Orange Day can not be fully classified as a national holiday throughout the UK. However, this memorable date is widely celebrated in Northern Ireland and attracts many viewers for its colorful traditions. When is Orangemen’s Day in 2019 and everything about this bright holiday is in this article. We will use mnemonic method with visual images, and therefore you will not forget this article after a week, a month later, and even after years.

The history

This day sings about the victory of the King, who was protestant. If Catholic King won in 1690 we could have a totally different holiday. But King William of Orange won the main Battle. This had at the time of crucial importance for the future of England’s rise to the Catholic authorities threatened to undo all the achievements of the English society, led to the destabilization of the situation in the country, and could result in the subordination of the UK national interests due to French policy, since the French kings for a long time supported the monarchical claims of the Catholic princes of the Scottish Stewart dynasty.

Orangemen's Day

The localization

This Orange Order is a fraternity, in which are recorded the highest number of people. This date is considered the culmination of special marches, which begin at Easter and continues until September.

Tension in some areas of Northern Ireland is still present, but the parade is strictly controlled, and Belfast City Centre events usually take place peacefully, with a lot of flags that greeted the pipers. They come to the festival from all over the area, as well as other parts of Scotland, Ireland, and even in the America and its big northern neighbor Canada.

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The celebration

The UK has always actively and in a big way accomodates its people. Therefore Orange Day usually also collects a sufficiently large number of participants of public holidays.

Northern Ireland is the Motherland for its traditional celebrations. The main events are considered to be so-called “Orange marches.” In fact, public marches of special holiday dress uniform begin a week before the landmark date, so you should know when is Orangemen’s Day 2019. So you will watch the people wear an orange collar and white gloves on the modern streets, and many tourists dream about this. It is hard to say what day is Orangemen’s Day in 2019 in Northern Ireland, because the celebrations started in July continue regularly on weekends to August 12.

  • All members of the Order must be Protestants (not Catholics, not Mormons, not Quakers).
  • Many jurisdictions also require that the Protestants members are the wife or children of candidates, although the Grand Lodge can make an exception.
  • In Northern Ireland, the Orange Order has a pyramid structure. Its basis was in 1400 and started in the lower boxes of the pyramid. Each Orangeman belongs to any of them. Participation in Catholic religious ceremonies is an exception to the Order; in the period of 1964-2002 gg. 11% of the members were expelled for participating in Catholic baptisms, funerals and services.

However, it should be noted that the majority of people of Northern Ireland are Catholics, who perceive this holiday like a defeat. Some sees in these festive processions just colorful and quite harmless tribute to the cultural and historical traditions, while others believed the passage of Protestant march through the streets of the Irish Catholic cities is a humiliation of religious and national feelings of the Irish. These processions were even officially banned for some time. However, the tradition is still alive.


The word “Belfast” in the past decade has become firmly associated with the word “riots”. In Soviet times in the USSR the phrase “Belfast rioting are once again disrupting the administrative center of Northern Ireland” was perhaps the duty, which also means Ulster. The focus was on the fact of the reactivity of the English police who brutally cracked down with supporters of Republican rule and methods of oppressing the Catholic population of the province. Now news releases again begin using the aforementioned phrase.

You can hear in the news that the annual Orange march in Belfast led to unrest that does not stop for three days. In 2005: “Orange” Protestants commit pogroms in the capital of Northern Ireland. For example, in 2013, dozens of police officers were injured and burned because of stones and Molotov cocktails, which activists used. Riots accompany the Orangemen march, which takes place in Belfast on July 12 every year, but this year, clashes with police lasted particularly long.

This March invariably caused an aggressive reaction of the Catholic community of Belfast, and then a riot often got started. Police officers shall ensure that, in order to prevent the conflict between Catholics and Protestants in Belfast, dividing the city into two parts and giving the protesters to move to controlled opponents districts. The police action led to the result that both Catholic and Protestant people were attacking the police.

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Orangemen's Day

  • Many organizations, financial institutions work a shortened time or shut down altogether in this holiday.
  • You will have no problems with transport generally. Incidents more often occur at night so just walk in the morning, afternoon and early evening.

What is the date of Orangemen’s Day 2019 in Canada? It will be July 11-12. There are the biggest parades in particularly Toronto, Newfundland and Labrador and other parts of Ontario. In the early periods, military parades accompanied the celebration. But in recent years, this event is becoming more peaceful and tolerant. After the marches comes a time for picnics, communal meals or dancing. Some bright events are held in the winter.

A feast for all the people

The colour orange gives you the ability to do something and is considered one of the best colors in psychotherapy. From the point of view of psychology the orange color is a symbol of:

  1. force;
  2. inexhaustible energy;
  3. love of freedom;
  4. excitement;
  5. tolerance (extinguishes aggression of red).

Orange is the color of warmth, happiness, intensity, but at the same time – the soft sheen of the setting sun. It is always pleasing to the eye and promotes good mood. If you like the color orange, then you certainly are of a different vitality, sensuality, as well as openness and sociability.

When is Orangemen’s Day in 2019? Calendar 12 July in your notebook or diary, do not miss and you will get a boost of energy from this holiday.


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