How would you like your eggs? Once in a year, you can ask yourself this question at least three times a day โ€“ for breakfast, lunch, dinner and in between. Why? Because this day is marked as an international holiday honoring that food.

When is National Egg Day in 2022? Read on!


You must have heard that eternal argument on which came first โ€“ the chicken or the egg? In fact, it was Aristotle who broached up the issue, yet he mentioned the bird, not the hen. The philosopher assumed that those two came into this worldโ€ฆ at the same time. As the egg couldnโ€™t emerge the first to give birth to the birds, because it obviously must have been laid by the latter, and the bird itself couldnโ€™t come about without the egg, then they saw the light of the day together!

Okay, forget it, today we witness that those things come right from the bird and thatโ€™s enough. As the ones from the chicken are the most much-loved, letโ€™s talk about them, or, more precisely put, about their โ€œmotherโ€.

National Egg Day

It is proved that the domesticated chickens descend from the wild Gallus gallus species that live in Asia. The common point is that the bird joined the humanโ€™s livestock around two thousand years ago in the lands of India. Nevertheless, there are the talks claiming that the domestication of the chicken took place in the Southeastern Asia eight thousand years ago.

The images of this bird were pictured in the tomb of Tutankhamen in the Ancient Egypt. They date back to 1350 BC! In the 800th century BC, the first chickens were brought to Ethiopia. A bit earlier, they were recognized in the Middle East. Then came the turn of Greece to get to know these creatures during the antiquity and after that, they spread to the whole Europe.

Today, the chicken is the most popular poultry in the world โ€“ there are about twenty-four billions of the species! And together they lay around fifteen billions eggs daily. Impressive, isnโ€™t it? To such a degree of impressiveness that in 1996 the meeting of International Egg Commission in Austria designated a date dedicated to those white shelled emissions! The countries with the poultry farming on the rise (the majority of todayโ€™s states) welcomed the idea and since then this holiday became an international one.

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When is International Egg Day 2022? By the way, the answer depends on whether you ask about the universal or exquisitely American observance.


What does National Egg Day mean? It means praising the nutritional and much-loved foodstuff that is consumed in the unimaginable numbers and gave birth to the myriads of the culinary masterpieces.

Who among us doesnโ€™t get used to starting their day with the sunny omelet or scrambled eggs or the egg-avocado-ricotta sandwich? Eggs, when it comes to the process of eating them, are good in every shape. And what taste they give to the cakes, pies, pancakes, cupcakes and the like.

While the gustatory qualities are well above the excellence, the culture canโ€™t do without the packages of protein as well. Many myths relate about it as the symbol of the universe. Among the ancient religions of the Middle East, it is associated with the spring festivities of the renewal. In Christianity, it also symbolizes the blood of Jesus and His Resurrection. Thus it is the Easterโ€™s key element. The Ancient Greeceโ€™s mythology claims that Helen of Troy came out of the white shelled thing.

Of course, youโ€™ve heard about the Faberge eggs โ€“ the famous series of the Easter jewelry made by Carl Faberge in the shape of the eggs.ย  Whether you know it or not, what day World Egg Day in 2022 falls on, these sources of deliciousness follow us for every day of our lives.

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All of the birds lay eggs. The larger the species is the bigger things it creates. The biggest one is, by the way, produced by the African ostrich. Because of the wide availability, the most widespread eggs are the chicken ones, although those of every bird can be consumed as the foodstuff: the quail, goose, duck, turkey and even guinea fowl.

The chicken eggs are the only product that is digested for 98% without any wastes in the intestines. They are rich in protein which is necessary for the growth and effective operation of our body. It contains a lot of amino acids, macro and microelements such as calcium, potassium, phosphorus, magnesium, sodium, iodine, etc. Plus, thereโ€™s a fair amount of the B group vitamins.

The yolk is the source of the vitamins and minerals. It is especially crucial for those who spend a little time under the sun rays. Besides, it also has the iron that helps human fight with tiredness and bad mood while preventing the cancer and cardiovascular diseases development. Interestingly, the yolk is rich in lecithin which is a kind of anti-sclerotic qualities that boost the brain work and improves the memory. Choline, present inside, is nutritional enough and reduces the risk of the breast cancer on 24%. Thatโ€™s why the doctors recommend eating two or three bundles of protein daily.

The egg white is no less beneficial to our health as it has lots of vitamin B. It also includes the niacin on its laundry list of the healthy advantages which feeds the brain. Eggs are good for the blood formation. They prevent the cataract, protect the ophthalmic nerve and neutralize the damaging effect of the environment. The white-shelled chicken things strengthen the bones and the joints, stimulate the immune system and increase the brain work. Two boiled eggs for breakfast are able to help lose weight as they contain the protein due to which the human satiate themselves quickly and doesnโ€™t feel hunger for long and thus eats less.

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National Egg Day

What is the date of National Egg Day 2022? Itโ€™s set annually on the second Friday of October, so for that year, itโ€™ll happen on October 9.


If you are about to celebrate the holiday, then you have to eat this food at least once in a day. And thatโ€™s what you can make of the eggs: bake them in the oven; hard boil or soft boil; fry in the pan turning them into the scrambled eggs, omelet; pour the content into the hot boiling water making the poached kind of the product.

You can make the interesting drink called egg-and-sugar shake beating up the yolk and the sugar. You add them to the cocktails, marinate them, make the rissoles and the toasts and add it to the yummy mass of the meringue or light puffy pastry. Or, if you are not in the cooking mood, just revel in the foodstuff of another ink, not the chicken.

In terms of the more global celebrations, the countries come up with their own activities to observe the holiday. Thus the organizations in Canada hold the mass events of distributing the breakfast full of eggs among the children together with the so-called egg-kits which contain coupons, various recipes, and brochures about the foodโ€™s benefits. Bangladesh is involved in giving out five thousand boiled eggs for the locals with the purpose of boosting understanding on the โ€eggโ€ issue. In Brazil, following the week before the holiday, the customers of the certain shops could buy the pack white and yellow thing and get the set of goodies, including a T-shirt, bag, and puzzle as a gift.

Egg Day Facts

  • The country that eats more eggs than any other is Mexico.
  • According to the culinary books, there are more than hundred ways to cook the eggs!

Tick off in your calendar, when is Egg Day in 2022, and stock up on some to make this date really egg-celent!


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