Do the songs of Blake Shelton and Carrie Underwood take you to another world, full of melodious sounds and heartfelt lyrics? Or, probably, youโ€™re more touched with the good old Johnny Cash?

Anyway, if you got the point, then youโ€™d see that this article is dedicated to one of the most popular genres of music in the world. The country! So, when is National Country Music Day in 2022 and do you really have to wear the hat and the boots on that day? Read on!


How come this style not only emerged in America but also has flourished there for a long time, turning into the local folk heritage? Well, a history textbook will help us answer it. The settlers from the Old World โ€“ the English, the Scots, the Irish people โ€“ brought along a couple of instruments with them, together with the handful of the native soil in the rag. Homesick a lot, the men remembered the old songs that they were reared on. The quirky combination of the ancient folklores, town songs of the late times, religious songs and dancing motifs gave us what we now call the country type. A bit later, it was supplemented with the cowboy ballades.

Country Music Day

The first thing that comes to mind when you hear the word is a banjo, which is the main and the most typical instrument for that style. Although it boasts the pure African origin, the white men took it away from the locals. Also, the genre uses the guitars and the violins, flutes and mouth organs, the percussion and the keyboard instruments.

The first song of the genre is considered to be the one written by Will Hays in the end of the 19th century and called โ€œThe Little Old Log Cabin in the Laneโ€. It was recorded to vinyl almost fifteen years later. During the 20โ€™s, the country, or the hillbilly, was well-known enough to set the process of the numerous bands and singers springing up across the state. There were the annual festivals and concerts arranged which the folks visited with great pleasure. The popularity of this music didnโ€™t decrease even a tad in the period of the Great Depression and the World War II. Right up to the end of the 40โ€™s, it was โ€œthe golden ageโ€ of the genre in the US.

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With time, the variations of the original style were invented, such as the bluegrass, western swing, although, in fact, it was happening since the 20โ€™s when the town called Nashville Barn Dance was built. On its land, the citizens established the national broadcasting and announced the auditions for the country singer position. Well, Nashville drew myriads of the young and beginning artists! Despite the diversity of the new musical types, the main theme of the songs was the same โ€“ the loneliness, everyday routine and the hard lot of the working man.

In the 50โ€™s, it contributed to the birth of the genre called rock-n-roll and their common type rockabilly. Elvis Presley, Johnny Cash, and many others started their way in the music industry, with the help of the latter. The next years, it developed successfully, revealing its all-new verges. However, the singers tended to take into consideration the desires of their listeners. To put it simply, they chose to focus on the mass public interests, making the following songs similar to those of the pop genre.

At the end of the 21st century, the country style was transformed again, taking in the rock sounding, folklore motifs, and even gothic elements. However, nowadays, the pure old songs are still much-loved and honored in America and Canada. The stadiums are fully booked during the artistsโ€™ performances in the same way like hundred years ago. As for todayโ€™s country stars, one of the famous and brightest ones is known to be Taylor Swift. She is the youngest singer who got Grammy award and the most titled one, receiving 7 awards in total.

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It seems that the question โ€“ when is International Country Music Day 2022 โ€“ in the US just canโ€™t be unanswered!


What does Country Music Day mean? It means to unite all the enthusiasts, get on your old checkered shirt and have fun to the accompaniment of the favorite tunes.

This genre is a light one. Itโ€™s pleasant to the ears and doesnโ€™t disturb the chords of your soul with the loud and aggressive sounds. The catchy melody carries you to the countryside, where the thunder of the big city is inaudible, where you can see the beauty of a butterflyโ€™s wings, where you are able to breathe in the fresh air. The country style is the antipode of the everyday fuss and instability full of the rural romantic.

The simple rhythm, credible lyrics about the life of a plodder, their pickup truck, and the love affairs, added with the winning tune is nice to listen to. Otherwise, could there be another explanation for the fact that it is the second popular genre that Americans listen to during their way to work in the mornings? Probably, it boosts their supply of energy for the day! In general, the melodious and calm songs are especially good when you look at the sunset with the glass of the cold beer in your handโ€ฆ Try it if you still havenโ€™t.

By the way, one of the biggest stereotypes related to the country is the quintessential image of a cowboy who dons the hat, boots and denim jeans. Yeah, it has something to do with the genre but it is the littlest part of the giant thing that found its way into the hearts of the millions.

No matter what day Country Music Day falls on, itโ€™s always worth playing some of those songs!

Country Music Day


The country is the type of music that came to us from America. The melodies accompany us everywhere and at any time: at nights, we listen to the calm tunes trying to catch some sleep, in morning we turn on the energetic sounds to cast off the spell of the dreams.

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Have you ever thought of the benefits that the music brings to the peopleโ€™s well-being? Of course, it helps increase their mood, give the charge of positivity, calm down and relax. Yet in terms of health, itโ€™s much more surprising. In particular, the sportsmen are recommended to train with the earphones as it increases the effectiveness by almost 20%. The opuses of the great Mozart contribute to the quicker process of memorizing and have the positive influence on the brain work.

On top of that, the music activates the sensory endings that reduce the painful sensations. The songs and tunes help people recover from the heart surgeries. Listening to the fun and joyous melodies is advised as the preventive measure of the cardiovascular diseases. It decreases the blood pressure, extends the blood vessels, improves the blood circulation and slows down the systoles. Some scientists claim that the sounds of the different periodicity and tones can kill the pathogenic bacteria.

What is the date of Country Music Day 2022? Itโ€™ll take place on September 17.


First of all, of you are a true country lover, spend the day reveling in the charming voices of your favorite artists. In case you are an amateur in those affairs, it is high time to discover the new trends for your playlist! Book a ticket for the concert, or drop by the bar, youโ€™ll find the like-minded fellows right in there.

The more interesting event would be organizing your own party with tons of the theme songs and dress code. Tell the invitees of the rules beforehand: everyone should come with the hat on their head.

International Country Music Day Facts

  • Another date dedicated to the country is July 4. Itโ€™s celebrated only in the US.

Tick off in the calendar, when is Country Music Day in 2022, and be sure to find some vinyl records of Hank Williams!


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