Polish pierogi is indisputably the most recognizable national dish. As a rule, it is represented by small items, which remind pies and are made from a fresh or sweetish dough and necessarily with a filling, as well as many other products of this type: for example, Japanese gedza or Italian ravioli. There are no people, who have never tried these delicious snacks, travelling in that part of the world. However, can you explain โ€œWhen is National Pierogi Day in 2022?โ€ immediately or, perhaps, you need some minutes for thinking about?

Unfortunately, people donโ€™t remember about this notable event or even havenโ€™t heard about it. That’s the obvious reason, why we’ve made a decision to tell you about this unusual event in details.


Certainly, it’s nowadays impossible to give the proper reply to โ€œWhen is International Pierogi Day 2022?โ€ not trying to discuss this interesting holiday historical background.

National Pierogi Day

Pierogi appeared for the first time on the Polish lands in the XIII century. Most likely, they were brought from Asia through Kievan Rus, probably thanks to the monk of the Kiev monastery. Many years ago this dish was more famous inside the eastern borders of the so-called Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth. Historians admit, the very first written copies of its recipes were given in Compendium Ferculorum, published in about 1682. Nowadays that book is considered to be the oldest Polish cookbook on the planet. However, would you love to get what kind of stuffing the ancient pierogis have? – Yes? – We’re going to explain you then. You’llย  be really surprised to find out that initially there were no potatoes as a filling. Why? – The matter’s in Poland of XVII century there was no these vegetables at all. Instead, people preferred to have them with finely chopped kidneys, veal fat, numerous greens and even nutmeg.

Unfortunately, we havenโ€™t managed to find out any information about the establishers of this notable date, as well as why it’s celebrated exactly on October 8.

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What does National Pierogi Day mean? โ€“ Frankly speaking, it’s up to you to make a decision, whether to remember about October 8 or to forget about it completely.

For many contemporary Poles this dish reminds the childhood and the home, because everyone knows that children love farinaceous food! That’s the explanation, why most of them and the American descendants of this nation can explain, what day World Pierogi Day in 2022 is with no difficulties.

However, we’d mention that modern people of this country appreciate this dish not only because of nostalgia. These small dough items with filling are considered to be not only tasty, but also healthy and substantial food. Element of surprise and fun is also present: try to guess, whether the filling will be unforgettable or completely inedible. As a rule, the experiments with them can be infinite. Pierogi may be eaten, when they are warm or cold, fried or boiled. And the baking recipes are also available.

By the way, they are really delicious even on the second day. Just fry them in the frying pan adding a little oil. They are also easy to be frozen and store up for future use.


Apparently, the main hit of modern times is represented by various potatoes as well as different kinds of cottage cheese fillings. The last ones are sometimes called โ€œpierogi ruskieโ€, which can be translated like “Russian pierogi”. By the way, it is interesting to mention, that in fact this dish has nothing similar with Russia or the Russians. Its homeland is that territory of the pre-war Poland that is called Ukraine nowadays. It is a real surprise, but until 1945, Ukrainians called pierogi “Polish”, while the Poles themselves used the definition “Ruskie” for them. The linguists are sure that the word “ruski” was used to identify the East Slavic or Ukrainians, who were the original population of Galicia. Their new nickname was given to pierogi after the Second World War, when a great amount of Poles was purposely ordered to move from their houses or apartments arranged in Western part of the modern Ukraine behind and to move to the lands, belonging toย  the contemporary Poland.

Quite popular are dishes with various kinds of meat stuffing: with pork or beef, with chicken or veal. Among the exceptional delights are items, prepared with mutton, duck or, for example, goose. As a rule, the meat is first boiled, then chopped. The filling depends largely on the region and season, where they are going to be prepared. Nowadays in some regions of Poland, this dish with buckwheat and other cereals or legumes, such as lentils, are eaten with a great pleasure.

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Here and there snacks with sausages and farmer’s cheeses are made, for example, with sheep’s cheese. In other places dumplings contain fish, herring in particular. In the autumn and spring, many local people as well as numerous guests in Poland eat the dumplings with sour cream and dried forest mushrooms. In addition, this is one special dish, cooked especially for the Christmas table. By tradition, dumplings are sprinkled with onion, cracklings, poured with melted ordinary butter or served with sour cream. These amazing ingredients can be changed by more complex sauces or fresh herbs: parsley, green onions, fresh dill, flavored mint, fragrant thyme, popular rosemary, tarthun and basil. In warm seasons you can prepare pierogi with vegetable filling. We can’t but mention that some Polish gourmets adore various experiments with green vegetables. The most typical in this case are the items with spinach, asparagus, green peas or beans, sorrel or broccoli in combination with quality home-made cottage cheese.

National Pierogi Day


Certainly, when is Pierogi Day in 2022, calendar will definitely remind you. That’s why there’re no reasons for any worries. However, do you know how to spend this unusual memorable dateย  properly? – By preparing and eating this dish, certainly!

We canโ€™t but mention that most often Polish pierogi are cooked in salted water, but sometimes they also may be baked or even fried. There are a lot of recipes for dough and fillings. You see, during the years of communism, the Poles had to be satisfied with the most common, “peasant” versions with the simplest additives. Perhaps that is why today many restaurants and families so love to experiment with stuffing and sauces, trying to turn a simple dish into an exquisite delicacy.

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Pierogi Day Facts

As a rule, trying to get the reply to โ€œWhat is the date of National Pierogi Day 2022?โ€ modern guys and ladies want to receiveย  some news about theย  special occasion, mentioned above.

We’d like to remind that the Poles also love sweet dumplings. In summer, many local people as well as numerous guests of the region eat them as the main dish. For some foreigners it seems really strange to see the habit of serving something sweet as a main course, however, the children are eating dumplings with curd cheese for both cheeks. In the summer time pierogi with apricots, blueberries, apples and cherries are appreciated. For Christmas, Poles usually eat these snacks with poppy seeds. Sweet dumplings can be also sprinkled with powdered sugar or poured with melted butter. This ordinary dish can be turned into an elegant dessert. For example, serve it with orange sauce, lemon cream, crรจme anglaise, chocolate, raspberry or strawberry coolie.


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