Canada is a huge country with its own rules and traditions. Moreover, every its separate province and area have different rules two, according to some historical circumstances. The same situation touches upon the celebrating of different holidays. Though the country has its common national days, each province may have its own holiday, which is celebrated only there or only in a couple of other provinces, but not throughout the country on the whole. Today we will touch upon only one province – Newfoundland and will speak particularly about its holidays and will know, what are Newfoundland Statutory holidays in 2017.

Newfoundland stat holidays 2017

The list of main and more important holidays

So, as we have already mentioned, this area has its own history and its traditions were building for many years and upon various events. That is why it may have not only common Canadian days to celebrate but also their own. So, let’s enumerate all the national holidays, which are held annually in Newfoundland:

  • We will begin with the most common and obvious 2017 Newfoundland public holiday – New Year. Certainly, it is a very important day, which is celebrated everywhere in the world and there is no one person, who could skip it. This bright and loud day is full of good and positive emotions, people prepare to it early beforehand, buy food, look for special carnival costumes, book restaurants or other establishments. People also meet it in a family atmosphere or with the company of friends. A special ritual is to prepare presents for everyone, you love and whom you have good relationships with. Certainly, this day is a weekend and people have a rest after a stormy night.
  • Winter is all in all a period of holidays and miracles in many countries everywhere. Here in this area, it is the same. Before New Year people celebrate Christmas holiday. It is more a religious occasion that is why people spend it not only at homes but visit churches and keep to some of the religious traditions. This day is always December, 25st and it is a day of works and studies everywhere. Afterward, there goes Boxing Day, which is observed not throughout the country and is one of the provincial stat holidays of Newfoundland. As it is a day after Christmas, people, who are office workers, have one more day off and get and give presents.
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  • As we are talking about religious holidays and traditions, connected to them, let’s name one more holiday of the state, which is called Good Friday. It is also celebrated in many countries worldwide, so the day is rather well-known. During this time people revise the death of Jesus Christ and that day in particular. In churches, it is a very wide celebration and special prayers are read together with holding some special rituals.
  • This is all for religious-connected holidays and let’s move to some other statutory holiday pay Newfoundland in 2017. There are a couple of holidays, connected to the commemorating of victims of armed conflicts and wars of all times – they are Remembrance Day and Memorial Day. The first one is also called in a different way – an Armistice Day, though the first name is more often used and more well known. It is very important for the country to let people know their history well and not to forget people, who died or missed during those times. That is why such days were created and people have an opportunity to digress from their usual deeds for a while and think about things, which are more important at least once a year.
  • Also, there is one more reason, which can be related to the previous ones and it is called Orangemen’s Day, it commemorates one of the armed conflicts also and is related only to this particular state and Labrador. People remember the day of battle and its history somewhere in the middle of July. As it is a day off and an official holiday, people have great opportunity to have more rest, relaxing at warm weather and doing different entertaining things.
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Newfoundland stat holidays 2017 calendar

  • Going back to the religious reasons, there can be named a couple of other Newfoundland stat holidays 2017. They are connected to the church – The Days of St. Patrick and St. George. Both these persons are treated as patrons and saint people or symbols of the country or area. The days of the celebrations were chosen as the days of their deaths. During the day different church traditions are organized, which people obey and always follow. Also, there are a lot of parades or festivals, which include food on the streets, different shows, where people can take part and many other interesting things. Both of the holidays are held in spring – one on March and another one – in April.
  • Also, there is a range of holidays, which are traditionally celebrated in other countries too, for example, a well known to everybody Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day or Victoria day, which are also spent on Mondays, giving people have one more day to have a rest.

So, we have observed every civic holiday of Newfoundland in 2017. All in all, there are 13 days, which are extremely important for the citizens, to which they are always getting ready beforehand and have fun while celebrating. Every holiday has its own history and positive moments, moreover several of them are spent only in this particular area and not in other parts of the country. But at the same time, the rest of the holidays are nationwide and the whole world may spend them too right at the same time. But all the mentioned holidays are days off and give people an opportunity to have some extra free time.


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