When is National Submarine Day in 2020? Well, in fact, asking you now, we are almost sure that you won’t be able to answer this question properly. Why? – The matter is that in practice only a few people have ever heard about such holiday existence and the rest ones get a real surprise to find out about this date in the contemporary calendar. This is an explanation why we are going to discover this direction in details today.


Discovering the matter what day Submarine Day in 2020 is, we came to the conclusion that our followers need some additional facts and pieces of information. As a rule, everything concerning the historical background is of high demand among our readers.

This time we are going to introduce you something amazing but unfortunately, we have to do it only partially. What are we talking about? – You see, we don’t know for sure who the establishers of this holiday were; however, we managed to discover, why these people chose April 11th for celebration.

The Navy of the United States of America is relatively young. The very first sample of submarines was purchased by American government on April 11th, 1900 and it was not new, it was commissioned. This is a simple explanation, why the holiday devoted to this device has to be celebrated this day annually.

Atlantis Submarine

In general, in accordance with some historians’ points of view, the first submarine was constructed and then tested on the river of Thames a long time ago. It happened in 1620 and the person, who managed to succeed in this sphere, was the Dutch mechanic and physicist called Cornelius Van Drebelbel. Initially his small wooden boat was covered with oiled leather. As a result, it could be moved easily with the help of oars. It is difficult to imagine, but everything was done underwater. Certainly, the first distances were rather short. The crew included 12 oarsmen and 3 officers.

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What does Submarine Day mean? All in all, are you really sure that we can give you the proper answer to this question? We think it is only up to you to find out whether this special occasion is interesting for you or not.

Among the representatives of contemporary society there are plenty men or women, who are not interested in this sphere at all. So it is not a great surprise that all these people are not going to celebrate the event like this.

The historians are sure that the first official mention of the device, allowed the people to descent underwater can be found somewhere in the works of the ancient Greek historian Herodotus. Nowadays, in one of his numerous books, dated 450 BC, he described the underwater bell, being in which, a man dressed in a unique suit, could walk easily on the seabed.

One of the most common misconceptions regarding submarines relates to their maximum depth of immersion. It is believed that they can swim at very great depths, reaching many kilometers. But in reality this is not at all the case.

Of course, over time the submarines sank deeper, increasing the cruising range and payload. But by the beginning of the First World War, the submarines sank only to a depth of ten meters, and this was quite enough to secretly move in the water column.

Modern submarines are far from their predecessors. But the majority of small and medium submarines cannot dive more than a few tens of meters. And only nuclear submarines – these giants, capable of being under water for many months – sink to depths of several hundred meters. The greatest depth for nuclear submarines barely exceeds 600 meters, and it is reached literally at the limit of possibilities.

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Investigating the question “When is International Submarine Day 2020?” we found this matter so important that it is impossible to deal without any additional clarifications and explanations. In general, modern submarines are considered to be the most invulnerable and destructive naval weapons in the entire history of the sea. Underwater vessels can secretly act in the thickness of the sea or oceans for months. In addition, we can’t but mention that their weapons are able to inflict insane damage.

The desire to create a submarine was so great that by 1727 several different inventors had patented at least 14 projects. And this is only in England.

For the first time this kind of vessels was used as a kind of military weapons. It happened during the American Revolution. Later, that object was nicknamed “Turtle”. It was invented on definite purpose. And it received this name due to its ultra-small dimensions and was able to involve only one person. It made an attempt to sink a British military ship in New York, attaching a powder charge to its bottom. But this attempt failed unfortunately, as the charge did not work. The captain didn’t want to risk being blown up, so the ship hurried to go to the open sea.

However, contemporary combat submarines do not need to reach great depths, as the water hides the presence of any objects very well, and their search turns into a rather difficult task. So all submarines move relatively shallowly, and only small-sized research vehicles of special designs fall to a great depth.


When is Submarine Day in 2020, calendar will surely remind you. As a rule, there are no any problems with this matter. However, it seems like really impossible to celebrate this special occasion on the state level. Of course, if you are lucky to live near the sea or on the coast of the ocean and have a great port nearby, you can go there. As a rule, local administration organizes something special.

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Nowadays, all countries, that have access to the sea, have a submarine fleet. Why? – The matter is that without this segment, it is impossible to ensure the security of the state. But submarines also serve peaceful purposes – for research and entertainment. Everyone knows about them, but there are several myths about these devices that have nothing to do with reality. We propose you to devote April 11th to the discoveries.

Up to the present moment there are a lot of internet resources, documentaries, magazines and books, devoted to this objects. You are always free to choose something special to your taste.

You can also visit a local museum or specialized exhibition.

National Submarine Day Facts

Discussing the question “What is the date of Submarine Day in 2020?” we would like to represent our readers a lot of amazing pieces of information about these interesting objects. Here is our list:

  • Modern vessels are usually relatively large with a significant amount of crew members. It is difficult to believe, but the contemporary nuclear submarine can involve a crew, consisting of more than 100 persons.
  • These objects are taken by the military as important and inseparable part of the naval forces. They are able to protect aircraft carriers and to perform other important tasks.
  • The corresponding authorities also use them in other areas, such as, for example, in marine and underwater exploration as well as rescue missions.
  • In fact, it is difficult to understand but some of them may remain invisible for several months.
  • These vessels usually have a raised turret with radar equipment, a contemporary periscope and developed other systems.
  • They use special ballast tanks for storing water. It allows the objects to flood when need it.


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