As you know the contemporary life and modern society have a lot of various problems, the regular solving of which is really very important for everybody around. For example, can you answer the question “When is National Down Syndrome Day in 2020?” without any prompts and searching the net?

As a rule, people, who are not involved, are going to give the negative reply, but in vain, because these matters are considered to be actual ones on the planet. And that is the reason, why we want to discover the direction in details.


Of course, discussing the matter, what day World Down Syndrome Day in 2020 is, we should give our readers some interesting facts concerning the historical past of this important subject.

Not everybody knows that 30 years ago in America, people with Down syndrome were very often kept in special institutions. Ad the saddest thing is that parents had to put their children there. In practice, the state forced them to do this, because there was no official information on how to deal with these kids.

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Fortunately, in the 50’s and 60’s, parents of small boys and girls with special needs decided to take matters into their own hands. They said that they want their children to grow up at home in order to make their life brighter and richer in colors. The government as well as the society in general supported them in this decision.

In 1984 in the American state of Kansas a group of parents who had these babies united into DSG. They had their own points of how to effectively organize a network of resources. This vision led them from the first steps of the parent movement to an advanced non-profit organization aimed at the formation, adoption and inclusion of people with Down’s syndrome in society.


What does National Down Syndrome Day mean? All in all it is very difficult to answer it instead of you, because we don’t know your personal attitude to this matter. Among the representatives of the modern society we can meet both, the people, who are interested in this subject as well as men and women that get bored.

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When parents find out that their child has Down syndrome, they need more than one month to accept this fact and to continue to live a normal life. Many families admit that they have changed their worldview and have become better aware of what is really important in life. The news of the disease can destroy the family, but in many cases it is rallied, which has a beneficial effect on the baby, his/her development and health.

As soon as a baby with Down’s syndrome is born, it is very important to let him/her feel that he /she is desired and loved. Take a kid in your arms, hug and treat like with any child. If the baby has brothers or sisters, it is necessary as soon as possible to conduct a conversation with them about the characteristics of the newborn.

In the process of this baby’s developing, it is very important for parents to continue to communicate with their friends, while not forgetting to join the society of parents of children with disabilities. When a child is about to go to school, it is necessary to send him/her to a regular school, which will enable to learn how to live among people.


Discovering the matter “What is the date of National Down Syndrome Day 2020?” we would like to reveal some important questions, concerning this direction.

It sounds incredibly, but the fact is that even adults and educated people believe that if you do not drink, do not smoke, do not suffer from genetic diseases and do not give birth after 40, then there is no any probability of having such a baby.

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Meanwhile, this kid can be born in any family, regardless of the health and lifestyle of parents. The accidental failure of the union of male and female chromosomes at the moment of conception leads to the formation of an additional chromosome.

The second common misconception is that a child with Down Syndrome, if he/she is left in the family, becomes a heavy burden for the parents and sooner or later such a family is destroyed. Nevertheless, the practice speaks for another.

The family can break down only under the condition there is no love inside. We should remember that children are not something like a thing bought in a hurry on the sale: if the thing is good –we leave, if something is wrong with it – throw it away and buy a new one.

Fortunately, there are other parents who love their children the way they are, are proud of them and receive a return sea of ​​love. These fathers and mothers are categorically opposed to calling their children like ill ones. They find it to be not only wrong, but insulting as well.

And they do not want their children with special needs to be called “sick by Down’s syndrome”. DS is not a disease, and therefore it can not be cured.


When is Down Syndrome Day in 2020, calendar will remind you without any difficulties. The date is considered to be fixed, so it is not difficult to remember. However, not all people know how to spend March 21st in a proper way.

In some towns and cities the official events are organize in order to draw the additional attention to this direction. You can always take an active part in them.

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For instance, you can visit the amazing festival. Not all of us know that for more than 40 years, there has been a unique orchestra “Jostiband Orchestra” in the Netherlands, where all performers are people with Down syndrome. Musicians travel with tours around the world and amaze listeners with harmony and professionalism. The head of the orchestra says that their task is enlightenment: to convince the whole world that the syndrome is not an excuse to exclude these people from society.

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But you may invent your own list of preferences. For example, there are people, who devote this day to discovering the subject: watching specialized films, reading professional literature or communicating with these men and women personally.

World Down Syndrome Day Facts

Investigating the question “When is International Down Syndrome Day 2020?” we are going to demonstrate you as much interesting information, as it is possible.

Why is Down Syndrome not a sentence for a child or parents? – Would you like to know about it?

In accordance with specialists’ points of view, these babies certainly require a little more attention, as they get sick more often. At the same time the questions of early development and special occupations as well as socialization come first.

However, if you give them much attention and love, you will be able to bring up beautiful adults with creative potential.

And here is a list of some inspiring examples:

  • 42-year-old Spaniard Pablo Pineda has two higher educations, one of them university. This man has diplomas of a bachelor of arts, a teacher and a teacher-psychologist. In 2008, Pablo was invited to play a major role in the film “Me too,” for which he received the Silver Sink award at the Spanish Film Festival in the nomination “Best Actor”. Pablo’s planning to continue education and to teach other people. Pablo is not interested in his acting career.
  • Raymond Hu from California became interested in painting and began to seriously study the subject in 1990. Nowadays he is a professional artist, who has already had many solo exhibitions across the country as well as some prizes and awards. Moreover, the administration of his hometown of Oakland devoted March 20 as a day of Raymond Hu.


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