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🍹When is National Parfait Day 2021

We all are fond of sweets, biscuits, and cakes. Thousands of people cannot imagine their lives without trying a bit daily. Today, we will discuss a French topic and of the most famous dishes of their cuisine. So, let’s try to find out when is National Parfait Day in 2021.

Well, the global observance is held each year on 25th of November. The main aim is to support French cuisine and do not let the legendary dishes become outdated. The best way of celebration is to visit some French cafes and try a bit of this breathtakingly tasty dessert.

The history of parfait originates in France. Due to unknown circumstances, the creator’s name was lost. In history, it was only 1894 when this dessert became well-known. It was prepared from cream, whipped with sugar and vanilla, and then frozen in a metal mold. Sometimes, the parfait includes whipped eggs. In addition to the original dessert, there is an American version. Ice cream and other ingredients are added to it. Ideal for breakfast, as it is effortless and quick to cook at home. And there is always freedom for your imagination.

Parfait a dessert of French and Viennese cuisine. From French, parfait translates as impeccable, beautiful. It is prepared from thick whipped cream, egg-milk mixture, vanillin, coffee, cocoa, chocolate, nuts etc. Mix whipped cream with a prepared egg-milk mixture or sugar powder. Add various flavor and aroma products.

Lay the prepared mass out in special corrugated molds. Close the lids tightly with gaskets made of white paper.

Strawberry Parfait

Lay forms with a mixture in a container with finely chopped ice. Sprinkle it with salt. To prevent the brine from getting into the mold, cover it with grease. Freezing should be done within 2-2,5 hours without stirring. Before serving, remove salt from the mold with cold water. After that, open the forms immersed in hot water (60-70 °C) for several seconds. Spread the dessert in a vase and decorate it.

Use such flavors as coffee, cocoa powder. Other variants are grated chocolate, fruit mousse, fruit juices, peel, as well as poppy and nuts (almonds, pistachios). All the ingredients added in the dessert should be cold, essentially frozen beforehand. Otherwise, it will not keep the shape, fall off or curdle, especially with fruit juices. The acid of fruits or berries has the property to oxidise the cream and curtail it. In case the fruit is still used, the creams for parfait take enough fat. The introduction of juices requires practice and great professional skill. So, safe ingredients for parfait are coffee, vanilla, and chocolate.

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Freezing of parfait is usually done by packing the form into crushed fine ice, covered with paper sheets on top and put in a refrigerator in this form.

Interestingly, besides sweet versions of parfait, there are also recipes with vegetables or a liver. In any case, the dish remains lush and tender, reminiscent of mousse in consistency.

To fulfil the knowledge, we want you to get acquainted with other French desserts that are popular as well as our dish. It will help you to have a glimpse of the feast and what day World Parfait Day in 2021.

Creme brulee

You can make this dessert of yolks, cream, and sugar mixing with milk. Then, bake it, resulting in an appetizing and crispy caramel crust on the surface. Serve it in a refrigerated form.

It is noteworthy that disputes remain about the true origin of creme brûlée. The French attribute the recipe authorship to the chef François Messalo. The British are sure it was they who first cooked creme brulee at Trinity College. Which of them is right is not yet clear, but both are equally fond of this dessert. It is popular in the world.


It looks like a cone consisting of profiteroles with a filling, fastens their sweet sauce or caramel. The top of the dessert is usually decorated in every possible way – almonds, fruit, caramel. It is considered a festive dish, served for Christmas, wedding or baptism.

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Traditional French dessert is so popular it can be found in many serials, both foreign and even in Japanese animated cartoons. The name of the dessert translates as “crispy in the mouth”. Indeed, the caramel crust is sweet and crunchy.


This biscuit is made in seashells. In addition to the usual ingredients, a little rum is added to the dough. The cookie turns out to be sweet and crumbly. According to legend, one day, the chef in the royal’s kitchen got sick, but the guests demanded to try the dessert. One of the maids prepared unpretentious shell-cookies, which suddenly made a real sensation. Their recipe scattered throughout the kitchens of Paris.

The cookies were named after that handmaiden Madeleine. Even more, these sweets have become famous due to the fact they were mentioned by M. Proust in his world-famous novel, in one of the important plot scenes. One of the philosophers who studied the work of Proust also paid attention to the role of these cookies in the plot.


People believe, one can’t eat the dessert completely as it’s impossible to stop. Indeed, this cookie made of protein, sugar, and almonds with a layer of cream has an unforgettable taste. The dessert is popular all over the world. Modern cooks have invented about 500 varieties of pasta with exotic flavors. It seems, the popularity will grow more.

Parfait buffet


What does National Parfait Day mean? Firstly, in order you want to feel the full atmosphere of the fest, then check the existing French dishes. Find out why are they so popular. Secondly, go out to visit French cafes that will facilitate your glimpse and will help plunge into the world of French cuisine. Thirdly, don’t forget to make photos and videos for Instagram and Twitter. It will keep in safe your memories and feelings about when is International Parfait Day 2021 for a long time.

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25th of November is a date when you may plunge into a world of sweets without any limits. The best variant is to visit France, the origin of the festivals, to feel the aroma of the celebration. Prepare your mobile phones and cameras to seize the moment. A fact you need to make your day successful is the knowledge of what the date of National Parfait Day 2021 is.


Regardless of the material and social situation, food plays an important role in the life of the French. Their chefs traditionally use the freshest ingredients, trying to preserve all the features of the product after heat treatment. They use almost no dairy products in their cuisine. The exception is the dearly loved cheese. The country produces dozens of different types of cheese from goat, cow, and sheep’s milk. They do not eat cereals. Residents of the country are fond of fresh vegetables and fruits. The most popular dishes are spinach, different kinds of cabbage, eggplant, potatoes, beans, tomatoes, artichokes, asparagus, leek.

International Parfait Day Facts

  • Although chicken parfait is a cream, whipped with sugar with the addition of vanilla and then frozen, it is also possible to cook it from chicken.
  • The recommended amount of sweet berries is not more than 500 g per day. So, the body will receive the maximum amount of vitamins, which will benefit when you prepare parfait with strawberries.

Thus, you shouldn’t miss such an opportunity to get crazy and tasty feelings when is Parfait Day in 2021, with the help of a calendar.

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