What would you say in reply if we ask you, what day World Only Child Day in 2020 is? Usually contemporary people get a big surprise to find out that this event exists among the dates of modern calendar. However, the fact is that it really does and deserves as much our attention as it is possible. So, letโ€™s investigate this special occasion in details.


Certainly, we understand that the subject like โ€œWhen is National Only Child Day in 2020?โ€ย  needs close discovery of its historical background.

Unfortunately, we havenโ€™t managed to discover something really amazing as to this matter. The information about the establishers is unavailable and we canโ€™t not say for sure, why we have to celebrate this special occasion on this day exactly.

However, the problem is really important even in the global sense. You see, the matter is that less and less modern children have either brother or sister in their family.

Only Child


What does National Only Child Day mean? Oh, there is no an exact answer to this question. Why? The matter is that we have found it to be rather personal and individual.

However, looking at the statistics of the amount of children in the families and their composition in general, the following facts become obvious: single-parent families have predominatedin many countries of the planet for several decades.

The number of complete families decreases, and families with many kids have become rare. Of course, the material factor is the weighty issue of the number of children:

  • the availability of the own housing;
  • the opportunity to provide the small person with everything necessary;
  • the difficulties that a woman has with regard to a career at the time of the birth of a child.

Despite all these advantages, there is a cruel public opinion that the only son or daughter will grow up to be an egoist. But this is not always in fact. The main thing is to approach the upbringing adequately: to try to mind the borders in your adoration, to provide the tiny person ย with the necessary society, to inculcate altruism.

Communicative and kindness are as important as knowing foreign languages โ€‹โ€‹and calculating logarithms in the mind. If your kid is surrounded by peers from childhood (in kindergarten, school, children of friends invited to visit) and a large number of relatives, he/she will get used to the need to give in, to take care of the younger and respect the elders. Under these conditions the risk of potential “selfishness” will be reduced to a minimum.


So you have already got the answer to the question โ€œWhen is International Only Child Day 2020?โ€but we must also mention that in accordance with the psychological point of view, this subject is much more important than it may seem at the first sight.

The matter is that from their birth the only children develop in a special atmosphere. Surrounded for a long time only by adults, they receive a more limited personal experience compared with kids, who have siblings.

Initially, in the last century, psychologists were very skeptical about such a family structure. The words of the American psychologist S. Hall that being an only kid is already having the illness in himself/herself, was constantly quoted in special and popular literature.

However, such an unambiguous assessment is not sufficiently justified and has recently become increasingly objectionable. But let’s describe everything in order.

The main thing in the development of a single son or daughter is that he/she communicates closely with adults only for a long time. To be alone is not so easy and simple. Unable to compare themselves in a family environment with brothers and sisters of the same age, and seeing around only unattainable and skilled adults, these children acutely feel their weakness and imperfection.

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The only small person is always in front of the parents. They are vigilant, they notice when something fails, when it’s hard for him.ั€ัƒะบ, and they rush with help. If in a large family the kid is not able to cope with the button, he/she receives the help only after the tenth unsuccessful attempt. But the only child often makes only the first attempt, and then half-heartedly. Only children, as a rule, are helped too much, and eventually the baby starts to think of needing the assistance all the time.


When is Only Child Day in 2020, calendar will surely remind you. Therefore there are no reasons to be worried as to this matter. It is not a problem in fact. However, do you know how to celebrate April 12th properly and in an unusual way?

Frankly speaking, we havenโ€™t been able to find out any special customs and rule to do it correctly, by we are almost sure that using your imagination you will cope with this task quite easily.

Only Child Meme

You have an only small person in your family, donโ€™t you? โ€“ What about having a great party this day? You can cook a great amount of various dishes, order pizza or organize a barbeque in the garden. Give your kid the opportunity to chat, to run and to play in the company of funny friends.

If the weather is bad on April 12th, some parents prefer to spend it going to the cinema, theatre, circus or zoo. In some situations it is possible, of course, to devote this day to watching the movies or reading the books aloud.

International Only Child Day Facts

So, you have already known that the reply to the question โ€œWhat is the date of National Only Child Day 2020?โ€ sounds like โ€œOn April 12thโ€, however, this amount of the information seems to be rather small, when we are talking about such a global matter.

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Letโ€™s discover all the advantages and disadvantages of being alone in the family.

Of course, the only kid receives complete adoration, care and constant interest in his/her affairs from the parents. He/she does not have to be jealous of his mother and father. Parents try to invest in their only child as much as possible, doing mental, physical and psychological development, because the small person is the main result and the meaning of their life. It is believed that the only children are more developed intellectually, because they are constantly surrounded by adults and try to be with them on an equal footing.

The biggest disadvantage for a single baby is his/her loneliness with all the ensuing consequences. In our fast times, parents often are afraid of letting the child walk alone, and some do not like to invite other children to visit. In addition, not having time to organize an interesting entertainment for a child, parents switch on a TV, a computer and various gadgets for son/daughterโ€™s leisure activity. As a result, around the little person there is an unnatural environment for development – not other children of different ages, but only adults and pictures on the screen, which obviously do not communicate. The kid feels isolated and defenseless, unlike children who have brothers and sisters, as they always on a subconscious level feel support behind themselves.

The fact that an alone child is in the family grows up to be a leader is nothing but a mistake. Leadership qualities are usually inherited not to those people who are used to feeling themselves main, but just for those who know how to be in the team, to listen to different points of view and to find compromise solutions.

Such qualities are more typical for children from large families. But pampering and distorting the picture of the world of a single kid is easy.


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