When is National Army Day in 2020? At the first sight this question sounds rather easily, however, we are not sure that you can answer it without any prompts given from our side. All in all there are some similar holidays in the world, that is why it is not a great astonishment, that a significant part of contemporary people (even the most brilliant ones) have never heard about its existence.


We know really well that the direction like what day World Army Day in 2020 is requires many additional clarifications and detailed explanations. All the disputes about the former past are of special importance among our dearest and the most curious followers.

The opinion of organizing this holiday appeared during the World War II and for the first time it was sounded by Franklin D. Roosevelt, who was the current American President at that time. The leader wanted to achieve the total peace on the whole planet. He found every war to be the real tragedy for every nation, as it caused nothing but numerous deaths, massive destruction and devastation, turning into a complete nightmare for everybody.

Unfortunately, we donโ€™t know why this event has to be celebrated on April 6th every year.



What does Army Day mean? All in all, we aren’t able to reply this trend instead of you. In general, the list of TOP-3 armies of the planet has remained unchanged for quite a long time. In accordance with its data, the first stage belongs the United States, Russia is on the second, and China is on third place. Following it, the American Military unit is considered to be the strongest unit, as it is armed with 19 aircraft carriers, more than 13,000 aircraft and helicopters. The Russian military forces is the champion in armored vehicles, the Chinese is the most numerous institution.

The leader in the amount of submarines is North Korea. It obtains the 35th place from 78 units. However, as noted, they are almost completely unsuitable for operation. The third part of the submarines, belonging to this state, is represented by noisy diesel called โ€œRomeoโ€, which became obsolete in 1961. The range of the weapons of these ships is only four miles, while the modern US submarine is capable of striking a radius of 150 miles.

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All in all, the official rating of the strongest armies of the planet consists of 136 countries. By the way this statistics was compiled not occasionally. In order to create the list, the corresponding organization conducted a comprehensive study, noticing about 50 various factors. Thus, the states that are the active members of NATO received some significant additional points, as well as states that have a nuclear arsenal.


The investigation of the direction โ€œWhen is International Army Day 2020?โ€ needs the representation of some additional moments. Talking about the military unit we canโ€™t but mention the war, as it is considered to be a logical implementation of any military activity.

All in all, there are many encyclopedic definitions for this term, but they are united by one thing: war acts as a means of imposing on the opponent various kind of will by force. The activity forces the opponent to renounce freedom, from the rights to any property, or, for example, to quite different ideology.

It turns out that war should be described from the economic and political points of view as well. After all, the world economy assumes the inevitable growth of competition between leading countries, which means, the winner is that has great natural resources and markets.

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When is Army Day in 2020, calendar will certainly remind you. It’ll happen on April 6. The current date is fixed, that it why every person is usually free to participate any time.

Of course, this holiday isn’t an official one and although it’s worldwide, there isn’t a certain list of rules and traditions, explaining how to celebrate the special date in a proper way.

What about the discovering some new facts, devoted to this data? โ€“ For example, have you already heard that the most beautiful military unit belongs to Israel?

The State of Israel, which is nowadays in a state of permanent war, has an army in which not only men serve, as in many countries, but women are also recruited. Service in the military unit is mandatory for all citizens of this state. Men serve thirty-six months, women – twenty-four. It should be mentioned that only a few people manage to avoid this compulsory activity. Almost everybody is subject to a call, regardless of the difficulties with health. There is a high level of material and technical base, as well as the newest types of weapons. It is the most intelligent, and even the most beautiful army in the world. The title of the most beautiful it has obtained thanks to the female. And it’s not surprising, because it’s nice to see how young girls perform combat missions.

Among the smallest states is the Republic of San Marino, located in the south of Europe. It is surrounded by the territory of Italy. In an area of about sixty kilometers, only thirty thousand people live. For many centuries attempts have been made to seize this republic, but it has remained independent. This was facilitated by a skilful leadership, the proud spirit of the people, the location on the mountain (Mount Titano) and the fact that San Marino is surrounded by three belts of fortress walls. This is a military unit, endowed with special functions. Members of Parliament are protected by the National Guard. It is known that the republic was an ally of the Entente during the First World War, fifteen soldiers stood under the gun.

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Army Day

Today the army of San Marino is seventy-nine men – officers and soldiers. Four times a year there is a military parade. Wearing bright uniforms, armed with carabiners of the nineteenth century, they march through the streets of San Marino. There is no compulsory serve in the republic. This activity is voluntary. A small army also has Monaco, where the army – only eighty-three people. One hundred and ten people make up the Vatican’s army.

International Army Day Facts

Discovering the destination โ€œWhat is the date of National Army Day in 2020?โ€ we’d love to introduce our readers a plenty of amazing details.

Military and economic experts regularly determine the global index of military power, which is called The Global Firepower Index. This is one of the most objective ratings. It takes into account more than 50 different indicators.

Compiling the Global Firepower (GFP) Index, the experts mind not only the scrupulous calculation of tanks, aircraft and warships, but also the strength of the army and its reserve, the level of military financing, the country’s transport infrastructure, oil production, state debt and even the extent of the coastal lines. All these factors can influence the fighting efficiency of the national army.

It is necessary to remind that fighting is the most important criterion for assessing the army. However, this parameter is not taken into their account. Thus, Russia and the United States also have a clear advantage, for instance, in front of China. Russia fought against Georgia and at the moment it is at war with Ukraine. In addition, this country conducts a military operation in Syria. And the US fought in Iraq and Afghanistan and also participates in operations in Syria.


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