Holidays which are devoted to drinks and food are usually organized for people’s relaxation. Many reasons to go out are missed by them due to their stirring life. Work and other worries don’t let people to relax very often. Nevertheless, a person usually goes out on a holiday, especially if the main idea is food, alcohol or various games. Why not try a beer holiday? When is National Root Beer Day in 2022? What’s the origin of this drink?


This beverage was created many centuries ago. Many nations tried to create their beverage according to their culinary traditions. In Europe people used to base such beverages on sassafras. They made this drink in the 16th century.

In the American continents local dwellers used to make root beverage from sassafras before the Europeans’ coming to North America. They drank that beverage in great amounts. It wasn’t a familiar root beer, but it was similar.

Later this beverage was used by doctors who tried to treat their patients in the middle 1800s. It was also actively sold in confectionery stores at that moment. Cafes often mixed this beverage and soda. Stores also sold it as syrup. People had to make a beverage themselves.

Homemade Root Beer

In the previous centuries people used it as an alternative for water. It hadn’t got much alcohol, so it was rather healthy to drink it. It was also thought to have a nutritional quality and a good medical impact on people. In America and Europe the health benefit was obvious to every person, so the beverage was sold for medical treatment.

In 1875 C. E. Hires, a pharmacist, decided to have a commercial benefit from sales. He proposed a commercial variant to other people at the exposition in Philadelphia and later started to sell a new extract. The man had an idea to name this beverage “root tea”, because he didn’t drink it himself. Nevertheless, the name was changed.

Eleven years later this kind of beverage was bottled. Several years later it got its popularity in the whole American continent. The local citizens drank the beverage everywhere. It was sold by these manufacturers:

  • IBC Root Beer;
  • Barq’s;
  • A&W Root Beerand others.
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Later a special occasion was organized to relax on the definite reason. What day World Root Beer Day in 2022? It’s usually observed on August, 6th.


What does National Root Beer Day mean for the majority of people? The event isn’t a national observance, but the majority of people all over the country prefer to follow the traditions of celebrating it. The US territories and countries in the world observe the event with much honor. There is no matter where to celebrate the date. People meet in restaurants and bars. Lots of fans of the beverage try to meet the holiday at home with different snacks or a sport video.

The occasion itself doesn’t carry a serious social role. It doesn’t propose certain aim. Nevertheless, its main purpose is to free people from everyday routine, to relax them. Many groups prefer to spend their evening communicating together with friends. They sometimes feel tired after the work. Alcohol makes them feel easy.

The event is a great motive for many manufacturers to make their production line larger. They get much benefit from this production. The shop owners provide many bottles made by different producers.

Despite the impressive popularity of the occasion, local governments admit that alcohol must be taken with proper caution. This drink can spoil a person’s health, especially when he’s a child or teenager. Every parent should follow this restriction. The holiday should be observed only by adults. When is International Root Beer Day 2022? It’s on August, 6th.

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The beverage was made from sassafras or sarsaparilla. These extracts are used as the primary flavor. It is soft and sweet. According to the culinary tradition this drink can contain alcohol and sometimes it’s made without any alcohol. Sometimes there’s no caffeine in it. It can also be non-carbonatedorcarbonated.

People like the drink for its strong and foamy head. Barmen usually pour the drink into a utensil to create this foam. Nowadays there’s a tradition to produce it sweet. It was a tradition to produce it full of artificial flavoring of sassafras. It’s restricted to add sassafras to this production due to its harmful impact.

The word is understood in the whole world due to its international nature. It was accepted together with the beverage itself. People from many countries don’t feel any hesitation as to the meaning of the word. Drinking beer is a common tradition in the majority of countries.

The term appeared in the middle 50s of the 19th century. The word is classified as an Americanism, so it entered into every language without any changes. The name of the holiday is also very understandable for every person. When we hear the name of the day, we understand that we must try the drink on the exact day. What is the date of National Root Beer Day 2022? It’s observed on August, 6th.

Root Beer


There are several ways of observing the day, though there’s just the main course on the date. It’s devoted to root beer. People usually gather in groups and observe the event in a big merry group. Relatives and friends like to make a party on this date, especially if it isn’t a working day. Nobody needs much explanation what he or she should do during the occasion.

If there are many duties on the date, just follow the traditions. It’s a good chance to go out and feel free and relaxed. There’re dozens of pubs in every town not only in America, but also in other countries in the world. If this drink isn’t your national beverage, try a certain international brand. Shops propose a wide choice of this drink for every taste.

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Root beer is a wonderful drink for those who like to watch sport channels. People from many countries consider this drink their best companion on such an evening. A bottle of beer with a video of a football match can gather a group of friends at TV.

Guests are proposed to come with their tastiest brands. It’s a good chance to taste every representative of root beer market. If you are alone, if you don’t have many friends or you want to be alone in the exact evening, you should visit the pub nearby and have a bottle of beer. By the way, you shouldn’t forget to make a good photo and post it. There’re also many events on this date. “When is Root Beer Day in 2018, calendar of events” The occasion is organized on August, 6th.

International Root Beer Day Facts

  • This beverage consists of 16 different roots.
  • This drink carries 3% of the whole US drink market.
  • Sassafras was its original ingredient. It was announced as a carcinogen in the middle of the 20th The use of this ingredient is restricted.
  • A&W is the main seller of this beverage. Its abbreviation means Alan and Wright.
  • The most amount of drinkers live in North America.
  • Sassafras was prohibited in 1960.
  • The American Presidents also like this drink. G. Washington and B. Franklin were real fans of it.
  • The first example was market by C. E. Hires at the end of the 19th It was represented as a kind of tea.
  • A bottle cap in a form of a crown was invented in 1892.


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