When is International Day for the Eradication of Poverty? – That is the question, which can’t be answered by most people all around the planet. And that is not for a good reason, because October 17 is the day when the world can actively draw attention to the hardships and disasters of people living in difficult conditions. The publicity can declare their problems and find out the successful ways to solve the task.

Frankly speaking, that is the main reason why we have made a decision to explain the matter in details.


Of course, we understand that it is almost impossible to explain what day National Day for the Eradication of Poverty in 2022 is without taking into account the historical background of this special occasion. Unfortunately, we haven’t managed to find out the exact names of the notable event establishers, but we would like to tell you about the reasons for celebration this holiday on October 17 annually.

All in all it happened 30 years ago, in 1987 and to be more exact on October 17, when more than 100 thousand guys and ladies of different social status came from various countries and gathered in the center of Paris. Being arranged on the Place du Trocadéro, they wanted to express their bad feelings toward poverty. Those brave people demanded to respect the human rights. There were some official, mostly represented by the church, who supported them much. All those men and women were united in their struggle, trying to explain the surrounding communities the importance to respect the rights of other people.

International Day for the Eradication

Nowadays, being in the French capital city, you can see a special memorial stone, laid in the middle of Trocadero Square.

This memorable date has been celebrated since 1993, being proclaimed by the UN General Assembly one year before.

In its notable resolution, the chief representatives of General Assembly welcomed the attempts to do everything possible in order to win the overcoming level of extreme poverty all around the world.

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What does National Day for the Eradication of Poverty mean personally for you? Frankly speaking, it is up to you to decide whether this special occasion is important for you or you can forget about it completely. You see, nowadays there is a huge amount of the representatives of contemporary societies, who have never heard about this date existence. So as you can understand they are not interested in getting the answer to the set question like “What is the date of World Day for the Eradication of Poverty 2022?” is quite unimportant for them.

In order to implement the UN’s goal of eliminating all forms of poverty, which is the goal of sustainable development, it is necessary to take into account a number of interrelated factors affecting the destinies of people living in extreme poverty.

Correspondingly, this means that poverty is not just low incomes or lack of access to food, shelter or some kind of goods. This problem requires a systemic multi-sided approach.

The theme of this year’s day is usually chosen in consultation with activists, representatives of civil society and non-governmental organizations. It always points to the need to recognize that people living in poverty, among other things, suffer from feeling themselves humiliated and unnecessary in the contemporary society.


Trying to find out the answer to the question “When is International Day for the Eradication of Poverty 2022?” we should pay close attention to the following pieces of information.

According to the Multidimensional Poverty Index for 2016, there are 1.6 billion people in this category today. As it was highlighted in the UNESCO World Social Science Report for 2016, poverty is a shortage of cash, but it’s not just about money. A better understanding of the relationship between income levels and other aspects of poverty among people living in poverty can help to expand their opportunities and turn them into the driving force of change.

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Achieving the poverty eradication goal until 2030 requires renewal of policy approaches, as well as more comprehensive and in-depth knowledge. With the help of traditional mechanisms to struggle with poverty, this problem can only be solved by eliminating inequality. As long as injustice and exploitation are inextricably entangled in the fabric of the economic, social and cultural development of society, poverty will continue to destroy the lives of millions of women and men.

The task of breaking this vicious circle of poverty by 2030 is part of a more global goal of transforming culture based on the principles of solidarity, cooperation and peace, of which UNESCO is a strong adherent. Using such powerful instruments of social transformation as education, culture, science, communication and information, UNESCO promotes the consolidation of the principles of social justice in societies.


When is Day for the Eradication of Poverty in 2022, calendar is always ready to remind you, but you should think of the program carefully if you are going to spend this day properly.

Each of us has the opportunity to alleviate the lives of the poor. You can right now take any advice and help those in need.

International Day for the Eradication

  • Make money donations. You see, sometimes it is very important to give some money to local or international organizations, the activity of which often depends directly on voluntary donations. However, if you really want to send some money, please, check the account carefully, as the chosen organization should really help people.
  • You can also share food, things, personal hygiene items, various pieces of old furniture, kids’ toys and any kinds of books for shelters and other organizations in your city. Such donations will help people who find themselves in difficult life situations.
  • Become a volunteer. All in all you can find out a huge number of companies through which you can help your fellow citizens by direct action. Learn about volunteer opportunities in religious or some non-profit organizations of your city. Find out what programs take place in the district and city libraries and whether they need your participation and help.
  • Help an individual person. The help given to one single person is also one more step towards a better world. If you notice a man or a woman who needs help, just try to talk to this person. Give him/her money, even if it’s only a dollar. Offer your assistance without condescension and condemnation.
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International Day for the Eradication Facts

Of course, the living standards in various corners of the planet are quite different: in some of them they are too high, in others, unfortunately, on the contrary, very low. But how poor the countries may be, many people sometimes can’t even imagine. According to the UN, about 25,000 people die of hunger daily, the greatest part of is them children. Almost 1 billion our planet inhabitants should live only for $ 1 a day, as well as the daily income of 2.5 billion people is only $ 2.

In accordance with statistics, the poorest territory on Earth in 2016-2017 has been the Central African Republic (CAR). And, it also occupies a leading position as to the number of AIDS cases.

In the most situations, the causes of the unhappiness of these states are quite common and typical: civil and external wars, climatic conditions, corruption, external debts, low level of medicine and education. Of course, we have to understand that the poorest countries are in dire need. That is why it is necessary to do as much as possible in order to improve their living standards.


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