The holiday we’re going to talk about was originated in the US and is celebrated annually in all fifty states. And it deserves so much respect that the whole country is seized with the single noble impulse to make the life of the children better.

When is National Adoption Day in 2022? You’re just about to find out!


The observance is going to be seventeen years old. Young as it is, it gained the decent results in the field of the adoption in America.

It all started at the end of the 20th century, when the certain companies, connected with the family services, got worried about the number of the adoption cases getting in the deadlock because of all sorts of the governmental routine. The integration of such organizations helped the prospective foster families to finalize the process and send the abandoned children in the loving hands.

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Since 2000, the companies, involved in the adoption services, do their best to popularize the holiday among the citizens of the country and contribute to the total number of the kids who obtained the forever family. In fact, for sixteen years of its existence, the observance united more than sixty-five thousands of the children with the new families. As the adoption process is rather difficult and long one in the US, the date symbolizes the great effort everyone has made to build the happy future for one more child.


What does National Adoption Day mean? It means raising the awareness of the citizens on how important it is to reduce the number of the kids in the orphanages and paying respect to those who took such a serious decision.

Why do people take the child in their family? The reasons are so different. Someone wants to help the poor orphan. Or, theycan’thavetheirownkids. The wide range of the motives that push the adults to the thoughts of adopting a baby could be integrated into two main reasons.

One adopts the kid because of the kid themselves; they want to help them, give them a chance to have a loving family, change their life for the better. Another goes for the orphan because of the personal purposes, such as the infertility of one of the spouses, the death of their own child, the desire for filling up the emptiness. In both of the situations, there is nothing bad about them. We can’t say what is good and what is wrong because the results are much more important.

When is International Adoption Day 2022? It takes place just before the Thanksgiving.

Speaking of details, let’s take the group of the adopters who do that because of the inability to have their own kid. Usually, they come to that step after the long way of the ordeals, treatments in the special clinics which were not successful.  These people think that the younger the child is the better, and take the infants. From the psychological point, the kid is the realization of their dream so they treat them like their own. Interestingly, but it’s a widespread situation that after the adoption the child is born. The same works for the people who want to have the second, third, fourth baby but because of the unknown reasons fail to make that. Taking the kid from the orphan’s asylum, they also make their dream come true.

For the others, the child is the substitution. You see, that it’s mainly the parents who once lost their own kid. They are more sensitive as they’ve gone through the tragedy and the deep psychological trauma. It takes too much time to make the wound heal over – to let go of the lost kid, to “bury” them inside their soul. That’s why the psychologists in the adoption centers don’t allow them to finish the process fast. They give them time to understand whether they are ready for the significant change. The point is that no matter the grade of the parents’ willingness, the child still could be the substitution.

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For another one, the child is like the need in love. Usually, these people already have the kids but they want to take the orphan. Their motive is either the deficit or the excess of the love; probably, they don’t get enough positive emotions from the children they have or have too much of the inner warmth and lack the objects they can give it to.

Anyway, when people adopt the child they do it for themselves, in the first place. But yet again, it’s not a bad thing. Regardless of what day World Adoption Day in 2022 falls on, we should not take it as something meant for the other individuals, not us.


The adoption is the form of placing the child in the family with the legal establishing of the connections with the parents which are not their parents by birth.

It happens that when the adults want to take the kid from the orphanage and tell about it to their relatives, they get the flow of the puzzled questions, negative emotions, and even offenses. As a result, they get so scared of the decision that are forced to forget about that idea, especially under the influence of the friends/parents/siblings pressure.

In fact, there is a whole range of the myths that hover over the issue of adopting a kid. One of the most frequent is that the genes play the most important role. “All orphanages are the offspring of the drug-addicted, alcoholics and it would become apparent in the future”, “like father like son” – all these phrases are heard quite often. In reality, the shaping of the personality depends not only on the genes but also on the society around the kid. Yes, there are the peculiarities that are predetermined by the genes like the temper or the gift for the math. But it’s not the genes that bring up the honesty, kindness, ability to love and be happy in the person. These are up to the family they have and the choice of the child themselves.

Kid with smile on his hand

Then, there is a myth about the health of the kid from the orphanage. “All of the mare ill”, “you’ll get the bunch of the illness together with that child” usually accompany the arguments of those who are against the adoption. Well, there are really a lot of the unhealthy children. Almost everyone has the socio-psychological desolation, problems with the speech. But we should always remember that the kids have long been into the traumatic situation and the permanent stress. They’ve gone through the neglect and abandonment, loss of the family and the total uncertainty of what their life is going to be like.

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What is the date of National Adoption Day 2022? It’s November 18.

Plus, the one can think that the adopted child would love the new life immediately. It’s one of the most dangerous myths that the orphans are the cute well-tempered, but lost and neglected creatures that want to have a mum so badly that would fall into her embraces and be grateful for the rest of their lives. Atleast, that’swhatthemediatellsusabout. And it’s a huge mistake to think that the kid is the person without the past as we lose the understanding of the situation they were in.

Well, and the most widespread one is this – “it’s none of my business”. While it doesn’t matter for you, there are about 220 million of the kids in the orphanages. Around 150 millionarethe homeless ones and it’s just the matter of time when they get into the orphan’s asylum. It’s like the number of one country’s population! Isn’t it the high time to act?


The best way to celebrate the date would be spreading the word about such an important holiday. Try to raise awareness on the issue and reach out to the hearts of the people of your neighborhood. Together with your friends, you can visit the local orphanage and sign up for the volunteer program as well.

International Adoption Day Facts

  • In 2016, America managed to help about five thousands of the kids to obtain a new family.

Mark in the calendar, when is Adoption Day in 2022, and share it with your near and dear ones.


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