Most parents worry their child can be born with some type of disease or a hidden genetic disorder. For other popes and moms, it’s a surprise their baby is born a redhead, although the hair color of both parents is completely different. The red gene is recessive to the hair. In other words, a person needs two copies of this gene so it shows himself. This means even if both parents are carriers of a gene, then only one in four children will turn red. So, after a short introduction, we will find when is National Kiss A Ginger Day in 2020.

The major day is held on 12th of January and the main target is to support redheads with warm kisses as once they were teased for their hair color. The author is unknown but seems a representative of this culture.


Scientists have long studied the factors affecting the birth of red-headed children. According to the latest data, over 40% of the total population has a red hair gene. It is unnecessary for one of the parents to be red-haired so that a child with red hair is born in the family. Both parents may not have this aspect, however, MC1R gene may be present in their body. Before planning a pregnancy, modern medicine suggests a couple pass a DNA test to see if they are carriers of the red hair gene and whether they are capable of giving birth to a red-headed child.

Kissing a Ginger

It has been scientifically established every fourth child has red hair, that is, theoretically, if the couple had red ancestors, then they also have one of four children, possibly with red hair. Sometimes this gene is not manifested by generations, so many of us do not know about such relatives.

Previously, it was believed if a married red hair couple had the same child, then everything was to blame for the woman who walked up to his side. However, scientists denied this fact. The gene MC1R can persist in the human body for whole generations, and it is never known in which genus it will manifest.

Red-headed people are relatively few on the planet, only 40 million. It is worth knowing such people are more likely than others to suffer from various diseases, for example, like skin cancer, Parkinson’s syndrome, Tourette’s syndrome.

Red hair is acquired by inheriting the gene from each parent. It is established the age of the gene responsible for the red hair, light skin and freckles are from 50 to 100 thousand years. This means it is much older than the homo sapiens genes to which modern humanity belongs. Now we turn to some scientists to better understand what day World Kiss a Ginger Day in 2020 is.

Dr. Rosalind Harding, dealing with genetics and microbiology at the John Radcliffe Institute of Molecular Medicine, believes this gene appeared in the Neanderthals inhabiting Europe 200,000 years ago.

Red hair contains a record amount of pigment, so repainting natural hair will be much harder than any other. Hair with this pigment is much thicker compared to dark and light. If you count the hairs on the head of a redhead and compare it with a similar hairdo, for example, a blonde, then it turns out that the first hairs have about ninety thousand, while the second has about one hundred and forty thousand.


What does National Kiss a Ginger Day mean? Firstly, due to many circumstances connected with ginger, we should support them at least one day a year. Greet them with warm kisses and hugging. Let them feel important and significant in our modern life full of evilness and deceit. Secondly, it is believed red men and women are more brilliant temperament, passionate, and unrestrained. This fact is difficult to prove scientifically, but the sensitiveness of the skin of red-haired people is known for certain – bruises and abrasions appear faster, and they heal much longer than in people with dark and fair hair.

When is International Kiss a Ginger Day 2020? Refresh your knowledge by turning back to the beginning. Moreover, it is also noticed the sick people got up on their feet much faster if they are treated by rufous nurses. The fair skin of ginger is much more susceptible to ultraviolet radiation, why they need to pay special attention to sun protection. Scientists at the University of Newcastle have concluded human skin distinguishes two types of melanin that protect a person from dangerous radiation, and in the body of a ginger, one of these species is represented in insufficient quantities.


Rufous people on the planet is not much at all. All of them from one to three percent and this unique color brightness always attracted others. Unfortunately, historically this has not always been beneficial for the carriers themselves. In the folklore of different nations, they aroused suspicion, in Ancient Egypt they were sacrificed to the god of the Sun Amon-Ra, and in the Middle Ages, they became the first suspects in witchcraft. Only for the hair color, they could be accused of kinship with the Devil.

True attitude towards redheads began to change for the better and by the 20th century, they became an object of research, after which it became known they should be protected. So, what is the date of National Kiss a Ginger Day 2020 is a protection and support to those carriers who suffer from oppression, humiliation, and mockery? They should be provided with reliance and hopefulness of their existence. Kiss them and hug as strong as you can.

Ginger Baby


Curious mystical background appeared to the redhead for centuries. The ancient Greeks believed after death gingers are reborn, and more often in vampires. The Egyptians considered the rufous handsome men unfortunate and preferred to sacrifice them to Amon Ra in the hope of ending a series of setbacks could harass others. The Spanish medieval Inquisition automatically ranked the redheads to the captors of the hellfire, they were recognized as sorcerers and witches and burned at the stake. But the Romans, on the contrary, considered them a sign of incredible luck and even bought such slaves as a talisman. Polynesia also noted rufous people as special. It was believed the sunny hair is a sign of noble birth and a friendly disposition of the divine forces.

As for the modern world, some traditions are dedicated to this day.

  • Greet with kisses and hug every ginger you see.
  • Be polite and courteous with every representative of this phenomenon.
  • Invite them to parties and pubs to let them feel important and significant for us in the modern world.

International Kiss a Ginger Day Facts

  • In 1983, a Californian Stephen Douglas founded the International Union of Redheads. The main item of this organization is “The Redhaired” magazine, which tells about the contribution of redheads to World History. In particular, he mentions the life stories of such great people as Galileo Galia, Christopher Columbus, Cromwell, Van Gogh, Friedrich Schiller, Sarah Bernhardt, George Washington etc.
  • In Udmurtia, even a VIP club of influential people with a head of sunlight is organized, and scientists of this republic are studying the anomalous correlation of red people in this area. Some believe these are the descendants of the mysterious nomadic tribe of Budins, whom Herodotus described as red-haired and blue-eyed people who lived in the interfluve of the Volga and Kama rivers.

To sum up, give happiness to people especially to ginger on this day. They are bright and sympathetic and require only attention and care to give a feedback. Also, don’t forget to check up when is National Kiss A Ginger Day in 2020, by a virtue of our calendar.


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