International Spine Day

International Dzyga Day is celebrated on the second Wednesday of October. Date suggested by the Wolf and Yo-Yo Museum in Burlington, Wisconsin. According to the museum’s version, our world itself is like a dyke – complete and with characteristic oscillations.

Archaeologists say that dzigs are the oldest among toys. The earliest found toy is 6000 years old. In the 8th century BC, the famous poet Homer wrote about the dzyga.

Throughout human history, these toys have been made from various materials. It was originally a tree because of its easy processing, seeds and nuts.

It is interesting to know that

  • Dzigs are also interesting due to their unusual shape and capabilities. Some models can run for over an hour if properly run.
  • National differences: the Chinese spinning top turns over on its leg while spinning, while the Latin American toys are launched with a rope.
  • Dzyga appears in mass culture – for example, the film “The Beginning” or Handal’s painting “Children playing wolf” (XIX century).
  • In Ancient Greece, spinning competitions were held.

International Spine Day
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