When is National Bacon Day in 2022? Can you answer this question, please? Unfortunately, we are almost sure, that you have never heard about this event before and as a result are ready to celebrate it neither alone nor in the company of good friends or family members.

That is the main reason, why we have made this decision and investigate the matter in details.


Certainly, we are sure that it is almost impossible to investigate, what day World Bacon Day in 2022 is, if you donโ€™t pay serious attention to the historical past of this contemporary special occasion.

It is a real pity, but it has turned out to be quite difficult to find any appropriate pieces of information about the initial establisher of this holiday, as well as the grounded reasons for celebrating this memorable date just before New Year, on December 30th to be more precise.

Fried Bacon

In general, the specialists believe that the initial origin of this kind of product stretches back into the distant Middle Ages. But in the period typical for that period it was call a bit different and pronounced like โ€œbacounโ€. Would you like to know why? โ€“ All in all, that the similar words can be met in French, German and old Teutonic languages. The linguists are sure that the combination of the first letters denoted something like โ€œbackโ€, the pigโ€™s bottom in fact.

Only ancient Romans called this dish like โ€˜Petasoโ€™.

The first specialists, who dealt with preserved pork, lived in England, on the territories of Tamworth and Yorkshire. It was happening in the 17th century.


What does National Bacon Day mean? Oh, frankly speaking, his question seems to be really difficult to reply, or individual one, to be more exact. As you can understand, only you can decide, whether December 30th is important for you to celebrate, or vice versa it may be forgotten quite easily.

It is difficult to imagine a traditional English or American breakfast without a couple of slices of crispy pink bacon, which is so deliciously fried in oil on a frying pan. And although at present this product is by no means a rarity in the culinary world, many still do not know what bacon is.

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As it has been already mentioned above this product in general was invented by Oscar Mayer not long time ago. In 1948 this person began to sell it in a cut condition and packed in special boxes. Already in 1962, the same person thought about a vacuum package to extend the shelf life of bacon. And yet since that time, the bacon has undergone some changes in the recipe, although the key things have remained unshakable.

Since there is a significant fat layer in the bacon, some people believe that this is just one of the varieties of lard. This statement is not entirely correct. – What is bacon? This is a meat product for the production of which special, so-called “bacon” pigs are used. Pigs intended for fattening are distinguished by long spins and rapid growth.


Frankly speaking, it is a real surprise, that the question “When is International Bacon Day 2017?” can’t be answered by the most part of the representatives of contemporary society. Why do we think so? – The explanation is quite simple indeed. The matter is that this product is believed to be one of the most delicious and “affectionate” delicacies on the planet. By the way, have you ever heard that some modern children think that it is also a mysterious product, because most of them do not know where it comes from in hamburger and famous fried eggs.

All in all in fact bacon is used more as a flavoring, rather than an independent snack. It is good in dishes from turkey, beef and omelets.

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In order to get the meat delicacy, people prefer to keep animals in special conditions. First of all, they are abundantly fattened with barley, dairy products and beans. Their diet contains no food waste, oats, fish products and meat, so that the bacon is tender. When the pig reaches the age of seven months, it is sent to slaughter. About 9 kilograms of product is obtained from 100 kg.

Also we should mention that, asarule, the meat snack is divided into salted and smoked bacon. Smoked bacon is cold and hot.

  • Salty is used as a semi-finished product. In the future, it undergoes food processing: from it, it is possible to get a brisket, pork or ham.
  • Smokedone is represented by alternating layers of meat and fat. Such bacon is completely ready for use.


When is Bacon Day in 2022, calendar will surely remind you and as a rule there are no any serious reasons for being worried about. But are you sure that you know how to eat this famous product in a proper way?

Of course, the best way to spend this day unforgettable is to organize a real bacon treating or even a huge party.

But, please, be attentive now as we are going to tell you how to eat bacon correctly. In the course of time, or, perhaps, during the next Bacon party, you will be able to tell about it to your circle. It looks like this information is going to bring you some popularity.

Bacon on Pig

Most often it is used as cold and hot snacks and for cooking second courses. The most famous variation of its use is for breakfast combined with scrambled eggs or omelets. As this snack is fat enough, it is used to bake lean meat, which is pinched or wrapped in thin slices of bacon.

So you have already known how to celebrate the next morning of December 30th and it is going to become rather tasty indeed. Oh, and by the way it will happen on Saturday. โ€“ It is a perfect opportunity to organize something really unusual.

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We would also like to mention that people eat this product differently in various corners of the planet. For example, in many countries of the world they do not know what bacon is. This is not surprising, as basically this delicacy is consumed in Europe and America.

But even in these countries the meaning of the word “bacon” is very different, because the manufacturing technology differs a lot. So, in America, the appetite for muscle is the animal’s stomach, in Canada – the lumbar, and in Russia they take the brisket. Separately, we can say about the Italian Guancale, made from the cheeks of a pig by special technology.

International Bacon Day Facts

Trying to get the proper answer to the question “What is the date of National Bacon Day?” we are usually interested in some additional amazing facts concerning this matter. So here is a list of our surprising examples. Bacon is prepared solely from pork, without any exceptions. Many people mistakenly believe that bacon is a kind of fat. It is not true, of course. In fact, quality bacon is made from specially fattened pigs that are fed with milk, beans and barley. It sounds really amazing, doesn’t it?

Most often for the bacon producing people take the lateral part without ribs, limbs and vertebrae. A sign of bacon quality is the appropriate ratio of meat and fat, as well as its uniform arranging throughout the piece.

The most expensive and high-quality bacon is called by the special word “pancetta”. This is a rather fatty piece, obtained from a pork brisket. It is pre-salted, seasoned with spices and herbs. Ready pancetta is cut into medium strips and added to salads, pasta and various snacks.

Another type of quality bacon is the so-called Canadian bacon. Unlike pancetta, this is lean meat, obtained from the lumbar part. Canadian bacon is often added to salads and sandwiches.


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