Are you a real gourmet in your surrounding and it is rather difficult to amaze you with something special in the kitchen? Are you sure that you know everything in this direction? Well, perhaps, you will reply one simple question โ€œWhen is National Pumpkin Pie Day in 2022?โ€

Oh, why do you look puzzled? โ€“ Please, donโ€™t worry as this matter is able to confuse everybody. But, of course, this is not a problem. You will get the wide answer soon as we are going to tell you about everything in details. So letโ€™s go to obtain new knowledge.


Certainly, we understand that the investigation of the matter โ€œWhat is the date of National Pumpkin Pie Day 2022?โ€ is impossible without close discovering the historical past of this subject.

It is a real pity, but we couldnโ€™t find out any information about the direct establishers of this holiday, as well as about the reasons to celebrate it on December 25th annually.

The history of the pumpkin dates back centuries. It was grown in America already 3 thousand years ago. To this fact there is a huge amount of reliable evidence.

One of the legends says that the Indians, grateful to the Spaniards for having opened them, shared with them the best – gold of the Incas and gold of pumpkins. Then, however, they stopped to share, but it was too late – the pumpkin seeds were sailed to Europe, where they quickly and happily multiplied.

Pumpkin Pie

However, either we want to tell you that pumpkin is the most ancient vegetable of Central America. Its homeland is Mexico, where it was cultivated for 5 thousand years before our era. Archaeologists say that the pumpkin was grown in Peru even before the cultivation of corn. The Indians of America used it for food, and made solid dishes from solid ripe vegetables.

Wild pumpkins were discovered by the expedition in North Africa in 1926. This finding gave rise to the hypothesis that it was from there that it was spread throughout the world. In Europe this vegetable appeared in the 16th century: this unpretentious culture that yields a great harvest has perfectly taken root, our climate allowed to grow pumpkins practically in all regions.


What does National Pumpkin Pie Day mean? โ€“ Oh, would you really ask us to answer this question? It seems like we are not able to do it. Why? โ€“ As you can understand the reply should be individual, as contemporary people are free to choose what holidays to celebrate and what donโ€™t matter for them in general

You do not like pumpkin, do you? Do you find this vegetable horrible and tasteless? Well, in some situations you are true, but not in this case. We propose to try to prepare a pumpkin pie at home and astonish everybody around. Its incredible taste, tenderness and at the same time juiciness will change your opinion about this wonderful and unimaginably useful vegetable. You see, according to experienced cooksโ€™ point of view, neither adults not children refuse from such sort of baking!

Americans traditionally bake a sweet pumpkin pie for Thanksgiving either, decorating it with cranberry berries and whipped cream. When you look at the pie, it seems that autumn is thus encountered in winter.


In the article, devoted to the matter, what day World Pumpkin Die Day in 2022 is, we would like to tell you the following.

Pumpkin dishes are very diverse in their purpose. From this vegetable you can cook soup cream, make a variety of casseroles, bake desserts andprepare porridge. And of course, we canโ€™t but mention that the pumpkin is very tasty in baking.

That is the case, when many familiar vegetables are able to give a bright mood and to provide an opportunity to enjoy deliciousness. Pumpkin cake turns out not only tasty, but also soft. And if you add to it a peel of orange or lemon, with which the pumpkin perfectly harmonizes, then the baking will turn out with a more intense citrus aroma.

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You can serve your pie as a separate dish, but you can show your imagination and make it a real confectionery creation. For example, cover it with chocolate glaze, cut along two halves and pour with cream, add cocoa powder to the dough to make the cake chocolate. Then the product will get a real festive look.

And if you want more variety, you can put inside dried apricots, raisins, nuts or even dried cranberries. In addition, you can prepare a cupcake in portioned silicone molds, which will provide the product with a beautiful pattern.

Moreover, based on this pie, some people usually make products not only with pumpkin, but also with carrots, beets, apples, zucchini, cherries and other products.


When is Pumpkin Pie Day in 2022, calendar will surely remind you and there are no reasons to be worried about. The only item you should pay attention to is the moment, when December 25th comes. Frankly speaking, it is not difficult because it is just at Christmas, the best holiday of the year, both for children as well as for adults.

The best variant to spend this day properly is to prepare this yummy dish. Winter is a very convenient season to spend it together with your relatives or close friends. In the evening you can arrange in front on the fireplace and enjoy yummy thing, served with cinnamon or just sugar powder.

Pumpkin pie is an excellent dish and decoration of a festive and casual table in the autumn-winter period. The vegetable can be added in a crushed condition directly into the dough or use it as a filling.

Also it is universal. Using it you can cook both sweet and not sweet dishes. The experienced culinary specialists share a great amount of recipesย  and step-by-step instructions will definitely help you in cooking.

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A piece of Pumpkin Pie

By the way, have you ever heard that people with a romantic way of nature adore peculiar food. As a rule, their favorite dishes are a pumpkin pie and donuts. These two dishes can say that before you there is a really sentimental creature with subtle feeling nature. According to scientists, this is due to the fact that these products contain a large number of aphrodisiacs.

International Pumpkin Pie Day Facts

So you have already obtained the answer to โ€œWhen is International Pumpkin Pie Day 2022?โ€ It sounds like โ€œIt will happen on December 25thโ€ and this year it will be on Monday. That is the perfect beginning of the New Year week, isnโ€™t it?

However, be attentive now, as we are going to give you some important pieces of advice.

  • How to choose the right pumpkin?

Do not take big sorts of these vegetables. It is best to choose an average pumpkin weighing 4-5 kg. Look at its skin. And mind that it should be free of bruises, spots and cracks and other damages. Oh, by the way, a ripe pumpkin has a tail, which is usually dry and has a dark color.

  • How to peel the pumpkin easily?

If you want to cook or bake pieces of pumpkin, cut the skin then. After heat treatment, it becomes soft enough. But mind that the flesh, as well as the peel, have many healthy components and nutrients.

  • How to store a pumpkin?

Pumpkin loves dark and cool places. That is why the ideal place to store the pumpkin will be a cellar.Special winter sorts can be stored much longer even in the apartment conditions. Cover them with a cloth to protect from light.

For correct and long-term storage, the pumpkin should be with a pedicel. It is desirable that when stored, it is directed upwards. It is also not recommended to store the vegetables on the heap. It will be better if they do not touch each other.


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