Sternberger overdid meat and decided to use a trick. He added a piece of cheese into the dish instead of throwing it away. The visitors have greatly appreciated a new taste. The author of this legend was Paul Little โ€“ the commercial manager of the bar. Other people give a bit changed story that Lionel Sternberger was 16-years old and his parents were the owners of the cafรฉ where their son cooked the first aliment in US history. Believe it or not, let history be history but today we thank Master Lionel for such a creative idea and his talent in cooking. Thanks to him, all the world has a chance to delight an original hamburger with cheese.

The holiday earned a great reputation all over the world and there is even its global anniversary. Can you guess when is International Cheeseburger Day in 2022? Both festivals, American and universal, coincide in one date โ€“ September 18th. It is a perfect occasion to eat as much of this dish as you can. Take profit of it, imagine that all the world is enjoying the same course together. Old and young, men and women, rich and poor are waiting in a queue or are cooking this famous burger. Is it awesome, isnโ€™t it? Share the celebration!

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Facts and traditions of the anniversary

Scientists found some traces of the dish in Ancient Egypt. While doing excavations, archaeologists discovered a kind of burger image on one of the murals. Ancient Egyptians already knew the methods of cheese productions so they may use it to cook the course. It is dated two thousand years before Christ.

Men and women adore this type of burger. Famous stars are not the exception. Channing Tatum has once said life is too short and if you do not order a double cheese sandwich, you will miss the greatest thing in your life.

According to the National Department of Agriculture of the USA, every cheeseburger includes more than three hundred calories and more than forty milligrams of cholesterol โ€“ that is not very good for your health. Moreover, one of the most developed organization โ€“ McDonaldโ€™s โ€“ annually offers more than six billions sandwiches. It has enormous revenues but twenty-five million cows sacrifice their lives for it โ€“ it is unbelievable!

National Cheeseburger Day

Despite all big numbers and bad statistics, it is worth to celebrate the occasion what is the date of NSD in 2022. Let us suppose possible variants how one can spend his free time.

  1. Enjoy the aliment at lunch or dinner. Do it everywhere โ€“ in the parks, cafes or at home. Show the world you are taking profit of the time.
  2. Taste new recipes of the dish. Surf on the Internet and find some interesting and exotic ways of food preparing. Do your best and cook it by yourself.
  3. Impress other and prepare a homemade dish. Invite some friends of yours and make them have a meal together. Set up a small party in the open area, have the relaxing time after a long working day.
  4. Propose to make a sandwich party in your office. During the coffee break, invite all having a snack with burgers.
  5. Visit local pubs and restaurants and ask for more additional information about the honoring of the day. They may offer special propositions and even free burgers! Take your chance!
  6. Take part in the eating contest. They are very popular and gather big audiences.
  7. There is one more option for this special holiday. More and more often people refuse to eat lots of cheeseburgers or other food and sacrifice it or money for those who are starving from hunger at this moment. It is your choice. Remember the poor children from Africa or from another country in the world who have anything to eat at present. The human charity has no limits. You will not miss anything if you eat tree burgers instead of six or five. Your donation may bring a shot of sunlight in somebodyโ€™s miserable destiny.
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Now you have a lot of useful information about the date of National Cheeseburger Day in 2022. It is the time of great fun and great possibilities. Choose any of them and make the life happier!


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