What do you think about funny, humorous holidays, which are celebrated in different countries? Different people have a different attitude towards the holiday and their reasons. And it is normal for modern society because some people are too strict to it all and others do not pay attention to some little things and are ready to have fun at any time. In this article, we would like to speak about one of very funny and even a bit silly holiday, which do not have some special meaning but is loved by many people. It is called Frog Jumping Day. Funny, isnโ€™t it? We will know, what does it mean and when is Frog Jumping Day in 2022.


May is full of holidays in any country. People like to invent reasons to meet summer and begin having fun as early as possible. This very holiday is celebrated in May too and it brings people even better mood and positive emotions. Though it is rather hard to follow the history of the holiday and when particularly it all started, because there were no some serious or fundamental reasons, which caused its existence. That is why we will not deep much into the background but will discuss it in brief and know, where has it came from.

Frog Jumping Day 2017

So, according to several sources, the day was thought up after a story of Mark Twain has been written and published for the public. It was a short story, which told us about two boys and their frogs. The question was about whose frog could jump higher. Have you recognized, which story was it? Right, you are โ€“ its name was โ€œJim Smiley and His Jumping Frogโ€. It was a kind humorous story, which was both loved by children and their parents and got good popularity at the time of its appearance and during further times till nowadays. In the story children argued all the time, whose frog was better, faster, etc. and those events people carried into reality and invented a holiday, about which we are speaking now. Later you can look up, when is National Frog Jumping Day in 2022, in the calendar.

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By the way, it is interesting to admit, that the text has been the first, which was written by the named author. It was written in the 1860s, so practically from that times, the described holiday began it’s existing. The story can be met under different titles. It was authorโ€™s decision to change the title for the first time in a couple of years and publish it with the new name. And sometime later he changed it again and published it again under the new title. All of the titles contain words โ€œFrogโ€ or โ€œJumping Frogโ€, so the story can be easily identified.


What does Frog Jumping Day mean, we will observe right here. It is not hard to guess from the name, but still, there are some facts and descriptions, which can be interesting and funny especially for those, who know, when is National Frog Jumping Day 2022. The sense of the holiday is all the same as in the story โ€“ to bet, whose frog jumps better or, in particular, higher. It all is organized in a form of a contest not only locally, but even internationally. Many people enjoy taking part in this championships, though they are not so serious. It is all about getting positive emotions together with the spirit of competing with each other.

The place of origin of this holiday was California. If speak more concrete, it was a small place, named Calaveras County. It is a real existing place, which has been described in Twainโ€™s story about two boys. At that place, a tradition to organize contests with frogs has been beginning. So, you can see, that nevertheless, the name of the holiday may sound childish and a bit silly, its origin goes back to much time back and is even connected to real people, places, and stories. The holiday wouldnโ€™t spread so much without peopleโ€™s support, so we can simply confirm, that people enjoy taking part in it.

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So, the meaning of this holiday can be already understood. This is a funny day, which goes back to 1860s and implies all possible activities, connected with frogs. They are organized not only for children. Adults can also take part in any of them โ€“ why not? It is all just about having fun and there is nothing bad in it. On the contrary, many adults nowadays are involved in the celebrations and enjoy it even more than children enjoy. Why not use a chance and have a lot of smiles and jokes one day a year?

There is also an important question, concerning this day โ€“ what day Frog Jumping Day in 2022 is? At the time of its invention, the date was chosen for May 13 and has never been changed. But the inventor is still unknown, so as the reason, why particularly this date has been chosen for celebrations. This particular date doesnโ€™t correlate with the life of the author, M. Twain, with his works and publications and there is no any information, which this date could follow from. That is why this information remains to be a secret and we probably will never know the reason for such a choice of the day. Though, it is really interesting.

Frog Jumping Day


This good holiday, which is full of smiles and laughs, is worth being celebrated and be paid attention too. There are a lot of good traditions, which can be done throughout the day:

  • Adults can read a story, which gave birth to this day โ€“ it is not only interesting and entertaining but instructive too. Such things must be read by every educated and well-mannered person.
  • Both adults and children can jump around like frogs! Just try, do not be shy โ€“ it is really funny! A portion of laugh is guaranteed!
  • What else is popular among adults and children โ€“ to buy a frog as a pet! Right you are, this animal or better to say an amphibian, can become a good friend of your family. It makes no troubles to their owners, it can go everywhere with you in your pocket, it eats practically nothing and finally โ€“ you can play with it, organizing jumping competitions!
  • A lot of interesting and educating events are organized for children, where they can know a lot of new facts about frogs while playing and know, what is the date of Frog Jubilee Jumping Day 2022.
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Frog Jumping Day Facts

So, in this article, we have collected the main facts about the holiday. We have found out that:

  1. The celebrations began more than 200 years ago in California.
  2. The holidayโ€™s origin is Twainโ€™s story about two boys and their frogs.
  3. The reason of choice of the date โ€“ May 13, is unknown.
  4. Frog contests are organized everywhere in the world and there even an international contest exist.
  5. A lot of events and entertainments are organized during this holiday for adults and especially children. They can study a lot of useful things there, broaden their minds while having fun.

So, you see, that this day is not only about fun all day long, but about educating, broadening your knowledge and studying something new. It is a great opportunity to spend this day with your family.


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