When is National Organize Your Home Day in 2020? Oh, we are almost sure, that you have never heard about its existence, but in vain. As January 14th is a perfect opportunity to bring your house or apartment into order. So, are you really ready to miss it? If the reply is negative, we would like to introduce you this article.


Of course, we understand quite well that the matter โ€œWhen is International Organize Your Home Day 2020?โ€ needs the clarification of the historical background of this event. But, unfortunately, we havenโ€™t managed to discover any information available about the establishers of this occasion as well as about the reasons to spend exactly January 14th in another way.

However, we have found the information, which is going to astonish you. โ€“ Have you ever heard that the remains of the oldest soap were found during excavations on the Sapo hill in Rome?According to legend, it was in Rome where it was invented. – Once a mixture of melted animal fat and wood ash of the sacrificial fire was washed away by rain on the bank of the Tiber River. The people who were working there noticed that thanks to this combination clothes were much easier to be washed.

Organized Home

But what did our ancestors do in those days when soap was not invented yet? โ€“ The specialists are sure that in fact different people had various ways of washing. At the same time all of them were more or less represented by soaking in cold or hot water, after which the laundry was rubbed, beaten, rinsed, squeezed and dried.

The very first substance for washing in water, which the person learned, was a natural alkali – ash. The main raw material for itsproduction was ash, the only effective means for washing clothes for centuries. The oldest detergents were supplemented with soda, roots of soap, aloe, elderberries and other natural components.

All the things, reminding contemporary soap, were discovered, in fact, by accident. People have used them for centuries, not really wondering why some substances were washed better than others.

And only with the development of chemistry the concept of surface-active substances, or surfactants, appeared.

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What does National Organize Your Home Day mean? Oh, all in all it is up to you to decide, we are not sure that we can do it instead of you, as the order in the house is a delicate matter.

Unfortunately, as a rule, in a couple of days even after the tidiest cleaning everything is lying around anywhere, as if we have done nothing in particular.

In addition, the larger the family is, the more objects are accumulated in the house. As a result in some situations there is no space. Order in the house is necessary everywhere: in the bathroom, in the kitchen, at the workplace, in the pantry, in the living room, in the bedroom and even in the garage.

As a rule, clearing the house needs some time, which contemporary people donโ€™t usually have it. The specialists, in their turn, propose to break the process into some steps. Believe you or not, but it will help you to cope much quicker.

And, please, try to do everything, combining tasks. Or example, while you are talking on the phone, you can fold the laundry, beat the pillows, collect scattered magazines and books, clean the plates and dust.


Discovering the subject about what day World Organize Your Home Day in 2020 is, we want to give our readers as many recommendations as we can.

Here is a small piece of advice especially for you. – Start your cleaning from the kitchen directly. First of all wash all dirty dishes and then clean the stove. If you have ever read books on feng shui, then you probably find out, that this premise is considered to be a source of common wealth. And this is an explanation, why it is necessary to wash the sink and the stove in the first turn. Finish with a mirror surfaces then.

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However, it would be better to do it every day after each cooking. In such a way you will be able to keep the apartment clean. In the case when everything is very dirty and covered with grease, you may use some hot water with odorless soap. And, please, do not forget about such important thing as the fridge. – Wipe its shelves and all walls, take away spoiled food.


When is Organize Your Home Day in 2020, calendar will surely inform you. The most important thing you have to remember is when January 14th comes. It is not very difficult, is it? However, are you ready to turn this date into a real celebration? โ€“ We are going to help you now!

Contemporary psychologists advise everybody to start cleaning the house merrily. The secret is that we need to somehow adjust ourselves to work positively.

Therefore, do not rush to do everything urgently. You will wash and clean later. At the very beginning, give yourself the opportunity to sleep, to take a bath with salt and aromatic foam, to drink slowly a cup of green tea and to raise the tone of the body.

Only now, when you have had a normal rest after the busy week, have had breakfast and relaxed, it is worth cleaning the apartment.

And why not make a holiday of cleaning? If it isnโ€™t cold in the street, open the windows, give yourself a breath of fresh air, turn on the radio or disc with your favorite songs. Talk to your family members, let them help you. Remind them that in ancient times the dirty house was considered money bypassed!

Be sure to take care of your own motivation (a new cream or lipstick, for example, why not!) Or come up with a general reward, for example, going to a pizzeria or a movie, after you finish cleaning. Such day will be very interesting even for your children.

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Organize Your Home

International Organize Your Home Day Facts

As you can understand the question โ€œWhat is the date of National Organize Your Home Day 2020?โ€ needs a lot of clarifications, recommendations and pieces of advice.

If you are going to clean your house or apartment as quickly as possible, prepare 2 large boxes or a package. First you need to put all things in their places.

Into one box or bag you will put garbage, and in the other – things that need to be put in place. Walk around the apartment. Everything that is oddshould be thrown away.

The necessary things are put into another box or bag. Look at the tables, bedside tables, shelves in the hallway and bathroom and a coffee table rather carefully. Ready? Now you can ask someone from home to throw out the garbage. Of course, ideally, it would be to teach children to put all things in place on a daily basis, of course. Try, maybe you will succeed.

Now wipe the dust. Typically, it is done first with the highest furniture, fixtures and windows. After that, move to lower surfaces. For better result use a damp cloth.

Sweep or vacuum the floors, and then wash them.

Run through the other rooms and everything in the same way. If you have a multi-storey house, then cleaning in the house should start from the top floor, gradually going down to the bottom.

Also remember, if you spill or make something dirty, clean it immediately. Why? โ€“ You see, because it’s so much easier to wash at the very beginning, and secondly – it’s easier to keep the apartment clean.

Well, now you know how to maintain the cleanliness of the house and how quickly to clean the apartment, and you should hurry, because you still need to put yourself in order before going to the cinema or pizzeria.


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