Even how close and familiar we will consider people may depend on the temperature.”Talma Lobel “A warm cup on a cold day. How physical sensations affect our decisions”

Winter tea – it’s not only about warmth and coziness. This is tea about feelings.

Prepare winter tea, enjoy it to:

  • anchor feelings, emotions, moods
  • express feelings/concern to yourself/relatives
  • find your own recipe for a unique taste and aroma every winter day.

Components of winter tea:

  • black/green/herbal tea
  • orange/lemon/lime
  • apple/pear
  • sea ​​buckthorn/rosehip/cranberry
  • raspberry/cherry/currant
  • ground cinnamon/sticks
  • ground/fresh ginger
  • carnation
  • star anise
  • honey/stevia
  • winter, candles, music, warmth of the soul and bright thoughts

Choose, combine, feel free to experiment, be inspired by winter evenings, enjoy winter time, listen to your mood and feelings, create your own taste and aroma.

Winter tea components


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