Nowadays you have had a great opportunity to celebrate many different holidays, which may be official or non-official, but it doesnโ€™t matter in fact. Why? โ€“ You see, it is only up to you to find out if to take an active part in them or not. Today we are going to propose you something really terrific, but at the very beginning you should answer one question, which sounds like โ€œWhen is National Groundhog day in 2020?โ€

Even if your reply is negative, donโ€™t be upset. This article will help you to be in theme and to make the proper decision.


Such matter as what day Groundhog Day in 2020 is, needs the explanation of the historical background of this event. And in this case the telling seems to be rather interesting in fact.

The first settlers of the American State of Pennsylvania took the Moon Day to America in the very beginning of 1900s, along with the story of the Candlemas holiday, which states: “If the bright sun is shining on this day, snow flies until the end of the spring.” In Europe, there was a tradition of predicting weather with the participation of a badger. But the numerous German immigrants discovered that the animal was a rarity in those territories; therefore they used a marmot instead.

Groundhog day

Initially the special occasion was celebrated in the town of Punk in the middle of the late 1800s. The 1st mentioned in documents official trip to the Gobbler’s Knob farm was organized in 1886. Here’s what was said in the local publication about the first prediction of the weather, given by the Pancasatonic Phil: “Today is the Groundhog Day, and at the time of the release of this note in the print, the animal did not see its shadow.”

At a time when Pancasinton Phil was not on the Gobbler’s Knob farm, he and 3 other mercenaries, including his wife Philis, live in the heated room of the Pantsaton Memorial Library’s children’s department.

Until 1993, the holiday was considered a very modest event of local significance. But after appearing on screenings of the film of the same name, people from all over the planet launch to go to the town of Pansatoni in the hope of seeing their own eyes happening in the events.

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By the way, it would be rather interesting to mention that no scenes of the film with Bill Murray and Andy McDowell in the leading roles were released on screen in 1993 wasnโ€™t shot in Punxtagon. Most of the film was done in Woodstock, Illinois, near Chicago, where the film director Harold Rames was born.


What does Groundhog Day mean? – Oh, frankly speaking it is up to you to decide, whether to celebrate this holiday or not. It should be your own decision. But why not to be involved into something special?

On this day in many cities there are various folk fun, street parties and dances. Each state is trying to create an individual holiday atmosphere, although the holiday itself is not so unique.

In Ancient Rome there was a hedgehog day, here hedgehogs worked as weather forecasters; in Germany, they began to think about the weather with the awakening of badgers and bears. And then this tradition gradually migrated to the United States, and became one of the most celebrated and interesting holidays.


Investigating the matter โ€œWhen is International Groundhog day 2020?โ€ we have to tell our readers that the close attention of tourists and the media to the humble Phil, forced the local authorities to make a serious transformation into the life of the town.

Increased territory for parking and school buses are used for the transport of fans. All classes are canceled on this day. The organizers of the holiday also created a “whole specially equipped family sector”, where you can conveniently arrange with children, not far from the “Gobbler’s Knob” scene.

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32 figures of the Panciton Phil, two meters high on the town streets, is a public art project launched in 2004 by the Pansatonic Creative Society.

Pansacon Phil is has been prominent person and star of the media for the previous 30 years. He met with President Reagan in 1986, came on the television screen in Oprah Winfrey’s show, in the Live program with R. and K. Lee, and his 2001 weather report was broadcast even on JumboTron on Times Square.

According to the legend, Pansenton Phil is “eternally young,” as his life is prolonged every seven years: every year he drank a special “elixir of marmot’s youth” on an annual marmot picnic on farm. The components of this elixir are exclusively for mosquitoes and the effect of this drug is not extended to humans.


When is Groundhog day in 2020, calendar will surely remind you. And we are almost sure that you are not going to forget about this date, as this holiday is usually appreciated both by children and by adults not only in the USA, but all around the planet.

Visitors to the festive celebrations on the occasion in Punxsana can buy sweet and funny souvenirs as well as various crafts with the image of a marmot, engage in the production of ice sculptures, visit the art show, take part in the game “Trash”, ride on old wagons, dance, learn to cook chili or watch performances by magicians, jugglers and comedians. And with the onset of darkness, they are organizing a movie show with the corresponding film.

Groundhog day movie

During the celebration a boy and a girl are crowned as “Mr. Lila” and “Miss Groundhog”. And high school students play the role of “King and Queen Groundhog”. Also, the Punjab Meteorological Center annually invites new applicants worthy of being in the Hall of Fame of Meteorologists, which was founded in 2007.

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Holiday guests born on February 2 are invited to celebrate Phil’s birthday. And those who want to marry or moderate their oath of marital fidelity can do so in the church where Phil’s wedding ceremony took place. The ceremony is held with the participation of the local mayor, and one or two members of the inner and rather reputable circle.

National Groundhog Day Facts

What is the date of Groundhog Day 2020? โ€“ You’ve already known the answer to this question. But we would like to give you some more information.

Early on the morning of February 2, thousands of people gathered at the Gobbler’s Knob Farm in Pansacon County, Pennsylvania. These are men and women, who were afraid of cold weather, and who adore dancing to the sounds of traditional song, sounding from radio dynamics everywhere in the city.

According to the usual tradition, the animal must leave its hole exactly at 7.30. Meanwhile, people are ready to stand in the cold for several hours and all for the sake of seeing Pankasatonic Phil. If the animal, for the sake of this awakened in the winter hibernation, will leave the hole and notice his shadow, then he will be waiting for them for as long as 6-7 winter weeks. If there is no shadow, his followers can wait for an early spring.

Phil makes its annual forecasts in his own language.

According to the well-known nowadays Pennsylvania Department, which is dealing exclusively with local tourism, it is considered the second most popular holiday in America. Celebrate this day in a small town in Punta Cana, about 100 kilometers northeast of Pittsburgh. The population of this town is only 6700 people, but during the celebrations, this number is increased three times. And if the holiday falls on the weekend, the number of residents of the town can reach 40,000 people.


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