Contemporary parents are sure that modeling accelerates the kidsโ€™ development. Testing, which was conducted in the USA for five years, showed that the so-called clay is the best toy for children from three to five years old. After all, the more active your son or daughter moves his/her fingers the sooner he/she begins to speak. This activity has a special name and it is named fine motor skills development. But could you answer the question โ€œWhen is National Play Doh Day in 2022?โ€ No? โ€“ Frankly speaking, it is a pity, because this production is considered to be rather popular nowadays.

And that is perhaps the main reason, why we have made a decision to tell you about this special occasion.


Certainly we understand that we need to explain the historical background in order to answer the question โ€œWhat is the date of National Play Doh Day 2022?โ€ properly.

The Play-Doh brand (Canada) appeared on the children’s goods market 55 years ago. And nowadays it has gained immense popularity all over the world. We shouldnโ€™t also forget about the love of kids and their parents.ย  This product is rightfully considered to be one of the best mass producers for modeling.

National Play Doh Day

First of all we canโ€™t but mention that the well-known company of childโ€™s products Hasbro has appreciated and recognized National Play-Doh Day since about 2006.

Initially Play-Doh was compound substance started as professional wallpaper cleaner. One of the founders, called Joe McVicker found out from his teacher that for small children it is too hard to manipulate modeling clay. McVicker manufactured a special substance and sent it to the school. The consumers were very glad and only after that the certain amount of the product was supplied to all Cincinnati schools. The attempt was rather successful. In 1966 the manufacturer inventor offered a softer variety in primary colors.

Kids combined these substances in order to make other shades. Captain Kangaroo took a license to Play-Doh, and the same thing was done by Miss Frances, who worked in Ding Dong School.

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In the course of time, the administration of the company decided to pack the product in special cans.


What does National Play Doh Day mean? That is up to you to define, but according to the specialistsโ€™ point of view, it is considered to be a great toy for the development of children’s creativity, together with logical thinking. In addition, this absolutely safe clay helps to develop the motor skills of the hands and it also allows you to diversify story-role games, to develop feelings of time and perseverance.

This plasticine is so safe that it can be even eaten, although it should not be done, of course. It will be better to play different game with this entertainment set.

By the way, you can buy not only the items themselves, but also one-piece gaming sets, for example, an excellent factory for the production of an ice cream and other sweets. No child will resist such pleasure to create a cake or something like these with his/her own hands.

A set of Play Doh perfectly develops the creativity of each baby. In addition, you can easily join the children’s game and together create unique items and interesting forms. The game kits usually include clay, molds and even a press, thanks to which you will be able to get amazing shapes.


So you have already known that the answer to the question โ€œWhen is International Play Doh Day 2022?โ€ sounds like September 16th. The contemporary market is able to propose you a great assortment of this production. But would you like to find out how to choose the proper product, which will be safe both for you and for your children?

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What is the difference between different types of Play Doh? Letโ€™s discover.

  • If you buy Play Doh for your children to sculpt various figurines from, give preference to wax formulations. This category holds the shape well, but it is quite firm and elastic, so the baby will have to spend some time and make some effort to soften it. Although this is not bad, since the child, thus, trains his/her fingers and develops small motor skills.
  • If you need Play Doh to create paintings, it is better to buy more viscous varieties.
  • Pay attention to the fact that, the more colors the package has, the more interesting it will be for your son or daughter to combine them.


When is Play Doh Day in 2022, calendar wonโ€™t allow you to forget, but do you know how to celebrate September 16 properly?

It is well-known that classes of modeling develop kidsโ€™ fine motor skills, proper thinking and fantasy. But the fact is that not all children know how to deal with it and to love the sculpting process. If your baby is indifferent to it, do not be upset. In addition to modeling mushrooms and skating sausages, there are many other ways to use this wonderful material. Offer the child something that he/she certainly will not refuse, just to play.

Acquaintance of the child with this unusual plasticine can take place beginning from 8 months old age. But, in any case, it will begin, most likely, not with independent molding, but with careful monitoring your actions. The kid will order you to create new and new figures and will be really happy to see the successful crafts. At the same time a son or a daughter may try to eat a piece of plasticine if it is possible, or to throw it away.

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National Play Doh Day

If you know what day National Play Doh Day is, you can spend these moments interesting and in a very amazing way.

When your child is small, you will have to do something by yourself. But remember you have to create something with enthusiasm, joy and surprise. โ€“ A funny kitten, as well as a small mouse will be really appreciated.

Fortunately for many parents, special artistic talents are not required. The created figurines should be simple. Why? โ€“ The matter is that in the course of time your baby will definitely try to repeat its creation by himself/herself.

On September 16 invite some friends with their little children to your home. Organize a small party, creating something by your own hands, playing games and playing the theatre plays.

Play Doh Day Facts

After all, all parents want their babies to develop harmoniously, and molding allows them to improve finger work and to develop fine motor skills, as well as such important qualities as assiduity, scrupulousness, hard work, imagination, attention, memory and others. Therefore, you canโ€™t ignore this activity.

Here is a list of characteristic features, which will explain you why this kind of activity is considered to be rather interesting as well as safe.

  • soft, pliable plasticine is convenient for using by children’s fingers;
  • clay does not stick to the hands, does not leave stains on clothes and furniture, but perfectly glues together;
  • bright colorful shades are very popular with children;
  • masses for modeling are made according to the unique recipe of Play-Doh company;
  • the components are produced from natural edible ingredients and completely safe for children, even if they are accidentally swallowed;
  • many molding kits include molds, dies, toys and even mini-factories for the manufacture of various products,
  • sets allow you to organize interesting role-playing games in a confectioner, veterinarian, dentist, etc.

Together with sets for creativity Play-Doh children will be involved into excellent developing games and get a lot of positive emotions!


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