How often do we think of those, who are in need of somebody’s help? There are plenty of people worldwide, who suffer, are in lack of money and other things for normal life. Among these people are those, who have no relatives or parents and have no opportunity to live normal lives and ask somebody for help. Every of us can help at least a bit, but most people do not think about it all, though it is worth thinking about. At the same time, there are people, who created special philanthropy organizations, which unite people, desiring to help others. In this article, we will discuss a holiday, dedicated to it all and know when is National Philanthropy Day in 2022.


This is a very important, though not so widespread holiday. It is dedicated to a huge problem of many countries, that is why much attention should be paid to it all and more people should be aware of all its aspects and possibilities. With the help of such organizations and thing, we are able to make the world more tolerate, happier and more kind. There is a lack of t all in modern society and our task is at least to preserve it and moreover to protect and develop the bigger amount of people, who are living a normal life. That is why, in order to discuss the holiday more concrete, we should certainly first speak about the history of it all – especially, about how it all appeared and began its development.

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Certainly, as the day has no dozens year of history and is not celebrated on the governmental level, there is not so much information about it. It is known only, that it all began not so far ago – just in 1980 when the idea was born to Mr. Freeman. In 6 years the first holiday has been held, after which the USA presided over that time – Reagan, made this day a national holiday. Since that time it was celebrated annually and people know even now, what day World Philanthropy Day in 2022 is.

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What does National Philanthropy Day mean, we will decide in a couple of further paragraphs. All in all, it is not that difficult to find this information out from the very name, but still, some people may have a couple of questions left. That is why we will do our best in order to make all the things clear and the second thing is to make the rest of the people, who are not so aware of it all, get correct information and be closer to this day and its reasons.

So, now moving closer to the main question, we should say that it is a day, which is dedicated to charity or philanthropy, in other words, in all its ways. If saying in a different way, it is a holiday of giving, kindness and such like things. Here volunteers of all sorts are included, together with donors, corporations, etc. There is a wide range of people, who try to help others in different forms and for different reasons. Some people donate money, others help with their arms or physical force. All together they do great things, which affect each other on a global level. And it is very important, as we see today’s situation in the world, its scars, and problems, which really exist and become a part of our life, which we simply don’t notice. But we must simply know at least, when is International Philanthropy Day 2022.


In the previous paragraphs we have mostly discussed, what does the holiday, which we are speaking about, mean. We tried to give you the main aspects, which let you make clear understanding concerning what is it all about. But we gave you quite a general explanation of it all and now need to get deeper into the detail and discuss everything till the very end in order not to come back to this question again. That is why let’s move further and make the whole definition for you personally.

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To define the holiday, we should say that it is one day a year, which is celebrated in most countries of the world every year without any exceptions from 1986. The day contributes everything, which is called “giving” and people, who are related to it all. We can name donors, volunteers at all possible organizations and actions, etc. The help may be of a different kind, for example, material donation, moral help, physical help, etc. The thing is that everyone does things, which he or she is able to do from their heart, the rest just doesn’t matter. That is why it is rather important for you to know, what is the date of National Philanthropy Day 2022. And it is November 15.


In the previous paragraphs, we have discussed a bit and touched upon the topic of what is done during the day. As you could have already understood, the main thing is giving and giving help in any of its variants and kids. All other factors really do not matter, because if you want to help from your heart, so what can be even more important? That is why activities throughout the day are so different because all sorts of people come together in order to help others and do it in all possible different ways.

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As an example, a person can donate some money for those, who are in need. They can be homeless people, children, who were left without parents, sick people, etc. Moreover, if you have no ability to help with money, there are dozens of other ways. There are plenty of people, who help with the help of their “hands” – they work as volunteers in different organizations, again, with elderly or sick people. All in all, there are so many ways to help and spend this day, that it is impossible to list them all. You can easily visit the site of this official day and read there all the information, which can be useful or interesting for you.

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International Philanthropy Day Facts

So, paragraph by paragraph we have finally moved to the end of the article and our discussion too. We did our best and tried to give you as much information as possible. We hope that after reading our article you now understand fully the sense of this holiday. Also, we hope that those, who have not heard about such a thing earlier elsewhere, know now much about it and maybe even will be involved in all these activities or at least some of them. The more people help others, the better the world around us become and the better living conditions are organized.

The sense of this holiday is not just to make help once a year. The sense is to teach people to do it all year-round, not depending on holiday’s schedule or such like things. Just be kind whenever it is possible for you because we all should remember that there are plenty of people, who have no help near them and have no opportunity to live the same normal life as you live. Do good things, provide help and you will see that it brings positive emotions both for those, who help and those, who are helped. Maybe next year you will be prepared better and even provide your own ideas, concerning this holiday. That is why try to know beforehand, when is Philanthropy Day in 2022, from the calendar.


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