Interpreters and translators are the people who have a special mission. They carry the enlightenment to the world. Various great masterpieces can be presented worldwide due to these specialists. Prose and verses, contracts and official documents, movies and a simple communication are available to every nation of the world in spite of the original language. The gratitude to translators is so great that the society proposed to initiate a special date for them when every person can be involved in observance. When is International Translation Day in 2022? How do the people celebrate this event?


The occasion is set on the 30th of September. Its history has its religious roots. The day was chosen not accidentally. Its initiators picked up the most suitable day in a year. This day was famous for its saint patron. Saint Jerome is always commemorated on this date. The man lived in the 4–5th centuries. That man became famous for his skills of a translator. He translated the Bible. That great masterpiece was rewritten into Latin.

Experts value that translation very much. It is considered to be one of the most significant among all representatives. Biblical scholars valued that masterpiece too. They were appreciated of the man’s work greatly.

International Translation Day

His translation was made of the original source. His variant’s exposition was clear to everybody who could understand Latin. He interpreted the holy texts very strictly. His demand concerned the correction of mistakes made by inattentive translators. Saint Jerome used the Hebrew texts. So, his variant is recognized as one of the most accurate.

Jerome spent more than 23 years to translate the Bible. Scholars name it the Vulgate. It is considered as a legacy in the scholarship and the Bible translation. The Vulgate is more than 115 centuries old, but despite that fact, people continue using it when they study the Latin variant of the Bible.

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The International Federation of Translators was founded in 1953. The organization had to choose a special date for its professionals. The best variant was somebody’s feast day. They set that event in commemoration of St. Jerome, though at those times the date wasn’t appointed. The Federation proclaimed St. Jerome a patron saint of the organization. In such a way the organizers showed a support to every linguist and interpreter. Later the occasion was set on the 30th of September.

Nowadays this profession is recognized across the world. Many young people prefer to study it in the universities. The heading group of the Federation appoints the main theme for every year. If you want to find the information in the internet, make a request “What day National Translation Day in 2022?”


What does National Translation Day mean for the society and Federation itself? The occasion is very important because it is devoted to the profession that enables people to get foreign knowledge. The whole mass can watch movies and read various masterpieces of literature. Due to skills of translators human beings can exchange their national property. They can provide education through translations of foreign lectures and works.

The real master can send the main theme of every verse and novel. It is possible to hear words of Dostoyevsky and Shakespeare without any sensual changes. Every nation knows their best translators. They don’t hesitate in expressing gratitude to them. Usually a professional in translation chooses his own author and works with his masterpieces. Translator is a virtual bridge between cultures and times. Modern children can study their famous texts without any problem. It helps them to understand the main item of the composition.

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Other fields of human knowledge are familiar to foreigners due to these professionals. Science and medicine value their work a lot. Life becomes wider through interpretations and translations. The day is a chance to involve the society into this comprehension and belief. When is International Translation Day 2022? It’s on the 30th of September.


The word itself is very easy. People can understand what it means because its origin is Latin and it’s pronounced in the same way in lots of countries. Besides, the day has got an international meaning. Nobody has difficulties in general definition.

According to the majority of dictionaries, the word “translation” is defined as a process of rendering. The first language is its original source and the result is in the needed language. Another meaning is a result of rendering. People also use such a word for it. Translation is also a change into another appearance. Thus, its main synonym is transformation.

The term is used not only in literature but also among mechanics. They mean a special motion when the whole body parts are in a parallel move. The workers of the telegraph name a process of a message’s retransmitting as a translation.

The term appeared in the 1st part of the 14th century. It took its origin from the Latin variant. What is the Date of World Translation Day 2022? It’s on the 30th of September.

International Translation Day


The event has got a global meaning, so it is widely celebrated across the world. Various seminars, lectures and symposiums are held everywhere in the world. The events are strictly planned in many countries. There are many wide international festivals and simple lessons at schools and universities.

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Scholars read the original translations of the Bible made by Saint Jerome. It is worldwide accepted across the religious Christian confessions.

The occasion is a great chance for professional to show their skills to other colleagues. Students can participate in many contests in translation. They have a great opportunity to sign a contract with many publishing companies.

Librarians provide many lectures for their visitors. Special programs are prepared for children. They also can have a chance to develop their skills in translation. Many propositions are made through the internet. The best way to find the appropriate information is to write “When is Translation Day in 2022, calendar of lectures and symposiums?

International Translation Day Facts

There are several interesting facts about the process of translating:

  • Jerome made the Bible’s translations during the fourth century. The result of his work was considered as an official variant for more than a thousand years.
  • According to the researches, the most popular books which are to be translated are the masterpieces of William Shakespeare and Agatha Christie.
  • The first place belongs to the Bible. The second one is occupied by Pinocchio.
  • The languages which in a high demand are Italian, Russian, German, French and English.
  • The English variant of “War and Peace” is one thousand words more than the original.
  • Poets consider that verses become less sensual while translating.

It is better to participate in the occasion in order to understand its importance. People can become translators themselves if they do their best in the case.


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