Do your thoughts often roam around? Whenever something doesn’t bother us, we end up circling the thoughts in one place. We often think what radical changes we have to make, and what is the reason we should even change nothing. Undoubtedly, you have to go through the cognition. In case you are not a mega-developed human being who is able to gain control over his incoherent thoughts, you need to leave the mist of confusion in the past and start a way of the clear mind. Today, we will help you manage your thoughts. So, when is National Make Up Your Mind Day in 2022?

The holiday is held annually on 31st of December which reminds you about a New Year coming. The date is so special to let people clean up their mind and structurize their thoughts on the last day.


Well, we were unable to find out the creator of a holiday. Nevertheless, let’s try to identify the roots of the day. Let’s get into the history of the main topic to better understand what day Make Up Your Mind Day in 2022 by next sections.

Studying the brain, the relationship between the gray matter and the psyche is the most challenging task ever occurred in science. For the first time, the aim is to learn something as complex as the tool for gaining knowledge itself. Everything that has been researched – molecules, the universe, the animal’s brain – was simpler than the brain of a human. We do not know whether a solution of this problem is possible. After all, except for instruments and methods, our cranium remains the major means of researching the mind. Commonly, a device that studies a phenomenon or object exceeds its object in complexity.

The grandiosity of the task attracted many great minds: Hippocrates, Aristotle, Descartes, and many others also spoke about the principles of the brain’s work.

Make Up Your Mind


What does Make Up Your Mind Day mean? Firstly, it reminds you that less than 24 hours are left before the New Year and you should clean up all your thoughts and structurize your plans and ideas. Secondly, fill a to-do list to step into the New Year with new dreams and thoughts. So, there are some features that will help you to complete that mission.

  • Close your eyes and release thoughts. Let them jump like monkeys on branches. Work, home, road, entertainment, TV – do not try to order something, take the position of a curious observer and look. Just look at the dance of thoughts, not trying to do anything, at least 5 minutes every day.
  • Create a page with an index. This is the first page of your notebook. The table of contents includes topics and page numbers.
  • Create a monthly token list. Tasks and events for the next 30 days. Do not forget about checkboxes, fat points and “empty” circles. This will help quickly visually snatch in the text the right kind of information.
  • Leave some time for yourself. Most small business owners spend much time thinking about their relationships with employees, the quality of their work, customer requests etc. Allocate 20-30 minutes of working time, which you can spend in silence and tranquility. Close the door and think. Better go for a walk. Physical exercise helps to improve performance much more than endless reflections. 40 minute walks 3 times a week contribute to the development of brain abilities and memory improvement.
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Understanding when is International Make Up Your Mind Day 2022 we step forward.


This is not tough to definite the aim of the holiday. We want to give some more advice that will help you to get the idea instantly.

  • Make a checklist up. Start with writing your principal problem. After that, write a sub-list of everything connected with this problem. Scribe quickly for 20 minutes. Do not think about it. Do not worry whether you put the same things again.
  • Draw a connection diagram. Try this technique anyway. Use colored pencils, crayons, pens. Create images, connect them with branches. Make it schematically if you are no artist.

If you keep a diary, especially with a note telling what is the date of Make Up Your Mind Day, then you will interrupt your way of thinking. You might get ideas you either did not pay attention before that or carried them to the backyard of the cranium.


Each holiday creates something special for the whole system of traditions and celebration. M.U.Y.M.D. creates an atmosphere of structuration and sequencing our routine and daily life. On this day, people try to gather all their relatives and cope with the plans and thoughts together. There are dozens of methodologies to complete that mission and our last advice is to identify the reason for the lack of organization. Where does this fuss come from? For some people, the schedule only hinders, thus complicating the organization. The second culprit is the lack of motivation or own recipes to streamline life. To learn organization, firstly, you need to understand the reason for its absence, and then decide to change the situation.

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What are you most unorganized in? Think about how you make plans, get out of the house or carry out errands. Which of these things make you feel more unpleasant and difficult? Consider not only the household aspect but also work, relationships with friends and your daily life.

Making choice

National Make Up Your Mind Day Facts

The first breakthrough in the knowledge of the human brain was associated with the application of the methodology of short- and long-term  implanted electrodes for diagnosis and treatment of patients. Simultaneously, scientists began to understand how a separate neuron works, how information is transferred from the neuron and on the nerve.

Thus, datawas obtained on the life processes of partial zones of the brain, on the correlation of its most important sections – cortex and subcortex. The brain consists of billions of neurons but only dozens can be observed with the help of electrodes.

  • The best level of intelligence quotient was demonstrated by Marilyn Mach Vos Savant. She passed a difficult test, scoring over two hundred points, and joined the privileged M.E.G.A. Society, which includes three dozen people who have an IQ like no one else do.
  • The more entries in the diary, the more tangible becomes your life experience. All the emotional upheavals, joys, and sorrows, everything seemed recently globally important, and now is perceived as a minor event on the general background. All this is experienced by you, which means there is an occasion to feel more confident before new achievements.

Finally, nothing happens by accident in our life. There are reasons for every situation. Everyone has the free will to live the way he wants. If a person commits mistakes, builds his life wrongly, misfortunes occur with him, which are the result of his own choice. Misfortunes are not punishment. They are given to us so that we can rethink our behavior, return to our true happy path, at the same time we get our own, albeit bitter experience. Always remember: a person is the creator of his future, so create it with enthusiasm, open your creativity. To sum up, check up our website to find out when is Make Up Your Mind Day in 2022, by a virtue of a calendar.


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