All over the world, there are various inviting places to visit. One of them is a Canadian province, Alberta. It’s one of the most prosperous places in the north of the American continent, very sunny and hospitable, full of prairies and dense forests, snow-crowned mountains, and glaciers. And without a doubt it’s a paradise for tourists, coming here to see incredibly beautiful landscapes and take part in the events, which are going to be held on Alberta statutory holidays in 2017.

Spring holidays

A few days ago the citizens of Welsh descent in Alberta, as well as in the other parts of Canada, have celebrated St. David’s Day, dedicated to the honor of Welsh culture. That day the most of the flower shops earned quite a lot since people were buying yellow jonquils, the symbol of the holiday. The following high day will be on the 14th of April when Good Friday is observed.

Alberta stat holidays 2017

The day is expected to be not very festive, precisely to say, it will be devoid of any distractions. It’s forbidden to have malice, to speak loudly, to laugh, in one word it’s better to spend the day in a church, commemorating Jesus Christ’s crucifixion. It’s a day of mourning and even food will remind you of its sacredness since people bake bans in the form of a cross on Good Friday.

In two days there will be Easter, permeated with the much more positive atmosphere. The residents of Alberta will be able to see the magnificent parade, involving Easter Bunny, giving children colored chocolate eggs, clowns, dogs, and even Chinese people. But still even today Easter remains a jolly family holiday when children are treated with plenty of sweets.

Mother’s Day can also be found among Alberta stat holidays 2017. According to the significance, the holiday isn’t inferior to Valentine’s Day and Easter. It has become a custom to congratulate not only moms but all the women on this day. All the duties are shared between fathers and children, who, in addition, prepare a festive dinner, and give mothers presents and flowers.

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What is Mother’s Day without Father’s Day? On June 18 there will be the time for a rematch. Now it’ll be mothers’ and children’s turn to arrange pleasant surprises for their daddies. Father’s Day is an expression of love and thankfulness that the children devote to their fathers. The traditional flowers of this day are red roses, however, if he is no longer walketh among the living, the white roses are laid on the grave.

The May Long Weekend

Despite the holiday is included in the list of 2017 Alberta public holiday, for the majority of Canadians the monarchical component of the day is of no importance. In Alberta, the holiday has got such a name like “May Two-Four” that stands for both the actual birth date of Queen Victoria – May 24 and the standard packing of the Canadian beer. It’s the first long weekend of the season, so people without thinking twice make a mass departure to the countryside. And even for those who stay in the cities, there is something to do. One of the most popular entertainment is homemade fireworks – people store with firecrackers which in the evening fly up into the air, accompanied by the joyful cries of children.

Canada Day

At the very beginning of July, Сanadians will be in especially high spirits to celebrate Canada Day. The holiday will be imbued with national atmosphere since red and white colors are going to be everywhere. Canada Day is a statutory holiday pay Alberta in 2017, and its celebration will last 3 days! Various activities are planning to be offered to satisfy every taste- Get Local festival proposing the unique opportunity to taste the best local dishes, Retro 80s Party, Music Festival for the fans of electronic music, theater performances, and gorgeous fireworks.

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Heritage Day

The best day to get acquainted with Alberta, exploring its history and national accomplishments, is Heritage Day, established on the first Monday in August. The holiday provides a good possibility for families to arrange camping tours or trips to the historic sites, as well as to participate in different activities at the local museums and galleries. Annually there are a great number of exhibitions, dedicated to the masterpieces of Alberta’s artists, military equipment, archaeological excavations, and so on. By the way, Heritage Day belongs to the provincial stat holidays of Alberta, which has got various symbols.

Alberta stat holidays 2017 calendar

Labor Day

The first Monday of September is recognized as Labor Day when everything is having a well-earned rest. It is an official day-off and many establishments are closed, and there’s hardly a chance to use public transport. In spite of the fact that initially the holiday was designed to be a joyous celebration of workers and their families, nowadays it is associated with fairs and festivals, reminding the citizens of Alberta of their last sunny weekend. So, this civic holiday of Alberta in 2017 is usually held somewhere outside the house with camping, picnics, grilled sausages and cheerful company.


It’s the holiday when the residents of Alberta see off the last warm days before the long winter, decorate homes with pumpkins, wreaths, and sheaves of straw and corn, and serve the guests up with turkey, spiced with cranberry sauce, and pumpkin or apple pie. There are holiday ceremonies in the churches and autumn fairs in the streets. The windows of the shops, courtyard, and facades are adorned with stuffed toys, straw birds, pumpkins, and leaves. And for the majority of Canadians – it’s a great occasion to get together with loved ones, and thank for peace, happiness, and well-being in the last year.

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When everything is glowing, the shelves in the shops are filled up with red-white-and-green things, and radio is endlessly playing Christmas carols, the loveliest time of the year has come. Traditionally, the whole family, including forty-second cousins, gather together to congratulate each other and taste long-expected Christmas dishes. This holiday is also the time of donations – campaigns for collecting food, items, and gifts for the poor are held in companies, schools, shopping centers. It’s the time of different events at schools – concerts or theatrical performances that teachers and students, with the help of volunteers, have been preparing since the beginning of the study year. Christmas mood completely takes control over people and on 25th of December, it reaches the climax. And continues on Boxing Day on December 26.

To cut it short, the holidays of the province of Alberta will be able to show something to bewitch the eye and leave a pleasant aftertaste.


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