When is National Brutus Day in 2020? – We are almost sure that you are going to answer this question negatively. Perhaps, you have never heard about its existence. And this is not a great surprise. The matter is that in our calendars there are a lot of holidays, which appeared occasionally and have been completely unknown to the general public. And this one is among them.

Today we are going to discover something interesting about it and to demonstrate everybody. Are you with us?


Discovering the matter concerning what day Brutus Day in 2020 is, we would like to give our readers a lot of amazing information. As a rule, all the followers are rather curious people and the direction devoted to historical background of any event is of high demand.

All in all Marcus Junius Brutus (85-42 years BC) was a Roman politician. In the struggle between Roman ruler and Pompey, the man stood on the side of the last one. After the defeat of Pompey under Pharsalus, Main character of the holiday was appointed by Caesar, seeking to attract him to his team, as the governor of Cisalpine Gaul, then the praetor in Rome.

Together with Cassius, Brutus led a conspiracy against Roman ruler. According to legend, this character was one of the first to strike Caesar with a dagger.

knife in hand

Leaving Rome after the assassination of Caesar, Main character of the holiday and Cassius stood at the head of the Republicans in the struggle against the second triumvirate (Octavian, Antonius and Lepidus). Under their authority there were Macedonia, Greece, Asia and Syria. After the defeat at Philippi in the autumn of 42, Brutus committed suicide.

Unfortunately, we haven’t managed to find out why this holiday has been established. We know nothing about its establishers and haven’t found any information available about the reasons to celebrate it on March 15th every year.


What does Brutus Day mean? – Oh, well, to tell you the truth we don’t know how to answer this question instead of you! And we are almost sure that you have never heard about this special occasion existence. It is only up to you to decide whether to celebrate this event or to forget completely about this day.

All in all we would like to mention that on March 15, 44 BC the first person of the Roman state Guy Julius Caesar was murdered. In front of 800 senators, 60 conspirators rushed to the 56-year-old emperor and killed him with short swords. There were 23 wounds on his body. The main among the conspirators were Mark Brutus and Cassius Longin.

The name Brutus in the mass consciousness is associated with the concept of “traitor”. Roman ruler – with a man of remarkable abilities, who manage to do many things simultaneously. Of course, in these “pop” -characteristics there is a share of truth. But we would like to understand more about this “old criminal case.” The murder of the first person of the state in the Senate is an extraordinary event. And now in the parliaments it comes to scandals and fights. However, it does without stabbing.

Historians and writers have always attracted the outstanding figure of Caesar – the victor, reformer, triumph. Life of which, moreover, was cut off so tragically.


The question like “When is International Brutus Day 2020?” needs some explanations and clarifications.

Those who read Dante’s Divine Comedy know that in the very center of hell, in the icy realm of the ninth circle, the devil himself, in the form of a beast-like monster about three heads, is tormented by three icy souls belonging to that very category of interest to us.

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All three, in accordance with Dante’s point of view, are considered the most terrible sinners who once lived on earth, as they were traitors. It is treason that is believed the most terrible sin. Their names are known: Guy Cassius, Mark Junius Brutus and, of course, Judas.

For Dante, these three were the greatest sinners in the whole history of mankind. The third requires a separate conversation, but the first two were involved in the murder of Guy Julius Caesar – who, by the way, is also suffering here, in hell. True, not in the ninth, but in the very first circle of hell.


When is Brutus Day in 2020, calendar will surely remind you and it will be quite easy to remember it for the future. The matter is that the holiday date is fixed and it is celebrated on March 15th every year. But the problem is that it is quite known how to spend this day properly.

There are no any special traditions, rules and customs for it. But if you have a good imagination you will cope with this task. This is for sure!

Some people prefer to devote March 15th to investigating the matter in details. For example, you can watch a film on TV, to find the corresponding documentary or to read a book about this historical character in particular and episodes in general. If you have already done it, propose your friends, relatives or family members to discuss some moments together. You see, you will have an interesting and rather saturated evening.

killing ceasar

Of course, there are people, who are not interested in history but wanted to be involved. – In the case like this try to pay attention to the costumes of that period, investigate their peculiar features and decoration. The theme is so interesting that even the child will be amazed.

The directions devoted to the dishes, their preparation way and table manners are also fascinating.

In accordance with some specialists’ points of view, the nuances sometimes help to understand the situation better than the reading of the books and Internet articles.

So, don’t be afraid to discover something new for yourself and your surroundings.

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National Brutus Day Facts

Discovering the matter “What is the date of Brutus Day in 2020?” we would like to give you as much amazing information as it is possible.

Perhaps, you have already heard the expression “And you Brutus!” What is it about? Do you know this? – To tell you the truth, the expression is familiar to almost every educated person, even if he/she hasn’t read and hasn’t watched Shakespeare’s play about Julius Caesar, and even more so haven’t read Plutarch’s Comparative Biography. And indeed, these words went from this Roman historian, and then moved to Shakespeare’s play with a laconic title “Julius Caesar”.

Whether it was in fact or not, pronounced these words with Main character of the holiday Caesar, struck by the sword, or did not pronounce – no one will ever know. But, nevertheless, the expression became a household name when receiving news of the betrayal of a close and trusted person, the nourished one can be told from the hand that Brutus was to Roman ruler.

The cause of the assassination of Caesar was the discontent of the Roman elite with the concentration of power in the hands of the dictator, whom Caesar actually became by the end of his life. He was not saved by any merit before the fatherland and before the inhabitants of the eternal city. Brought up on the republican traditions of the Roman senators and officials did not like the fact that Caesar dragged the entire power over himself, leaving the nobility the role of performers. But the conspiracy against Caesar could only be carried out by people “close to the body,” that is, those whom he fully trusted and who were not afraid of. The murder of Caesar is a classic example of betrayal and cunning, inherent, however, to any conspiracy and coup.


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