1. The first attempts to create a single language that would help people around the world understand each other, Ludwig Zamengoff did still at school age. But she came out with too complicated grammar.
  2. Learning the most common artificial language is quite easy. Having mastered 16 grammar rules that have no exceptionsyou can see the result in a few hours.
  3. An asteroid was named after the inventor of the international neutral language in 1938. In 1959, in one of the first monument in the world was installed in the Odessa courtyards. In Japan, there is a religious movement called Oomoto, whose members speak the language of peace and consider Zamenhof as one of their gods.
  4. State of Amikeho – a micro-country created by enthusiasts, whose inhabitants spoke the language of peace. Its neighbors were France, Germany and the Netherlands, and the territory was only 3.5 square meters. km Out of a population of four thousand, 3% spoke Esperanto. This was the largest percentage of speakers in a state worldwide.
  5. In the language of Dr. Esperanto spoken by about 2 million people in 120 countries. The language is not recognized as official in any country, but despite this it is gaining popularity. It is studied in Chinese, Hungarian and Bulgarian higher education institutions.
  6. The language that unites the whole world more than 25,000 books have been written, about 250 magazines and newspapers are published, the Bible is translated. It is heard on several radio stations and in the repertoire of some musical groups. Since 2012, artificial language has been included in Google Translate (try it 😉). Translation of works from any language into Esperanto hardly changes the nuances of the meaning of the original.
  7. Universal the language is official in the International Academy of Sciences in the Republic of San Marino. Scientific conferences of scientists from all over the world are held at the school. It is believed that the use of an international neutral language will help students and scientists improve the efficiency of scientific research by avoiding language discrimination.
  8. In the 30s of the XX century. a prominent writer showed special interest in the international Esperanto movement John RR Tolkien. In his youth he had some familiarity with the language and learned a few words. Not being a perfect connoisseur of Esperanto, he believed that it had no equal as an international language, and called on his supporters to support him in every possible way.
  9. Esperanto has official symbols. The flag is green with a white square in the upper corner, in the center of which is a green five-pointed star. Green color is considered a symbol of hope, white – peace, and a five-pointed star – the 5 continents of the world.
  10. 4 films were shot in Esperanto. One of the first was the black-and-white tape “Incubus”. The main role went to the Canadian actor William Shatner (captain of the starship “Enterprise” 🚀), who knew the language imperfectly. In order to immerse the audience deeper into the atmosphere of mystery, it was forbidden to dub the film in other languages. But supporters of Esperanto were somewhat disappointed with the pronunciation of the actors.
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William Shatner Speaks Esperanto in Incubus

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