The refrigerator is an indispensable device in every house. It is responsible for the safety of our favorite products. It’s hard to believe, but there were times when the ice-box was a luxury item and only a few could afford it. Today we will recall the history of this unique household appliance and tell how humanity could “tame” the cold. Thus, let’s turn to when is National Clean Out Your Refrigerator Day in 2022.

This day is celebrated annually on the 15th of November and is held to remind people about the purity in their fridges. You should postpone all your cases and problems in order to pay attention to this indispensable item in your house. Don’t be afraid of mud and dirt and use safety gloves that will help with that issue.


The starting point in the history of refrigeration technology can be considered the experience of artificial cooling, which was demonstrated by William Cullen, a scientist of the University of Glasgow, in 1748. To decrease the temperature, he used the effect of cooling the liquid with intensive evaporation. For the experiment, he replaced ordinary water with diethyl ether, boiling at a temperature of about 35 °C, and placed it in a sealed container. By pumping out air, a reduced pressure was created, because of which diethyl ether began to boil at room temperature, absorbing heat and cooling the surface with which it evaporated.

Day to Clean Out Your Refrigerator

The next stage in the history of such technology is associated with the creation of an absorption machine designed for the production of water ice. This installation was presented by a French engineer Ferdinand Carre in 1860. The essential disadvantage of the machine was that it could not be used to cool the air inside a confined space, as it became possible in modern ice-boxes.

The prototype of the domestic refrigerator can be considered the refrigerating machine of a German scientist Karl von Linde, invented in 1874. He came to the conclusion that direct cooling of air or liquid in an enclosed space is much more effective than using artificial ice. Having convinced beer producers in it, the scientist received funds to create a fridge.

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Achievements in science and technology led to the emergence of the first household refrigerators at the beginning of the XX century, in the 30s they became widespread in the USA.

In the 1950s, the period of the “German economic miracle” began, characterized by the growth of the German economy in the post-war period. At the same time, the demand for consumer goods increased in the country. The fact that only 10% of families had their own refrigerator did not go unnoticed by entrepreneur Hans Liebherr. He estimated the potential of the new direction, and in 1954 opened a factory for the production of household refrigerators in the German city of Ochsenhausen.

In the 70s, the ice-box became an indispensable device in every home. Following the stand-alone models, embedded technology began to appear. Over the years, Liebherr has become an authoritative brand in the field of cooling and freezing which develops new technologies and innovative solutions for the best preservation of products. An excellent example is a NoFrost system, which appeared in Liebherr fridges in 1987. It became a real revolution in refrigeration, as it allowed forgetting about manual defrosting of the freezer.

The next step after NoFrost was the introduction of BioFresh technology, which provides optimal conditions for the long-term storage of products of plant and animal origin.

BioFresh is a climate section in the fridge, which maintains a temperature of about 0 °C and an optimal level of humidity, which allows you to store the useful substances contained in fruits, vegetables, fish, meat, and dairy products longer. For example, in BioFresh, carrots can remain fresh for 30 days longer than in a conventional refrigerator.

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A significant change occurred with the level of electricity consumption. That time the ice-box was considered the most energy-consuming device in the house, but now some models consume as much electricity as a 15-watt incandescent lamp.

In addition to Liebherr, models of other companies and countries were developed and sold: Kelvinator, Servel, Gibson. Often, their technical solutions were rather non-trivial, sometimes curious. It even went so far that the compressor was driven by a belt drive from an engine located in the basement of the house or in the next room. And only in 1927, the designers of General Electric, led by a Danish engineer Christian Steenrapp created a model all the parts of which were placed in one small cabinet. The apparatus was equipped with a thermoregulator. But the modern form and content of refrigerators were purchased in the early thirties when refrigerant was used as a refrigerant-safe freon. This opened new prospects for the development of the industry.

Time changes and the requirements for ice-boxes change as well. Before checking out what day World Clean Out Your Refrigerator Day is, let’s compare the pas and the present. In ancient times, the main function of the fridge was the freezing and storage of food products, but nowadays, the buyer is guided by a number of other reasons, such as the design of the device, its size, the type of refrigerant. Although, the principles of cooling that were developed in the twentieth century are still used in modern models. Today, without an ice-box, a person does not represent his existence. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner directly depend on the efficiency of the “kitchen” friend. Now, even models which include touch screens and TVs began to appear. Also, some models of refrigerators are equipped with a mini-computer and have access to the Internet. In a case of reduction of edible stocks, such refrigerator itself orders food on the Internet from the nearest store. How much time has passed, no matter how the appearance of the ice-box changed, it will remain the main part of any home.

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It Is Time to Clean Out Your Refrigerator


What does National Clean Out Your Refrigerator Day mean? It means you should take time to clean you domestic device thoroughly. Moreover, you can lure the whole family into work to make it faster and more fun. Taking into account when is International Clean Out Your Refrigerator Day 2022, you are able to easily adjourn all your cases to have time for the cleaning.


Not so long ago, Bosch refrigerators with VitaFresh technologies advertised were very creatively: we see the leg of a dinosaur wrapped in the usual packaging, where the tag says that the refrigerator of this company is able to keep the food fresh for much longer. This fact was told for a better  understanding of the holiday, as you have already known what is the date of National Clean Out Your Refrigerator Day 2022.


In fact, each country has its own specific traditions and habits, so that you should navigate those according to some national features and your geolocation. To know when Clean Out Your Refrigerator Day is  in 2022, look at our calendar. Further actions completely depend on you.

International Clean Out Your Refrigerator Day Facts

  • According to the original idea of the sensational film “Back to the Future” by Spielberg and Zemeckis, the time machine was to become a fridge. However, to be sure that children do not catch a cold during the shooting, it was decided to abandon this idea.
  • Microbiologists consider the fridge to be the most polluted place in the apartment, with an average of 11.5 million microbes per square centimeter.

To sum up, keep your domestic devices clean and don’t miss such holidays to have fun and memories.


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