When is National Portfolio Day in 2020? Frankly speaking, we are almost sure now that you aren’t able to explain this matter properly. Among the representatives of modern society only a few people can do it without serious thinking or looking through the internet. However, the concept of “portfolio” has been firmly entrenched in the vocabulary of many specialists, despite the fact that not everyone understands its true meaning and value to the very end. What does it look like, what should it look like, and what professions are suitable for it? Letโ€™s investigate all these matters in details.


Certainly, discussing such subject as โ€œWhen is International Portfolio Day 2020?โ€ we should tell our curious and amazed readers as much as possible about the historical past as well as a background of the event. Oh, we know this in fact, but, unfortunately, we have managed only a few pieces of information, devoted to this direction.

As it was mentioned in the official sources the first portfolio was represented in 1912. It was a long time ago, wasnโ€™t it? This happened during the large professional exhibition, which took place in Chicago.

It’s a pity to admit, but we aren’t able to tell you about the establishers of this special occasion. The reasons to hold this day on January 13th every year are unavailable. These facts are known.

Portfolio Day


What does National Portfolio Day mean? Oh, to tell you the truth we donโ€™t know what to tell you in reply. In our opinion, all questions devoted to celebrations are considered to be rather emotionally personal and particularly individual.

As you, perhaps, feel in this world nobody should dedicate you what special occasion to celebrate and which one may be quite forgotten.

All in all you can tell the potential clients about your achievements, but sometimes the employers prefers to see once than hear a hundred times, and together with the resume asks to provide a portfolio.

This set of facts is a collection of the best articles, pictures, photographs and other projects of a specialist who demonstrates his skills in one area or another. Perhaps, this is the easiest method to meet the surrounding world with skills and abilities.

And, please, try not to forget to determine the form of implementation. In general, here there are two options: printed or electronic. The first is used directly in the interview, the second (site, slide presentation, PDF file) is sent along with the resume.

The ideal variant is an electronic portfolio. It is always with you on a USB-drive, it can be viewed on the Internet and at any time sent to the employer.


Trying to give the proper and at the same time wide reply to โ€œWhat is the date of National Portfolio Day 2020?โ€, we’d like to give our reader the definition of this important and rather requested in the contemporary world matter.

Well, portfolio is a set of works, projects and achievements, obtained in the particular field. It is worth noting that this is something like a collection of the best works that will demonstrate the professionalism and skills of a person.

Who needs it? โ€“ Oh, a great amount of contemporary people, actually. – Photographers, designers, artists, architects, stylists and fashion designers are the main professions that need a portfolio. Specialists of these professions are important not only to show their best work, but also to provide samples of works or sketches.

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In fact the most common and convenient way to provide a portfolio is the Internet. Small websites are usually created. They contain information about a person and examples of his/her work or even small masterpieces.

Thanks to this, the employer can evaluate the specialist remotely and decide to invite him/her to an interview or any definite projects in the case, when the meeting is impossible, because of any reasons, for example, the remote distance between these people.

As a rule, in some situations the specialists recommend to have a paper version of the portfolio, as well. Why? โ€“ You see, it may be given to the interviewer as well as it will allow the probable boss to show your works to colleagues or management in a convenient form and in any place.


When is Portfolio Day in 2020, calendar will surely and as usually remind you. This isn’t a serious problem in fact. However, only some people know how to spend January 13th in a proper way.

If you are looking for a set of recommendations, we want to upset you now, as this special occasion doesnโ€™t have any certain traditions to be celebrated. But, of course, it isnโ€™t a problem for people with high imagination level, as they are always ready to invent something special for themselves as well as for their surroundings.

We are professionally sure that the best ideaย  is its devotion to the creation this amazing set of personal details and working skills. Even if you’ve already had one why not to find time for its correction or improvement? โ€“ Do you remember when you did it last time?

people with Portfolio

In each case, the approach to creating such a “collection of works” will be different.

For example:

  • a portfolio of a photographer, model, artist, designer or architect is mostly filled with images and photographs;
  • musicians will be glad to introduce sound files and records;
  • teachers – lessons, programs, methodical activity;
  • copywriters and journalists – texts.
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Try to devote this day to reading some specialized literature, watching videos and discussing these matters with other people. It will be even better to ask for professional help, recommendations and pieces of advice.

International Portfolio Day Facts

The matter concerning the information, what day World Portfolio Day in 2020 is, believes to be so important that we’d like to introduce to our readers some really amazing pieces of information.

In addition to the mentioned above occupations, the representatives of which have to have a portfolio, there are others who do not obligatory must have this set of facts, but for them it is recommended to compile one, as it can increase the chances of finding a job and moving up the career ladder.

Such professions include programmers, copywriters, journalists, marketers, lawyers and even teachers.

  • In their portfolio programmers can include written programs and applications, websites, code examples that solve complex problems.
  • Copywriters and journalists usually have the best articles and publications.
  • Lawyers include examples of complex issues and cases with which they have successfully coped.
  • Teachers can provide information on improving the performance of students at previous places of work, the results of scientific work or developed training methodologies.

In general a portfolio can be made for almost any profession. In fact, the simplest form of it is represented by a resume, which is provided with a list of achievements of the candidate at previous places of work in the section “additional information” or in its main part.

In addition to a brief summary, an extended document with important achievements and examples of successful activities can be compiled. In conditions of high competition in the labor market, such a document will certainly play into your hands, and will allow the employer to appreciate your candidacy with dignity.


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