Weird holidays are a usual thing for different countries. People always try to make their lives simpler and gayer. Lots of days in an annual calendar are devoted to food and drinks. It doesnโ€™t mean that people ignore these meals on other days. But they devote a whole day to praising things that they like most of all. One of such holidays is National Sugar Cookie Day. It is annually celebrated in the United States of America. A great majority of people annually observes the occasion. When is National Sugar Cookie Day in 2024?


The history of the day is a big question. Itโ€™s difficult to find any information about the starting point of the holiday. It seems to be a great mystery, though the history of cookies started several centuries ago. The first mentions of such meal in American cuisine are referred to the 17th century. It is known that German settlers, who had moved to Pennsylvania, made the first cookie.

Generally the world history mentions cookies in the 7th century. The inventors of such food were Persians. The first variant is supposed to be not sweet. They were made of different cereals and water. People took such cookies for long travels as they didnโ€™t spoil. After the beginning of the use of sugar a cookie became very popular across the neighboring territories.

National Sugar Cookie Day

Years passed and people interacted due to trading and wars. The result of those interactions was the exchange of cuisineโ€™s elements, traditions and way of life. So, cookies were taken into European countries through the Muslim Conquest. Europeans took several meals and drinks into their cuisine. There are several evidences that in the 14th century people of different social levels made cookies themselves. Everybody in Europe had a chance to eat sweet cookies.

Another popular variant of a cookie is a jumble. It is considered as a great alternative to cookies during trips and long journeys. This kind of a cookie became popular in the early times. It was made of nuts and honey. Nowadays people also put raisings in the jumble.

The next step was sharing the tradition of using cookies into other continents. The continents of America got a new kind of food in the 17th century. In the beginning of the 1620s the Dutch took cookies into the North America. The first mention of that event concerned a big funeral in 1703. It is said that almost 800 cookies were made for that occasion.

Nowadays people have cookies every day in the cafes and at home. Everybody can take part in the celebration of the occasion. The information can be got by asking the internet community โ€œWhat day Sugar Cookie Day in 2024?โ€


What does Sugar Cookie Day mean for modern people? Nowadays a cookie isnโ€™t just a kind of food. It is also a symbol of kindness, tenderness and charm of home. People always make cookies for their dearest people and guests. They use this kind of food for picnics and official meetings.

The day is considered to be a national holiday in America though the day isnโ€™t mentioned as an official holiday. Nevertheless, people all over the country are eager to celebrate the day. It is a great chance to negotiate with other people.

People can use the chance of the day to attend lots of occasions across the country. They can use this day as a motive to get friends, to improve relations with their relatives and friends. They can make their best cookies and put an emphasis on that fact, saying that their best recipe is for their dearest people.

Sugar Cookie Day has a great importance for those mothers who want to spend more time with their children. It is a good chance to make cookies together. They can make different figures and forms. Children can make cookies with their friends. People from other countries can also get a tradition of celebrating the holiday. When is International Sugar Cookie Day 2024? Itโ€™s expected to be on the 9th of July.


The first steps of cookies on the American land were noticed in the 1620s. This kind of food was brought to the continent by the Dutch, that is why the word also has a Dutch origin. Originally it was โ€œkoekjeโ€. It meant โ€œa little cakeโ€. Later the form transferred to โ€œa cookieโ€. This word wasnโ€™t a formal name. It was usually used informally. American tribes took the word from Dutch settlements which based on the territories of New Netherland.

According to the National Dictionary of Scotland, the word โ€œcookiesโ€ is related to the word โ€œcakeโ€. It is due to the Scottish form โ€œcu(c)kieโ€. The Middle Scotts got the suffix in. The changes happened during trading companies. People interacted greatly. They got the most interesting traditions and the most delicious dishes from the cuisine.

Despite a great popularity of the word โ€œcookiesโ€ people also use โ€œbiscuitโ€. The last variant is usually used for a crisp variant. The word is widely used in the United Kingdom and North America. The chewier type of a meal it said to a cookie. Other territories donโ€™t provide the difference between two words.

The Scotts name a bun as a cookie sometimes. If they are made as separate pieces, they are known as a traybake or a bar cookie. People usually cut a cookie out a sheet pan when they have already baked it.

What is the date of National Sugar Cookie Day 2024? It is set on the 9th of July.


The most favourite kind of a cookie among Americans is considered to be a chocolate cookie. The majority of people have tasted this kind of meal. Every family has already bought cookies or made them themselves. Children adore sweet things, so their mothers try to cook them very often.

National Sugar Cookie Day

Speaking about National Sugar Cookie Day, it is a great tradition to have a bar of cookies at home or in the office. The youth gathers to bake cookies. Every participant can bring his favourite recipe and train his friends to make cookies.

Different communities even gather for picnics and women of the families bring their sweet variants. Parents propose games and other entertainments for their children. If the day is a holiday, they even make cooking master-classes for adults and children.

The best way to spend the holiday is to bake lots of sugar cookies. Itโ€™s very easy to make them. The day can become a real family festival.ย  Each member of a family can have his own part of work. The last step is having tea party with baked cookies.

Another great tradition of the holiday is visiting cafes and restaurants. Most of them propose different tasty recipes or give special propositions for visitors. Shops often make sales for bars of cookies.

Sugar Cookie Day Facts

There are some interesting facts about National Sugar Cookies Day:

  • The first men, who brought cookies on the American continent, were settlers of a Protestant village in Pennsylvania.
  • Different nations called sweet cookies in their own manner. In France they were named as gimblettes. Italian people named them as cimbellines. Other countries of the world use other words: gemmels, plunkets, jumbals and so on.
  • Americans celebrate Oreo Cookie Day in March. They have two reasons to spend a whole day making cookies. If you want to define the dates and occasions more precisely, you should write the internet request โ€œWhen is Sugar Cookie Day in 2024, calendar of eventsโ€.
  • In early times cookies were made very dry, because they were taken to long journeys. They were to be good for eating for a long time.
  • Halloween and Christmas are the most favourite holidays among children, so the amount of sold sweet cookies is enormous.
  • The biggest Christmas Sweet Cookie was made by Alexander Chin in 2012. Its diameter was more than 16 inches.
  • The citizens of America eat cookies more than other people. They spend almost a billion dollars for cookies every year.


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