International Zebra Day

January 31 is celebrated International Zebra Day. The initiators of the implementation of this day were nature conservation organizations whose goal is to preserve these unique striped animals.

To protect against predators in the wild zebra has adaptations such as stripes, the ability to reach speeds of up to 80 km/h and a keen sense of smell. But all this cannot help against the selfishness and greed of people who are ready to destroy all living things for the sake of profit. Therefore, other people who value life in any form should protect innocent and defenseless animals.

Scientists are trying to draw the attention of public organizations and politicians to the problem of reducing the number of herbivores, including zebras. They emphasize that such an attitude will quickly lead to disruption of the food chain in nature, cause the disappearance of other animals and plants, and slow down the circulation of useful minerals and other substances from the soil to plants. In some regions, this can lead to famine and epidemics, so the issue of protection must be addressed immediately, without waiting for the appearance of irreparable consequences.

International Zebra Day
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