Many people think that public holidays are always days-off with a fully saved salary. There’s a common mistake in such a thought. The national festivals are commonly accepted across the whole country. There’re several holidays in each country when people mostly don’t work but have a full salary. There’re several statutory and public Canadian holidays. But it must be mentioned that there’re some provincial stat dates that reflect the significant events of each part of the country. Are there Quebec statutory holidays in 2017?

Schedule of observances

There aren’t lots of national festivals in Canada. Many of them are observed worldwide; others represent religious matters. Canadians have dates that represent the most significant events of its territory. Canada and Victoria Days may be considered as such festivals. Christmas and Canada Days, Labour and New Year’s Days and Good Friday are Canada’s statutory holidays.

Quebec stat holidays 2017

They’re nationally celebrated occasions on which people have a fully-paid week-end. There’re some days that can’t be considered as fully accepted statutory events. Nevertheless, governmental workers have salary, though they’re free from working obligations. Private companies may lessen a week-end; people may have a partial working time.

The provincial statutory days’ existence is officially accepted by Canada. These dates can join other occasions in different territories, as Family Day, Civic Holiday. Provincial stat holidays of Quebec 2017 are Easter Monday, Victoria and Christmas Days, Féte Nationale, Good Friday, Labour and New Year’s Days, Thanksgiving and Canada Days.

Several occasions have strict dates; others are shifted annually, because they depend on week’s days. Employees don’t usually work on these days. It’s a tradition to have days-off. Some organizations can have a part-time functioning during the statutory festivals. Nevertheless, a strict need to give workers an obligatory pay exists.

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Some festivals are held in Quebec though people don’t have vacations then. They’re Halloween, St. Patrick’s or St. Valentine’s Days. They’re observed during the working days. People don’t get salary for these dates if vacations are obligatory. The dates aren’t accepted as Quebec stat holidays 2017.

Payment aspects in Quebec

The province’s authorities accept seven days that have a status of statutory ones. They’re observed across the province. Some occasions were set by the Parliament of Canada, others were appointed by the local authorities. Despite of the way of appointment, employers must follow the rules that are described in the governmental Labour Standards.

If a holiday falls on a week-end, it’s shifted on a near week-day. If a real date is on Saturday, people have a week-end on Friday. Mondays are free from working obligations when holidays fall on Sundays. Quebec employers can choose a holiday related to Easter as a day-off. In 2017 the dates are on April, 14th, which is Friday and 17th, which is Monday. Victoria Day is set on May, 22nd. People celebrate Féte Nationale on June, 24th in 2017. July, 1st, is Canada Day. It’s on Saturday in 2017, so according to standards the preceding Friday is a paid week-end. Labour Day is observed on September, 4th in 2017 which is Monday, so employees have a vacation of 3 days.

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There’re strict rules for every manager. He pays a worker even if he has a day-off on a statutory event. The payment is full. If there’s a need to have a working day, an employee receives a part of his four-week salary. While getting a job a future, worker should read his contract. The aspects should be mentioned. People can share through internet requesting “statutory holiday pay Quebec in 2017” to get full information.

Ways of celebrating

Quebec’s civic holidays are always vacations when people get a full salary. It should be mentioned in a contract, though employers can’t ignore local or governmental laws. They are to make a document taking labour standards into account.

Quebec stat holidays 2017 calendar

There’re several ways of observing the occasions. The Quebec’s citizens accept such ways of observing the holidays – cruises or trips to ski resorts. Canadians usually make continuous sea voyages or go to ski to cold winter resorts. Local people usually prefer to rent a house or a cottage to make a party with their friends. Communities make festive breakfasts and dinners according on the occasion. There are lots of fireworks on commemorating dates.

Victoria Day is a special occasion regarded as a beginning of a summer season. It ends when Labour Day comes. If there’s a possibility to have a getaway rest, it’s better to appeal to a travel agency and order a whole holiday package. It’s better to get information about such vacations beforehand, asking the internet community “2017 Quebec public holiday travel propositions”.

Canadians like to order different trip packages. The most popular destinations are to European countries and to South-American territory. If it’s a winter holiday, the most favourite destinations are the warm places. People like to spend their holidays swimming, diving, surfing in the ocean, sunbathing on resorts’ beaches.

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The dwellers of Quebec spend their fully-paid vacations in foreign countries, such as Spain, Japan, Italy and the United Kingdom. There’s no difficulty for a Canadian to spend a certain amount of money in a long journey.

Foreigners can attend interesting occasions while statutory holidays are held. They can taste delicious national cuisine, visit museums and exhibitions and watch fireworks. If you want to visit a civic holiday n Quebec in 2017, make a trip planning beforehand.


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