In the contemporary world there are a lot of memorable dates, which seem to be rather amazing, unusual or even strange. Sometimes we don’t even know that they’ve already existed. For instance, are you really ready to reply the question “When is National Area Code Day in 2022?” You see, unfortunately in the situation like that we expect the negative reply. Contemporary people’ve already used to dial these figures without thinking about their initial purposes.

Perhaps that’s the main reason, why we have made a decision to discover the matter in details.


As many other points the question “When is International Area Code Day 2022?” can’t be explained without taking into account the historical background of this special occasion.

Unfortunately, we haven’t managed to find any pieces of information about the establishers of this event as well as about the reasons to celebrate this memorable day exactly on November 10.

However, the history of this matter is really interesting. The very first area codes appeared in about 1940-s and it happened somewhere in the professional laboratories belonged to AT&T and Bell.

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Then in the course of time the idea expanded on and developed much. Finally it came into effect in 1947, receiving its own name the North American Numbering Plan, or NANP for short and in abbreviation variant. The inventors were extremely proud of that as they had at last solved the problem concerning the lack of phone numbers for Canada as well as for the USA.

The geographical states and provinces were numbered and in order to make a phone call locals had to dial a area code along, every of which had a null in the middle.

Some creative ideas were also implemented. They immediately made the dialing process much easier for everybody. By the way the figures were distributed not occasionally. For example, if you are living in a place with a huge amount of citizens it simultaneously meant that you had the codes, the numbers of which are lower at the very beginning and at the end.

Would you like to know why? – The matter’s that at those distant times men and women, who were going to make a phone call, had to use a dialer. That is why the connection to the territories with denser population will be faster.

Those contemporary people, who remember how the equipment with dialer looked like, will agree that the taking the numbers arranged closer to zero took much shorter pull interval.


What does Area Code Day mean? All in all it is up to you to decide whether this holiday is somehow important personally for you. As you can understand, a great amount of modern people all over the world wouldn’t understand what we are talking about.

Taking into account all the facts concerning this matter, we can understand and see why regional zone codes may look like:

  • 3  digits for the  US, Canada as well as Russia;
  • only 1 digit for Australia.

By the way this length may be variable. So in Austria and Germany it varies from 2 to 5 numbers, in Japan from 1 to 3 ones, and from 1 to  2  in Israel.

Usually zone codes also determine the phone call cost. Calls within their area or in small territorial groups are much cheaper than calls outside them. In addition, there are definite zone codes, used especially for totally free and paid calls. There are also exceptions: eg., in Israel, all the calls possible are charged at one cost regardless of the place or territory the caller is calling. However, in others, like, for instance, in the UK, the codes are as a rule divided into two parts and simultaneously have different costs.

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Trying to find out the answer to the question “What is the date of Area Code Day 2022?” we can’t but mention the following pieces of information.

All in all phone numbering plan is a phone number system, which allows users of the phone network to do and get calls, as well as to recognize the direction of the call and to identify the caller.

The plan of an organization’s internal telephone network determines the principles for making calls to internal subscribers (employees), as well as access figures to the internal or departmental network services and the way to access the public or municipal phone network.

In general the phone plan for the public network is subdivided into numbering zones. For a geographically defined numbering area, the name ABC is used, and the DEF is for a geographically-defined numbering zone.

Phone rules  for zone codes are set to long distance communication nodes, so that the calling subscriber can contact the phones outside his/her local communication unit. Usually, the zone code in front of the figure set corresponds to a specific geographic location.

Different telephone networks use different numbering plans, depending on the needs. The public phone network uses open and closed plans.

  • When you have an open set, the local phone connection is established by dialing only the local number without dialing the national number.
  • In the case of a closed numeration plan, a national number is demanded for any type of phone connection – local, intra-zone, long-distance.

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When is Area Code Day in 2022, calendar will remind you without any serious problems. The only thing you have to remember is when November 10th comes this year. By the way it will happen on Friday.

However, unfortunately, there aren’t certain rules and customs for this special occasion celebration. And that’s the reason why a great amount of guys and ladies all around the planet have never held this day properly.

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The best way’ll be to visit any particular and specialized museum or exhibition and do it together, of course, with your family members or friend. If you don’t have such a possibility, just watch any documentary possible or read the articles devoted to this matter. You’ll  get a huge quantity of useful information for sure.

National Area Code Day Facts

In attempts to explain, what day Area Code Day in 2022 is, we would like to tell our readers a set of various pieces of amazing information, which seems to be rather useful.

The so called Telecommunication Union working all around the planet gets preference to  a closed among the others, which have been already mentioned in this article.

The users, making their calls within their area or territory (eg., in the borders of their own city), as a rule, don’t need to dial zone. However, in its turn, during the foreign phoning, the set zone is followed directly by the definite collection belonged to the region you are making a call to.

Although ITU is trying to make world-wide uniform standards in order to access to communications of international (foreign) and long-distance destinations, there’re still various ways to access out-of-zone calls in different countries. Eg., the specialists, who are working in ITU recommend to use code 00 for foreign access. However, unfortunately, these rules and recommendations do not apply in all territories on the planet. For instance, the US as well as in Canada people use should meet their own rules.

The plan mentioned in this article above sets the country’s phone codes. We can’t but set that these figure collections aren’t occasional and may belong to the definite country itself as well as to the whole group of different countries. There’s a definite standard which regulates international phone codes inside the state  and finds the maximum length to international phone calls in their full form. Each country, in its turn, sets the numbering in the frames of network.


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