When is Leprechaun Day in 2022? That is the question, which can’t be answered by everybody immediately. Why? – The matter is that that is not a public holiday, so it is not a surprise, that some people even don’t notice it.

But let’s start from the very beginning. Annually on 03/17 Ireland celebrates the special day of patron saint. And to tell you the truth we can’t say what day Leprechaun Day in 2022 is without explanation, who this creature is.

According to the legend Saint Patrick’s Day is said to have brought Christianity to the pagan island and sent all the snakes away. In his honor there are numerous parades, people sing and dance along the narrow and decorated streets and the traditional beer flows really like water. Nowadays this festival is celebrated all over the world. Colorful processions, bright parades and meeting of people, who are dressed in green things can be seen everywhere. Why has this shade been chosen? – The matter is that it is considered to be the national color of Ireland. The most typical way to decorate your clothes this holiday is to fix the clover, which is a symbol of Irish good luck, in the buttonhole.

Leprechaun Day 2017

What is a leprechaun?

The answer to the question “When is National Leprechaun Day 2022?” is rather simple indeed. It is on March 17 and the date is considered to be fixed, which simultaneously means that it doesn’t change from year to year. Do you know what Leprechaun is? – No? – We will explain you, then. It is a little tricky and greedy creature of the Irish legends. If you catch this being and ask properly, it will fulfill three your wishes, or even give a pot of gold.

Leprechauns wear green clothes, as this shade helps them to hide easily in the grass. Another element of this creature’s uniform is leather aprons. Leprechauns constantly drink the so-called Potin (the Irish moonshine), that is why they are always drunk, but this condition does not interfere with their work. They sew shoes for other fantasy assistants – fairies and clurichaun.

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Moreover, Leprechauns keep the ancient treasures. The basis of their wealth was laid by the Vikings and now leprechauns sneak at night into human dwellings and pinch off the tiny pieces of coins. Each leprechaun or even a group has its own pot or jug with gold.

Leprechaun is usually described as cunning and fraud. People try to catch the being in order to get his pot of gold or to force him to fulfill three wishes. The caught leprechaun usually promises a rich ransom for his release.

The history of leprechauns and their holidays

Nowadays no one seriously believes in leprechauns exist. Although in ancient Ireland they were not worshiped but much respected, and the locals left a saucer of milk for them on the doorstep. This was done to ensure that these creatures didn’t harm the pets, as these pranksters adored riding on dogs and cows.

However, not only animal taking care encouraged Irish to show honor to Leprechaun. It was believed that once they were in the goddess Danu’s retinue and always accompanied her and her tribes of Irish ancient rulers. Later leprechauns “entered the service” to the fairies, the local spirits of nature. They worked as shoemakers. Since that these mythical creatures have been often depicted with a shoe in their hands, and for some reason always with the left one.

But St. Patrick’s Day Leprechauns didn’t become the so called invitation cards of the country from the very beginning. Initially the holiday was exclusively religious in nature, and all entertainment facilities, including pubs, were closed. It was symbolized by clover leaf (shamrock). But when the celebration became more common, it needed a friendly and funny character that could be represented on souvenirs. Patrick wasn’t suitable for this role that is why one advertising company thought of Celtic myths and leprechauns.

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Since then these creatures have found a new life.

Clover and green leprechaun

Of course, when is Happy Leprechaun Day in 2022, calendar tells the guests without any problems, but, frankly speaking, you will notice this immediately. Why? – The matter is that since March 12 and up to March 17 Ireland turns into absolutely green place. The townspeople dress up in green and emerald costumes, paint their hair and beards in the same shade.

There is an unwritten rule: if during the celebration you notice a person without emerald elements, you can pinch him/her. It is interesting to mention that initially leprechaun was wearing a red outfit, but in the 20th century the country was mostly associated with green, that is why it was decided to dress this creature in this shade.

There is also a belief that in the green it hides easily in the grass. During the celebration the particular importance is also given to such symbol as clover. As a rule it is painted on the faces, pinned to the jacket, or portrayed on the special pennants. Local people are sure that if somebody finds this plant with four leaves during this day, he/she will have good luck for a long time.

Leprechaun Day

The last beer glass

There is another tradition associated with shamrock. Local people think that the last glass of beer that is drunk in honor of this holiday should contain a clover leaf. After this alcohol is finished, the shamrock is thrown over the left shoulder. It is believed that after these ritual cash flows are expected to go to your hands throughout the year.

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St. Patrick fortunetelling

In order to find out the future in St. Patrick’s Day, you will need to prepare several branches: birch, apple, alder, pine, oak, mountain ash, river willow, hawthorn, poplar and hazel.

If you think that you will fail to distinguish the branches, please, mark them in any way. Put all the attributes into the bag, close your eyes and randomly take any of them.

Then you can begin to decipher:

  • Birch – you will find very important information that will completely change your attitude to life.
  • Apple – happiness with the beloved person, successful marriage.
  • Alder – you will have to take a very important decision soon.
  • Pine – be more reasonable and lenient towards others, otherwise you risk staying alone.
  • Oak – listen to the advice of patrons. They will be really useful.
  • Rowan – you will be able to unravel the important secret. The obtained information will help to achieve the desired results.
  • Willow – show your own character and don’t subordinate to the circumstances, and then you will succeed.
  • Hawthorn – a conflict with a partner. However, you will be able to go through all the conflicts.
  • Poplar – material gain and career promotion.
  • Hazel – fresh feeling, success in love.

So you have got the answer to the set question “What is the date of Leprechaun St. Patrick’s Day 2022?” It was not difficult. – But you should also remember that on this holiday there is a chance to catch a leprechaun and to become richer. That is why don’t ignore the chance to find a magical helper, because it will help you to achieve the desired results.


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