Americans have a great tradition to make celebrations devoted to different governmental and military services. Days are usually held according to the set schedule. Americans show their recognition and honour to military people. When is Air Force Birthday in 2020?

The historical background of the day

Air forces didn’t have their significant value in the beginning of the 20th century. The formation of the military movement depended on the development of technical equipment and possibilities of air forces’ strength.

The transformation of the technical equipment took several decades. At the end of the Civil War there were balloons instead of military air vehicles. Only in 1912 it was accepted by the Congress to go to the expense of $125 000 for new planes.

Air Force Birthday

The early Air force wasn’t recognized as a separate military organization and was a part of U.S. Army. Only in 1926 if was separated out into the Air Service. Then it became the Air Corps.

The Air Force Combat Command and the Air Corps combined into the Army Force. It happened in the time of World War II. Then that military force transformed into an independent department. The U.S. government led the appropriate law in 1947, September 18.

At that time two forces, the Navy and the Army, were responsible for military aviation forces. Nowadays the Air Force, the Navy and the Army cooperate but stay apart as separate branches.  The day of the Department is recognized on September, 18th. That is the answer on the request “What day Air Force Birthday in 2020?”

Ways of celebrating

The US Air Force is paid tribute to for its contribution to the defense of the American community. The fallen military servants are commemorated in every state during the day. Their significance can be hardly overestimated.

The Air Force Birthday is a national holiday. Certain festive events are held throughout the country. Military museums make programs and exhibitions concerning the day and welcome Americans and guests of the country. The program usually includes the introductory word of a guest speaker. Governors thank all the airmen for their strength and braveness.

People usually visit state memorials, especially the Air Force Memorial. It’s very interesting to stand below it. A great panoramic view can be seen from the place. The capital is also a place where a big air show is held. The representatives of the Air Force are given medals and other awards by the governors.

The tradition of celebration includes the ceremonies with festive meals and parties. It is an annual custom to have a big cake and champagne. The educational establishments which are under the Air Force authority make training shows to represent their skills. How to find the schedule? It’s enough to write the internet request “When is Air Force Birthday in 2020, calendar of festive events”.

Interesting facts about the Air Force

The Air Force is pretended to be the youngest military department. Nevertheless, it has got several facts which can be unknown:

  • People say that Air Force 1 is the exact plane but the truth is that every plane on which the President of the USA travels aboard is recognized to be Number 1.
  • The Act of 1947 didn’t concern only this department. It was also the day of birth of Central Intelligence Agency (CIA).
  • The Air Force center is concerned about the security questions. In 2020 more than 6 thousand people are to provide cybersecurity of the branch.
  • A “porch or roof stomping” is a tradition of welcoming new commandment personnel. The servicemen dance and bang noisily on the roof.
  • A tradition of a Mustache March honors Robin Olds who was the most eminent airman, the legend in the history of the Air Force.

Air Force Birthday

  • Some American actors were the airmen before making an acting career, among them James Stewert, Morgan Freeman, Johnny Cash.
  • The predecessor of this military branch was the Aeronautical Division which was formed in 1907.
  • The career of an airman could be developed by G.W. Bush and R. Reagan who chose a career of a politician and became Presidents of the USA.
  • The answer on the question “When is Air Force Birthday 2020 ” will be the same as in previous years. It’s always on September, 18th.
  • The branch is very good formed. It includes more than 300 thousand personnel. It’s more than in 1947 but less than in 1952 (almost 1 million personnel).
  • The Air force is the youngest among all military departments. The oldest one is the Army.
  • “Aim High… Fly-Fight-Win” is the motto of the US Air Force. It was accepted in 2010.
  • Yellow and ultramarine blue are the main colours of the branch. They symbolize the sun and the sky.
  • The main values of the American Air Force are excellence, service, and integrity.
  • This branch got its own symbol in 2000. It includes 3 diamonds, a star and wings. The core values found their representation in the diamonds. The protection obligations of the personnel found their expression in the wings.
  • Willie Nelson was a servant of the Air Force for some months. He was a member of San Antonio department but he had to discharge because of problems with his back.
  • The budget of the Air Force is very impressive. It is $140 billion. The Marine Corps has a 5 times less budget.
  • If you see a C in front of the plane’ name, it means that it’s a cargo. The letter F stand for fighters and the letter B marks bombers.
  • Santa is tracked by the Air Force. It happens in December.
  • The first flight around the world took place in 1949. It was made on “The Lucky Lady II”.

The day is usually marked with interesting events. What is the date of the Air Force Birthday 2020? It’s on the 18th of September.


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