Canada is a northern neighbor of America, which is known for its large territories and pretty short, but rich history. There is city in this country that holds the record for largest population and represents the whole region of Ontario. That is Toronto.

Canada has as lot public federal holidays as any other large country does. But the interesting thing is that Canada also has nearly half a hundred of so-called statutory holidays. So, what are these statutory holidays are exactly?

Statutory holidays or, as they also frequently called, stat holidays are holidays that established in one region of Canada. This term may also refer to public holidays in general, but more commonly means only regional and provincial observances.

Toronto stat holidays 2017

So what are Toronto statutory holidays in 2022? In this article we are going to take a close look at all of them. Here is the list of stat holidays of Toronto. They all are being observed annually and not all of them are related only to Toronto and Ontario.

  • Family Day
  • Good Friday
  • Victoria Day
  • Canada Day
  • Labour Day
  • Boxing Day

The well-known Canadian holiday called Civic Holiday is not included in this list. That is not an accident. Ontario is the only province that does not consider Civic Holiday an official statutory holiday. It is also important to remember that Easter Monday only applies to governmental workers.

And now, as we established the full list of stat holidays of Toronto, let’s take a look on every single one of them, except for such mainstream observances as New Year, Easter, Christmas and Thanksgiving. And, obviously, we will skip Civic Holiday of Toronto in 2022 due to its irrelevance.

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Family Day

This observance is celebrated on the third Monday of second month every year. So, in 2022 it will fall on February, 20th. Family Day is a special holiday that is designed to protect and unite the most precious thing in life – one’s family.

Due to the fact that this holiday is not a federal observance in Canada, governmental and federal workers do not have their day-offs on this date. This unfortunate circumstance is partially compensated by the fact that they have an extra day-off on Easter Monday, while everybody else has not.

Canadians are often getting upset with their overcomplicated laws. One of the reasons to complain is the uncertainty with stat holidays all across the Canada. Canadians just can’t understand why government is not able to settle certain amount of stable holidays that will apply to every province.

That being said, let’s move to the next instance of Toronto stat holidays 2022.

Victoria Day

In the long list of provincial stat holidays of Toronto, there is one that is probably the most Canadian of them all. Of course, we mean Victoria Day, a statutory holiday that was established in order to celebrate Queen Victoria’s birthday.

Canadians have a lot in common with British people. That can be explained by the fact that Canada was just a colony back in the old days. Thus, it is not a bit strange that modern Canada did inherit cultural features and customs from Great Britain or, as it was called earlier, British Empire.

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And one of those cultural features is love and worshipping of Queen. Such traditions can be explained by patriotic tendencies in Canadian society. As a representative of all government, if not the whole country, Queen holds a very special place in the hearts and minds of true patriots. That is why hundreds and hundreds of families worship and honor her name, no matter what date it is. And when Victoria Day comes, they just do it louder.

If you wonder, when this observance will occur, worry not, because we already prepared a comprehensive and laconic answer. In 2022 this statutory holiday will fall on the twenty-second of May.

Canada Day

This observance is dedicated to the glorious day of Canada’s emergence. This historical event had its impact on all countries, as Canada took pretty important place on the worldwide political arena. But, obviously, this event is mostly important for Canadians, who annually revere and celebrate the day of their country’s creation.

Toronto stat holidays calendar

On this day, which is observed all across the Canada, no exceptions, numerous social activities are settled to entertain and cheer up Canadian folks of all ages. That includes concerts, open-air festivals, picnics, parades and fireworks.

Now then, when do Canadians celebrate this vastly important day? This holiday commonly called “Canada’s Birthday”. That leads us into thinking that it must be celebrated on the exact day of establishing Canada as a free and independent country. And that is one hundred percents correct. When did it happen, though? Roughly one and a half centuries back on the first of July.

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So if you are a strong lover of independent and free Canada, then you may also want to attend to this celebration. Have fun and make no mistake when you will film a video of the fireworks.

In Canada, workers are supposed to obtain money from their employers during stat holiday day-off. So, if you are worried about statutory holiday pay Toronto in 2022, you can relax. Everyone will get their deserved money.

Boxing Day

The people of Canada frequently get confused about the status of Boxing Day. One of the most common questions on this topic is whether this date is a statutory holiday or simply a casual observance. From the day of establishing and to 2022, Toronto public holiday called Boxing Day observed officially only in Ontario. Despite that fact, this day is still officially regulated for bank workers all across the Canada.

This day observed on the twenty-six of December and thousands of shops and stores will work by an extended schedule to provide their customers with discounts and sales, which are related to Boxing Day. That can cause large queries and pandemonium in your favorite shopping spots, so if you do not like huge masses of noisy people, you may want to go shopping on the next day, the twenty-seventh of December. Major part of the stores will still have their discounts.


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