Almost every musical instrument has got its own day. People try to celebrate the date of the appearance of the instrument, or choose some other reasons to observe the tradition. The dates are chosen all the year round. The days aren’t accepted as the national observances. Nevertheless, the majority of ordinary people and musicians know exactly when these holidays are set. Kazoo is rather strange. It’s a kind of a toy, but many people study playing this instrument. It has got its own observation date. When is National Kazoo Day in 2020?


The start of the observation can’t be traced. It is a holiday when people devote their time to music. The history of the instrument can be traced correctly. These musical things were used in the African territories. The main usage was for ceremonials. The modern example was invented in 1840s. It is thought that it was invented by Alabama Vest who lived in the small city of Georgia. There aren’t documental approvals according to this theory. The theory was initiated by the Kaminsky International Kazoo Quartet. They worked in the genre of satire.

Playing Kazoo

The next stage of the development of the instrument happened in 1879 when the thing was patented as “Toy Trumpet”. It had the same principle. It was a tube which was made of metal. On the top of the aperture is a piece of paper. At the end of that musical toy was a funnel.

The documented appearance of the instrument happened in 1883. The patent was issued on the 9th of January. The official inventor became W.H.Frost from the USA. He gave his invention its widely-known name, a kazoo. The man proposed people to decide whether it’s a musical instrument or a toy. The invention didn’t have the same look as the modern example. Nevertheless, it also had the circular aperture. The peculiarity of the instrument is that it is made of metal. The last stage of the development took place on the 27th of May in 1902. The man from Buffalo, NY, patented the last variant. The man was G.D.Smith.

The instrument became so popular that a special method of production was initiated. The Original American Kazoo Company was started in the USA in 1916. It used to bend and crimp a metal sheet. The process was organized by a jack press which was used for many years. In the 1990s the amount of kazoos was almost 2 million per year. Nowadays the factory is in its original state. It is also a museum. Groups of tourists come to watch the process of the manufacturing and study the history of the device. A new museum devoted to the toy-instrument was opened in South California in 2010. “What day World Kazoo Day in 2020?” It’s held on the 28th of January.

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What does National Kazoo Day mean? The day leads the great sense for people who can’t play any other musical instrument. It is like a funny thing. Almost every person who has the feeling of music can play a simple melody.

It is a way to express the joy of the moment. People can use the instrument while meeting with friends. It can become a tradition to use this unusual thing to have fun and relax. The thing is often used in educational establishments. Little children use it to play simple melodies. They even organize small orchestras to play music.

If you aren’t a small child, you may meet friends and play melodies at a moment of entertainment. Adults also like using kazoos for their funny meetings. There are lots of examples in the internet. Men and women have fun playing funny melodies. They use simple melodies and complicated songs.

The instrument isn’t considered as the serious example. Nevertheless, it helps people relax and be happy. That’s why the day is a very great motive to spend some hours with friends and relatives using this toy-instrument. The occasion can be used for different funny musical events. The occasion can be celebrated in the family or with friends.

When is International Kazoo Day 2020? The occasion is celebrated on the 28th of January.

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The meaning of the day is very obvious for many people who know exactly what a kazoo is. They understand that the first what they should do is to play a kazoo. Besides, lots of people from many countries of the world even don’t know what the thing is. They need additional information as to the meaning of the term.

Many dictionaries give a certain definition of the world. The word was used in the 80s of the 19th century. It is seemed to be an Americanism. It is thought to be imitative. It is origin is very uncertain. It is not clear why the creator of the word used it, where it’s derived from.

The word is explained as a toy used to play music. It consists of a tune. It has got opened ends. There is a hole which is covered with a membrane. This membrane helps to create a special sound which is buzzing. A person has to hum into one end to get this strange noise.

Some dictionaries give slang definitions, though they are used in vulgar meanings. It is not used in the formal language. They are used by the local inhabitants who clearly understand the meaning of the informal speech. So, if you aren’t an American, just use the word in the meaning of a musical instrument.

What is the date of National Kazoo Day 2020? It is observed on the 28th of January.



The tradition of celebrating the day isn’t set by the governmental laws. It is a very rear observance in comparison with other non-governmental holidays. Nevertheless, it is obviously important to celebrate such holidays in order to have fun, especially when you celebrate the observance with children.

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Nowadays there are many variants of the kazoo around the world. They are made of plastic and metal. They are of different color. You can check the sense of music and musical talent. Your child can be very talented. It is a real chance to see whether it’s worth to attend lessons of music. It’s not very difficult to play the instrument. You’re just to hum any melody you like.

The price of the instrument is rather low. That’s why it is very simple to buy the thing at any moment. You can make a party where you and your friends can play the instrument. The idea will be very great because everyone can have a rest and relax. Besides, you can provide a special competition where every participant can play a melody and other guests can guess the melody. The same contests can be provided in schools and other educational establishments. Children are very eager of such events. You can also spend the day sending small parcels with kazoos to our friends and relatives.

“When is Kazoo Day in 2020, calendar of observance?” the occasion is on the 28th of January.

International Kazoo Day Facts

  • The music can be produced by humming into a kazoo. People can even speak into the device.
  • It is like a small submarine with two holes.
  • The best melodies are made with “brr” and “doo”. You don’t need to blow.
  • The start of the history of these instruments began by tribes in Africa. They made them from horns of cows.
  • You can find the museum of kazoo in South California. It was opened in 2010.
  • The original variant is made of metal.
  • “Crazy Blues” was the first song which was recorded with this musical instrument. It happened in 1921.


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