It would seem that there is nothing easier than to cook oatmeal: pour flakes with hot water or milk, or steam oatmeal from the evening, in order to get a delicious and maximally useful breakfast in the morning. A lot of people all over the world do this almost every day. However, are you ready to answer the question โ€œWhen is National Cereal Day in 2020?โ€ without any significant prompts?

Frankly speaking, we predict that you are going to give us a negative reply as you have never heard about this special occasion before. And in general, this is an explanation, why we decided to discover the situation in details.


Of course, the matter concerning the subject, what day World Cereal Day in 2020 is, needs the explanation of some historical moments of the event, which many people follow every year on March 7th.

It would be quite interesting to mention that in ancient times, those people, who ate oatmeal, were laughed at, as this product for a long time was considered to be a feed for cattle. This was considered because of the nature of the plant: originally oats grew like a weed.


In Mongolia and China, they did not fight it, but used it as a livestock feed. Germans treated oatmeal without prejudice, – Pliny the Elder wrote that they specially grew oatmeal for their table.

The same story with Scots: in a cold and humid climate, oats grows perfectly – and oatmeal is as delicious and satisfying as any other. Only the surrounding nations thought differently. In Johnson’s dictionary, oats are offensively called a product “which in England is eaten by horses, and in Scotland – by humans”.


What does National Cereal Day mean? Oh, frankly speaking, it would be quite difficult for us to answer this question instead of you. Would you like to know why it is so? โ€“ The matter is that we are not sure whether you like or perhaps hate this dish. Of course, in the second case you wonโ€™t celebrate and it is not surprising.

But it would be quite wise to tell you that even being one of the most important rituals this porridge needs our attention. The contemporary nutritionists warn that cooking oatmeal follows the rules in order to preserve all its useful properties.

You’ve probably found out that oatmeal is a real superfood that will allow you to block the feeling of hunger before dinner. And this is true, but only if the fiber, which is rich in oats, is connected to a protein. So you should cook cereal using cow or soy (if you are a vegetarian) milk. In addition to the obvious utility, this greatly improves the taste of the dish, plus it makes it more velvety in texture. In addition to milk, however, nuts or seeds will be excellent sources of protein as topping.

You like piquant or sweet oatmeal, in it in any case it does not hurt to add a pinch of salt. First, it will provide your body with a complex of minerals. And secondly, will give the dish a deeper taste, so you canโ€™t call it fresh and boring. The important thing is that you should do this at the very beginning of cooking – then your porridge will acquire a nutty and slightly smoky flavor, as if it was cooked on an open fire.


Discovering the question โ€œWhen is International Cereal Day 2020?โ€ we should give our readers a lot of useful facts concerning this dish.

The professional cooks are sure that stirring helps to get rid of bubbles that are easily formed in oatmeal due to the light texture. Experts advise doing this every 4-5 minutes to get an incredibly tasty and healthy porridge. Are there any potential health damage to the blisters? – In no case. But if you are one of those who are sure that food should bring not only gastronomic, but also aesthetic pleasure, be sure to take care of it.

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If we talk about oat flakes, then they are cooked quite quickly. But still – not instantly. They sometimes require some time to soak up all the liquid, in order to become soft and tasty. Some minutes are required for activation all their useful properties. So in any case let them brew for 5-10 min. before starting breakfast.

Owing to ease of preparation and taste, oats became a part of many dishes: from simple soup to haggis – dishes from baked oatmeal, sheep giblets with onions and sage. This porridge was prepared on water and only then cream or butter was added. It was believed that the stirring of porridge during cooking should be done only clockwise in order to scare away unclean forces from the house.

Today, special rituals are also associated with porridge – for example, feeding children: mothers are still being asked to eat children on a spoonful of porridge – and the whole plate is eaten unnoticed.


When is Cereal Day in 2020, calendar will surely remind you. The only thing we recommend you not to forget is March 7th comes. It doesnโ€™t sound quite difficult, does it?

And we will give you some recommendations, how to celebrate this special occasion properly. Are you ready?

There are a lot of recipes for the preparation of this tasty and so useful dish. Initially you have to choose the right kind basing on the cooking purposes. For example, to improve the condition of the skin you should cook porridge on the water. Dietary product is prepared even without sugar and salt, and also without oil.

However, this does not mean that you need to eat tasteless product porridge: it can add dried fruits. Such porridge for a long time will keep the feeling of satiety, and those who want to lose weight will not have to suffer from starvation.

Different kinds of Cereal

But there is recipe for dish for those who do not want to lose weight and just wants to have a delicious breakfast without spending a lot of time on it. For cooking, you need half a glass of milk, one banana, one spoon of cocoa (dining room), seventy grams of flakes. Milk, along with cocoa and banana, is beaten in a blender until a homogeneous mass is obtained, which is filled with oatmeal. Then the porridge is infused for about five minutes and is served on a table decorated with dried fruits.

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International Cereal Day Facts

Investigation the subject โ€œWhat is the date of National Cereal Day 2020?โ€ we canโ€™t but mention about the advantages of this kind of product.

We would like to inform our readers that in the second half of the XIX century there was something like a “cerealboom” all around the world: oats were learned how to steam and to press. So there appeared popular oat flakes all over the planet. Up to the present moment they are considered to be very light and very convenient for transportation. Oh, and they can be stored for a long time.

Nowadays oats are used for medicinal purposes, because the product has useful and healing properties. It is considered a required thing in Tibetan medicine. From oats it is possible to make baths and lotions for diathesis, eczema, scrofula, rheumatism and polyarthritis.

The cooked porridge is rich in fiber, protein compounds and fats. It is easily absorbed by the body, relieving a person from feeling hungry for a long time.

Oats and oat flakes are an excellent source of a number of vitamins: A, B1, B2, B6, E, K, PP and such substances as iron, magnesium, manganese, phosphorus, iodine, fluorine, sulfur, calcium, potassium and even nickel , which is also vital for a person.

It contains lysine, methionine and tryptophan. These essential amino acids are a powerful source of nutrition for the body. The main task of amino acids is to assimilate vitamins and minerals.

However, donโ€™t eat too much of this product if you are suffering from intolerance to gluten. Also please, be careful, in the case you are having problems with bones: frequent consumption of oatmeal helps to wash out calcium and prevents the absorption of vitamin D.


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