American people are famous all over the world not only for their level of development and lifestyle. They are also known widely for their love to their country, to everything, that surrounds them and the place, where they live and work. And this love is much bigger than maybe in any other country. It is difficult to explain, why did it happen in such a way, but it is the fact. This country has been build for ages upon particular principles and beliefs, and after a period of time, we see great love of people to this country. They even have a special holiday, which is dedicated to this phenomenon, which is called Loyalty Day. In the following article we will touch upon this topic closer and discuss, when is Loyalty Day in 2018.

Why has this holiday been invented

So, maybe the main question, which other people may ask is why is this holiday exists at all. Actually, it is a reasonable question, because not all people may understand it and why the feeling of love to the native country should be celebrated. But Americans, in particular, have this feeling that their country is the best, that they are free living there and they have a huge heritage in comparison to all other countries. At this day, which is called Loyalty Day, a person is given a chance to remind himself one more time how strong does he love his native place and its style of living.

Loyalty Day 2018

People strongly promote patriotic feeling towards their country. It is extremely important for every its citizen to understand and feel it. The government in its turn does everything to rise this feeling in their people and to grow it for their whole life. Who knows, maybe partially because of such attention to patriotism this country became so huge and well-developed and reached so many horizons. You can hardly find a person, who is not proud of being an American. And you will not find a person, who won’t know, what day Loyalty Day in 2018 is.

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Before the start of the holiday:

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This holiday is usually celebrated on May, 1st. But as we all know, the whole world celebrates another holiday on the same day, which is called Labor Day. When such a holiday started to exist, the USA had to have some holiday too and they began celebrating Americanization Day. But in a dozen of years, there has been a resolution signed, according to which the holiday has been renamed into Loyalty Day, which we know nowadays. At this day earlier people had a rally in all states throughout the country and this tradition lasted for a long period of time.

Traditions and celebrations of Loyalty Day

Well, there is one tradition, which is well-known for many people around the world. Though it is dedicated not only to this holiday, it is used during many pay and Americans try to do it as often as possible. The speech is about hanging flags outside the building for the whole day. They are not only official institutes but simple private houses or apartments. People hand flags with pleasure and re really happy to show their love towards the country among each other. That is why you will not find a person, who doesn’t know, when is Loyalty Day 2018.

Though the scale and nation’s love to this holiday, this day is not treated as an official holiday and all institutions, organizations and educational establishments work as a usual. Also, there are no changes in the work of transport of other things, which are considered to be done during the day of celebrations. In spite of this, people do not lose their enthusiasm and have a good mood and spend this day perfectly. It is a great trait of the American nation to feel always perfect, be in good mood and be full of emotions and force. Any person should teach it all from these people.

Loyalty Day

This day is not always celebrated widely throughout the country. Depending on the community it may be celebrated or not. Those, who celebrate this holiday, may organize different parades and such kind of events, where children and schools take part. But again, all these performances are aimed at raising people to love to the country and its people, to everything, what is dedicated to this country. That is why it is extremely important to know, what is the date of Loyalty Day 2018.

Other countries, probably, should follow the example of the United States. Though there are traits and things, which many people do not appreciate, love to the country is undoubtedly a positive one. It helps people to feel more confident in what they are doing and how do they live. With such thoughts and faith, every person becomes stronger and is able to reach any goals, which are set for him or for the country. Loyalty Day is so important because people are being reminded that with the help of these beliefs they were strong enough to fight for their freedom and independence. And they achieved it all together with only their own efforts.

So, any citizen mustn’t forget about this holiday and in any case remember, when is Loyalty Day in 2018, calendar includes this information. In the celebrations not only schools take part. But usually, churches and some public independent organizations are also interested in it. It is also a big goal to make as more people as possible to become interested in the holiday and be inspired by the ideas of the celebrations. It united the nation and makes also people be more attentive to each other. Such ideas are always important for any nation and must be developed around the globe, though many people do not pay such attention to it and do not believe in the ideas of such unions.


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