All in all during a year we can hardly find many days, during which we have the additional opportunity to establish better business relationships in our office. But they still exist. For example, do you know the answer to the question “When is Boss’s Day in 2019?”? It is a perfect variant to organize your business activities not only properly but interestingly as well. We will answer you. This holiday will be celebrated on October 16. But let’s start from the very beginning.

Boss’s Day history

Frankly speaking the answer to the question “What is the date of Bosses Day 2019?” should be known to all people, who are considered to be the heads of the businesses, no matter whether they are large or small. Why? – The matter is that all these people really need a special day to rest, relaxation and, of course, gifts. That is why all executive directors and managers all over the world can easily celebrate their professional holiday on 16 October. Every year. Without any exceptions. On this day, they are traditionally given gifts, hearty greetings and good wishes. But it is not only the employees, who can organize the pleasant moments of this day. According to the tradition, relatives, friends and business colleagues may take an active part in the celebration.

Boss's Day

By the way nowadays this event has the official status, and it was invented by the American woman called Patricia Base Haroski, who was working as an ordinary secretary in the company of her father, the head of the giant State Insurance Company.

In 1958 she got the idea that the big bosses, regardless of their profession, should have a special holiday, making emphasis on the HR function. The girl’s inspirer was her father, of course. Haroski immediately registered the holiday in the United States Chamber of Commerce. It was a really interesting decision. But unfortunately, this young lady couldnโ€™t choose the proper date for this day.

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The official character at the state level this holiday acquired in 1962 thanks to the decision of Illinois governor Otto Carner. When is Boss’s Day in 2019, calendar will tell you without any problem, but have you known that this day was chosen not by chance? – October 16 was the birthday of Patricia’s father.

So it is, for the first time Boss’s Day was celebrated in 1962 in the US state of Illinois. But in a few years the holiday appeared in the schedule of many people in Australia, the United Kingdom and then all over the world.

Main holiday idea

Knowing the answer to the question “When is Boss’s Day 2019?”, we should be able to celebrate it properly. The main idea of โ€‹โ€‹the festival is in employees’ appreciation to their boss for his/her honesty and justice. This idea has already found its fans all around the world: in England, Australia, South Africa, etc. On October 16 the residents of these countries say “thank you” to their bosses, who are almost all day round engaged in the development of their business and, of course, worry about the welfare of his/her employees as well as about the creation of a pleasant working atmosphere in the office.

How to celebrate this holiday in a proper way

Frankly speaking, in this situation everything depends on your imagination and desire to create something special around you. October 16 is a perfect time for going outside and making some barbecue in the open air. Doing like this you will get a perfect chance to communicate in an informal atmosphere, to share your business ideas and even to make new friends. That is a perfect idea for big companies, where people are working in different offices, speaking only over the telephones or through the modern electronic means.

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You can also order so pizza to your office and organize a small gathering or even a party. As a rule, it doesnโ€™t take a lot of time, so you will return to your work quite quickly.

If your boss is a lady, why not to buy a cake and plenty of fruit? You can take it with a glass of wine or a cup of favored coffee or tea. You can organize this small party even during the lunch time, speaking, talking and sharing some positive emotions.

Some people prefer to go to the clubs on October 16. As a rule, nowadays you can find there various programs for any taste. Why not to dance merrily and not to listen to popular music? But, frankly speaking, this idea is more suitable for young companies. And by the way, you see, it will be rather inconvenient to go to work the next day after the noisy party.

Boss's Day

What to present the boss

So we have already known what day Bosses Day in 2019 is, but what about the present? – It is of common knowledge that the choice of a gift for the head is considered to be very complicated and responsible. Here the main thing is not to make a mistake. According to the specialists’ point of view, you should never give your chief some expensive things. In this situation the best idea may be a box of chocolates (tea, coffee) and a postcard. So your gift will not look like a bribe and sycophancy.

But if it is possible, present something unusual. Doing this, you will demonstrate to your boss your creativity, cheer him/her up and bring special atmosphere to the office.

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On this day people show attention and loyalty to their leader.

You can also give preference to different kinds of wines and cognacs, flowers and chocolates.

By the way, if you have a lady boss and are going to buy her some flowers, mind, please, their scent, as in the warm premise it may be really irritating.

Nowadays it is also rather popular to present the plants in the pots. That is a perfect idea, because the present will be able to decorate the office or the bossโ€™s apartment for a long time, drawing a lot of attention and sharing good mood and positive emotions.

So as you can see, the choice mostly depends on your chief personal taste.

It is really interesting to mention that in some companies the special directive has been even made on this occasion. It is forbidden to give the boss the gifts, the price of which exceeds the cost of the postcard. Otherwise, some employees in their endeavors to outdo colleagues are starting to spend great sums of money for expensive, but as a rule quite unnecessary things.


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