When is National Wildlife Conservation Day in 2022? – To tell you the truth, we don’t even expect that you will answer this question immediately and without any hesitations. As a rule, the holidays like this one, are considered to be popular only in specialized circles, which deal constantly with problems of the surrounding world. Today we are going to investigate this matter in details in order to demonstrate its importance to the public. Are you going to join us?


Investigating the matter what day Wildlife Conservation Day in 2022 is, we found a lot of fact, which may be interesting for our devoted followers. As a rule, they are especially interested about the historical background of any event.

All in all the campaign of wildlife conservation was successfully started in the 1900s. By the time, the famous American bison had nearly become extinct from the Earth surface, and the well-known passenger pigeon had disappeared completely. The public was so influenced by these two events and some people decided to establish the special concept, which was introduced the society.

In the course of time, a great amount of various activists started to do everything possible and sometimes even impossible to raise awareness about this direction. However, unfortunately all the attempts hadn’t had any serious success until 2012. That year Hilary Clinton proposed to establish the celebration of Wildlife Conservation Day.


What does Wildlife Conservation Day mean? – Frankly speaking, we can’t give an exact answer to this question instead of you. Why? – The matter is that we don’t know you personally, so we can’t even predict your attitude to this direction.

All in all it should be mentioned that as a result of irrational economic activity, the area of forests (especially the tropical ones), savannahs and steppes is reduced significantly. Unfortunately, nowadays we can talk about the so-called anthropogenic desertification, which deplete, pollute and alter the level of suitability for living aquatic ecosystems.

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Such transformations of the natural environment have led to the extinction, reduction in the number and narrowing of the distribution areas of many wild biological species, including animals.

The main factors causing the danger of reduction in the number or extinction of species of wild animals are destruction or violation of habitats, commercial hunting, immoderate removal of individuals from nature for zoological collections, habitat pollution, accidental or intentional introduction of competing or predatory species into ecological systems.


Talking about the question “When is World Wildlife Conservation Day 2022?” we need to tell our followers about the backgrounds, which to our mind have already made this direction so important in the 21st century.

Nowadays the wildlife or animal world is in the list of the most vulnerable objects of nature. According to the specialists’ points of view, all in all it is possible to influence its condition both directly (on the animals themselves) and through the area the animal inhabit. The protection provides an integrated approach to the study of the state of the sphere, the development and implementation of measures to protect and improve the entire ecological system.

There are some strategies, which can be used for the protection of endangered, rare, reducing animal species, as well as useful as commercial, hunting objects of aesthetic, recreational, scientific, economic importance, and, in essence, any wild species of ecological importance as components of natural ecosystems. Here is our list of the most essential ones:

  • the protection of the habitat and the regulation of the number of populations (wildlife management);
  • legislative protection at the state, regional, local (local) levels;
  • adoption of international agreements and conventions in the field of wildlife conservation;
  • the creation and use of the so-called genetic banks of zoos and various kinds of research centers.
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When is Wildlife Conservation Day in 2022, calendar will surely remind you. As a rule, there are no any problems with memorizing of the date of this holiday celebration. The date is considered to be fixed, which simultaneously means that the special occasion is held on December 4th annually.

The measures, which are required to preserve the population-species composition and maintain the number of animals at a level ensuring the species existence are carried out at the international, state, regional and local levels. At the same time by the nature of their implementation they can be administratively legal, economic, and public. Talking into account all the information mentioned above, we can conclude that this special occasion is held on the state level all over the planet. So it is only up to you to decide whether to join it or not.

By the way if you are not a public person, you can be involved in a different way. – Just devote this day to discovering something new and amazing. Nowadays there are a lot of books, magazines, documentaries and Internet articles devoted to this direction, so you may always choose something to your taste. 

Some people prefer to go to the museums and exhibitions on December 4th. There they have a unique opportunity to listen to amazing lecture or to participate in the seminar devoted to the planet wildlife conservation.

World Wildlife Conservation Day Facts

Talking about the question “What is the date of Wildlife Conservation Day in 2022?” we would like to mention the exceptional value of animals in nature. In the surrounding world, animals and plants are closely related. Animals not only feed on plants, but also benefit them. In what way do they do it? – First of all we shouldn’t forget that they are able to enrich the atmosphere with carbon dioxide, fertilize the soil with manure, promote cross-pollination and resettlement of plants, pamper excessive thick grass stands and plantings, etc.

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Terrestrial and aquatic animals are used by humans for food, leather raw materials, fur, etc. Now about half of the world’s population suffers from chronic protein hunger. It became necessary not only to develop animal husbandry, but also to rationally use the stocks of commercial fish, mammals and birds.

Unfortunately, the general human impact on the number of animals is really huge and terrific. The specialists are sure that the change in the number of various animals is caused by many reasons. One of them is anthropogenic changes in the living conditions of populations, species, and entire communities. The second is the direct intentional procurement or destruction of animals of certain species. The first factor has a universal purpose, the second for only a few species.

Here is the list of the most dangerous types of human influence on wildlife:

  • Change in animal habitat causes the serious problems as well. To a large extent, the change in the habitat of animals is caused by technological progress. The construction of dams, completely changes the habitat and inhabitants of the land, affects the inhabitants of the water. The landscape changes during deforestation.
  • The onset of cities radically changes the living conditions of animals: large mammals disappear, the number of species of birds is sharply reduced, etc. but some species, on the contrary, get the opportunity for mass reproduction: pigeon, sparrow, crow, cats, dogs.
  • Irrigation and watering, especially the drainage of wetlands, dramatically change the living conditions of plants and animals.
  • Direct destruction. Destruction threatens only relatively few species. Massive and uncontrolled mining brought them to the brink of extinction.


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