Music follows human life from the beginning till the end. One cannot imagine his existence without it. Someone prefers calm and peaceful classic songs, another one likes pop or rock variant. Different people, different tastes, various musical instruments. Piano, guitar, violin, saxophone โ€“ they all have been made to enrich the world with new melodies. The last one gained its popularity in the second half of XX century with the development of jazz music. The time when is National Saxophone Day in 2022 mentions the instrument itself, its apparition, the creator and the professional musicians. What is more, this unofficial holiday may be attributed to any musician, to any person who is keen on music, who adores the art, the beauty, who loves nature and all the Universe.


In linguistics, there is a term called metonymy. It denominates the inventions by the name of their inventors. For example, two famous world drinks, champagne and cognac obtained the names of French regions where they had been first made: Champagne and Cognac. The similar thing happened with the creator of saxophone, Adolph Sax, whose last name served the radical of his well-known instrument.


Mr. Sax was a musician, he was playing clarinet and flute. Being a talented Belgium musician, he moved to Paris in 1842. Moreover, the man knew how to make musical instruments because it was him who created ophicleide and improved the bass clarinet. There, Sax wanted to create his own business. He started it and his affairs were successful because everyone knew about his passionate behavior toward his job. Moreover, the inventor of saxophone used all his knowledge and skills producing a new type of music set.

Beginning with 1842, his invention became well-known. People adored its charming notes, calming sounds, and peaceful atmosphere. Furthermore, after 4 years of improvement of his creature, Sax obtained the right to patent his instrument. July 28, 1846, Mr. Sax declared seven different types with various designs of the item. In honor of Adolph Sax, the day of his birth, November 6 in calendars is proclaimed to be the time when is National Saxophone Day 2022. Musicians around the world celebrate both the birthday of a genius man and his amazing child.

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The meaning

What does National Saxophone Day mean for Americans? Whether you are keen on jazz or not, it would surely not exist without a saxophone. As any of musical styles, jazz was created neither by professionals nor amateurs. It appeared in the North America among the slaves and used to be the voice of their souls. Besides, one can say the world would lose its most prominent singers without the sounds of this music tool. The symbol of miserable black people, their sad destiny on the American continent, its music touches heart and souls. While listening and admiring the art of jazz, we feel the simplicity of life, nature, others and ourselves. It is an eternal music, the notes from heaven which can greatly change the vision of existence. It is worth to commemorate this holiday enjoying beautiful set playing, closing the eyes and swimming in the ocean of harmony.

The definition

The saxophone belongs to the group of woodwind instruments. Since the time of Sax, it has been modified many times. Nowadays there are seven variants of the implement. Our body similarly to other Earth inhabitants responds to music. Its vibrations make a positive or negative impact on the whole organism. Speaking of the notes of this instrument, the psychologists remark its exclusively good influence. When someone is listening to it, he can enjoy the sounds, relax and relish. The science calls it the art without violence where the tones and melodies are calm and peaceful. In addition to it, not only listeners but the musician himself is affected by the rhythm he provides especially when he improvises. Some experiments showed the performer while playing cannot control several parts of his brain. Thus, he feels like plunging into the sea of sounds and makes music unconsciously. In this strange way, one can express his inner world and play the best he could ever do. Is it unbelievable, isn’t it?

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By the way, it is interesting to signalize what day World Saxophone Day falls this year on. The world saxophonists and composers gather twice a year and the world commemoration is held annually November 6th. It first took place in 2015 and during last three years festivals, concerts, and performances unite under one roof those whose hearts are fond of jazz. The initiator of the day was Sax Open Project Foundation.


Are you already interested in the jazz music genre? Saxophone is the king of his kingdom there. Everywhere in the USA and other countries, people visit big and small parties, shows, presentations, enjoying the soft sounds of the saxophone. If you have never tried it, you can do it. Even if you adore pop or rock music, you will lose nothing. Life is a perpetual discovery of something new, exciting, unusual. Open your mind and keep admiring and rejoicing. Find out more about the history of the instrument, its famous composers, and performers. It will help you to understand better what is the date of National Saxophone Day in 2022.

Bill Clinton playing Saxophone

Invite your friends to accompany you. Share these wonderful moments in spiritual unity with musicians and people you love. Besides, time spent with profit for the soul is never wasted. At last, there are many professional performers who are making music just on the streets. We call it the street music. If you have no money, it is not bad. Walking down the street, stop for a while and enjoy their talent. In this way, you will share the holiday too.

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International Saxophone Day Facts

Here, we want to enumerate some amazing facts about the implement itself, its long history and creator.

  1. It became the official tool in military services. After people began to use it in chamber music and orchestras.
  2. Adolph Sax elaborated 14 types of saxophones. Today, only seven are in use.
  3. Do you know who proposed to name the invented tool after the second name of its creator? It was Hector Berlioz, the composer and the innovator. He wrote the initial composition for the tool.
  4. In 1844, the inhabitants of Paris heard it in the opera.
  5. The life of Sax was very difficult. He was a teacher at a military college in Paris. Because of the war, he lost the job and the business. He died in misery and his creation was forgotten for a long time. American singers brought it back to life and transformed the saxophone into the main part in jazz performance.

In conclusion, not only people have sad destinies but the implements too. Maybe it is the reason why the Sax’es invention makes relaxing notes and sounds. Despite, November 6 gives us the possibility to honor the day when International Saxophone Day is in 2022. It is a new breath of air, the moment of calmness and rest. The musicians affirm it is very simple and easy to play so everyone may take lessons. In one word, the saxophone music is like the good wine โ€“ the more you taste, the more it gets better. Celebrate this extraordinary feast!


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