There are so many things, which people enjoy doing together with their friends or family members. They meet together, have fun, do things, which they like and which bring them positive emotions. It is very important all in all to have such a thing in your life, which will make you happy, which will bring sense and interest to every living day. Many people love things, which they enjoy and do, and even dedicate holidays to this or that thing. In the article below we would like to pay attention to one of such hobbies or activities โ€“ bowling. We will discuss everything, connected to the holiday and this sports at all, that is why be ready to stop at this information a bit. Also, we will know, when is National Bowling Day in 2022.


If we are going to speak about bowling and the holiday, which is celebrated in the world, dedicated to this kind of sports, we should certainly first begin with the discussion of its background. It is very important to find out, how it all began and what were the reasons to create the holiday. Moreover, except this importance, there are many interesting things, which are also a part of our history and it is always useful to know it all.

National Bowling Day

So, the main thing is that the first time the holiday has been held officially was not far 2011 year. Right from that year people became knowing about this holiday, many of them became its fans and were happy to celebrate it together. It is an interesting fact, that actually the first international bowling day took part in far 1956 and was really wide. But that was the only time, after which the tradition has not been repeated. Though bowling lovers couldnโ€™t forget it all and refreshed the similar tradition in present times. Now it also has great success, that is why millions of people all over the country know, what day National Bowling Day in 2022 is.

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What does National Bowling Day mean, we will define a bit later here in the article. The main meaning is clearly understandable for most of us because it is rather obvious from the name of the holiday. This day was made to gather as many bowling lovers as possible at one place and also make more people being involved in this kind of sports. By the way, did you know that bowling is treated to be one of the most popular sports in the world? It means that practically every of us loves this sport or is fond of it seriously.

When the holiday was held more than 50 years ago, people had several aims. First, certainly, was to make a sort of a championship and gather all like-minded people at one place. The second was to collect money for Red Cross. It was the great idea to help people, who really need money, in such a good way, but not to spend a huge sum on something unnecessary. So, do not think that sports lovers have no feeling and do not understand anything. They also care about the surrounding world and try to help others with everything they can. And finally, it is obvious, that all these people wanted to have fun and spend a good time with the same people like they are. The situation with the present holiday state is practically the same, as people also know well, when is International Bowling Day 2022.


We have already spoken about the meaning of the named holiday and now we will collect all the information and make its definition for those, who may still have questions on some of the points. So, the named holiday was created by the fans of bowling. The aim of this day is to make all bowling lovers meet together and have fun, sharing the same interest, and also show many other people, that they can also be involved into it all and get a good, interesting and useful hobby.

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The modern celebrations are certainly different from what has been held at early times. Nevertheless, it doesnโ€™t mean to be worse or less interesting. Nowadays many people come again and again to celebrate it and also attract many newcomers. When it was a huge break after the first meeting in 1956, people couldnโ€™t stand creating it all one more time and turning it all into a tradition, which would unite people, who have the same interests. Though it is no more the meeting of such a wide scale, people still like meet together and play this popular game in their own styles. Every year they are always waiting for it all to happen because they know for sure, what is the date of Bowling Day 2022.


This holiday has its own page on the internet, where all people can find everything they want, read some special information and know the details. It is really very convenient because there are many people, who are not deeply involved into this all and have no opportunity or simply do not know, where to find this or that information. Those, who organize it all, really do their best to support this holiday, this movement and make people always stay in touch with each other.

National Bowling Day

By the way, we have forgotten to mention one important detail, which interests every person, involved into it โ€“ when is Bowling Day in 2022, by the calendar? And it is really important because the participants often organize some competitions or things of the sort and need time to prepare it all. So, people in all states celebrate this holiday once a year on August 8. It is a good time โ€“ summer, sun, warmth and good mood. It all creates really good and friendly atmosphere for those people, who are a long time in it all, and for those, who are jest newcomers and want to be involved into all this. That is why this year you also have time to become also a part of this big bowling family.

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Bowling Day Facts

There are really a lot of interesting things, which are dedicated to the background and process of creation of this holiday. Though this day may not seem really important and senseless for some people, but it is a really good opportunity to mix our simple day with something, which is a hobby for millions of people all around the globe. By the way, there is an interesting fact. When it all has been created only and there were plans for holding the first meeting, people thought that it would not make a success. But the things turned different and now you see that there are plenty of people, who are willing to take part in it all and develop this holiday throughout all possible countries.

It is also an interesting fact, which concerns the background of the sports itself. Many people think that it is a modern kind of sport and it was developed not so long ago. But it is a huge mistake because according to archeologists, they have found some kind of simplest bowling balls in Egypt in ancient graves. Its age is so high that we can hardly name the concrete numbers. So, you see that if you to get involved into this sports, will be interested in its history, you may find so many interesting and surprising things, that you will understand people, who are real fans.


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