When is Towel Day in 2022? Have you ever thought about the answer to this question? Frankly speaking, many people have never heard about its existence. All in all, the international calendar is full of many different holidays. Among the historical dates, male and female, children’s days, festivals of flowers and lights, various events on environmental, religious, medical problems, there are unusual occasions, such as, for example, the World Towel Day.


Of course, we can’t tell you what day Tower Day in 2022 is without mentioning the historic background of this occasion. That’s why let’s discuss it in details. So famous English novelist, popular and creative playwright and rather talented screenwriter called Douglas Adams is nowadays considered to be the author of some popular humorous fiction works. In his gained worldwide fame novel “The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy,” where he described in the smallest details the towel as a very important element for the contemporary hitchhiker. According to his point of it really doesn’t matter where you are traveling, for example, along the ordinary Earth roads or through intergalactic terrific and so dangerous spaces.

Towel Day

The popular writer was sure that the common tower can be among the most important objects in the any tourist’s everyday life. In a plenty of situations, its known value can be determined by the quite practical and quire reasonable application, that involves a great amount of variants. And as to the author’s words, you are able, for example, wrap yourself in it, when it’s cold outside; it’s possible to use this material as a blanket, when you are sleeping outside under the night stars. It is also rather suitable when you are going to lie on the warm and sunny sandy beaches, breathing by the cool scents of the sea. Or in dangerous situations you they can also swing it, giving various distress signs and signals. Or what about wrapping your head in order not to inhale so harmful toxic fumes or just to tie the eyes carefully not to be blinded, when you meet the various space pirates and see closely the brightest distant stars. Also, there are some situations when it’s recommended to be used as a tiny raft, or as a gun or weapon. But in the last case you should soak it carefully… And, certainly, this important this can be taken for its usual and direct purposes, for hygienic ones, for wiping, of course.

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What does Towel Day mean? Except the information given above, it’d also be noted now that the book has an entire chapter describing these unique and so unusual properties of the towels. And as to the creator’s point of view, in addition to the practical importance of this item subject, this accessory useful psychological significance in general canโ€™t be overestimated. At the corresponding chapter interested reader is recommended to check all the information personally after reading the book till the very end.

The holiday itself, as the Towel Day, was originated in Britain more than 15 years ago, in 2001. Just in three days after the writer’s death in 2001. Immediately, in an open and well-known forum called ยซBinary Freedomยป the fans and admirers posted a message containing the following ยซTowel Day: A Tribute to Douglas Adamsยป.


When is Tower Day in 2022, calendar will help you to answer. – As a rule it is celebrated just at the end of spring, when the weather outside is really warm and convenient, on May 25. The date is considered to be fixed and it simultaneously means that it’s kept every year without any exceptions. But have you known that it was not set by chance? People prefer to do it in the memory of the popular and appreciated all around the planet British writer’s memory, author of interesting and very humorous fiction works, called Douglas Adams.

We can’t but mention that for the very first time this amazing event was celebrated in 2001. So we can consider this holiday to be the young one. By the way this happened two weeks after famous person’s death, exactly on May 11. Frankly speaking, you can spend this event in many different ways, but one of the most spread traditions is to bring this day a tower anywhere you go.

Traditions –ย Holiday today

So you’ve already known the answer to the question “When is Tower Day 2022?”, but do you know how to celebrate it properly? – Since the events mentioned above, this holiday has been celebrated without exceptions annually on May 25. We’d also mention that nowadays a great amount of countries has already involved and this day the streets of their towns and cities are filled up with people who’re merrily carrying the towels everywhere around. Also there are many talks about the holiday and its traditions and customs in the most popular global social networks, people share the feelings as well as the photos with their friends and relatives.

By the way, adults can come up with different games and entertainments with towels for children. Tag with a towel, magic tricks with a towel, handcrafts (for example, swans), created from towels. And the simplest way to celebrate the holiday is to walk around with towels on the heads! Without any doubts your child will invent dozens of ways to have fun with this ordinary everyday objects.

In addition everybody knows that a towel plays an important role in sports. As a rule, it is used to dry off after a shower, to fan boxer between rounds, and, of course, to wipe sweat. By the way in table tennis there is a saying “to take the towel,” which means to take a small break in order to wipe the face, hands and a racquet.

Don't panic and carry a towel

Towel Day Facts

So, we should show special honor and respect to this ordinary item in its day. And this unusual and not very well-known holiday can be a good reason for an unexpected and original gift for your relatives, friends and colleagues. Frankly speaking as a gift you can choose any kind of towel: in the original gift box or gift set, a large towel for a loved one or the cheerful and funny kitchen towel … Also there are many different ways to design this thing as a gift. For example, you can roll it up in the form of various interesting figures, beautiful flowers and even funny cakes for real sugar-lovers. By the way, a cake, created of several towels can be an ideal idea not only for Towel Day, but also for a housewarming party or any holiday home event.

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Some modern people prefer to soak the towels with nutrients, sedative, analgesic, etc. It is advisable to strengthen the edges for any cases. The rest depends on your preferences, imagination and travel purposes, of course. Perhaps there are some others non-standard ways of tower using. Some people are sure that you can take a towel in the case you need a parachute for more convenient type of traveling somewhere, to blind the enemy in the case of necessity or instead of tablecloths for picnics.

Nowadays it seems like the answer to the question “What is the date of Towel Day 2022?” is known in all corners of the planet. Also, in some large and even small countries this very day people adore to be involved in various quite different activities, like, for example, free screenings of various films based on the most popular works of Douglas Adams, the editions of his book sales in all the bookstores, interesting games, amazing quests both for children and for adults and funny competitions for amazing methods of towel using. You are also able to take part in marches with this so indispensable attribute for traveling and other aspects of human life.

And now at the very end we would like to give you a small piece of advice. – Let your towel be visible for everybody, use it as a theme for any dialogue starting or ordinary conversation. You see, after this day other people, who haven’t read “The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy”, should go to the nearest bookstore and find a copy.


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