Ah the childhood… How many times did we want to return the time and to pass just one day in this life period? Being a child is to be innocent and always happy, is to spend all the day playing, riding a bike, climbing trees, eating an ice-cream, and having fun. We desire to grow up but when we are getting elder and elder everyone tends to come back to the past and live one day like children do. The joyful childhood determines all future existence, our goals, dreams, plans, feelings.

Kids adore watching TV. Cartoons, films, programs occupy most of their free time. Unfortunately, the modern TV content is not very informative and educational. We sometimes need some useful information for our boys and girls. Nevertheless, there are a lot of wonderful shows for children. One of them is Sesame Street. This US famous puppet performance is preferred by adults and kids. Its popularity is so big until nowadays that we must know when is National Sesame Street Day in 2022, the time of fun, joy, and happiness. Let us discover, why do Americans celebrate this unofficial day off.

Sesame street


Do you remember the funny furry creatures which are talking and acting in the very amusing way? They are the characters of Sesame Street, one of the most popular American shows for children. It was created in 1966 by the producer John Ganz Cooney and Lloyd Morrisett, the vice president of Carnegie Association. Actually, the new TV program appeared on the screen after a big quarrel between these men. They both wanted to release a kind of entertaining performance for educational purposes. After two years of studies, children, especially pre-school ones, had the possibility to enjoy the initial series of Sesame Street. It happened November 10, 1966, and this date has the honor to be the time when is International Sesame Street Day in 2022.

By 2009, the unusual dolls captured the attention of kids from more than 120 countries in the world. Nowadays, the show is on HBO facing some problems like the developing of cable television, the competition with other promoted TV shows for children. We sometimes forget about this powerful source of learning and discovering new things for kids. The holiday reminds us about its wonderful opportunities.

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The meaning

What does National Sesame Street Day mean for Americans? The funny and childish performance took an important part in American life in the last decades of XX century. It greatly influenced every part of the society. It is important to mention that the entertainment program included more than five topics that were cultural, geographical and communicative. Besides, the TV program aimed to provide some chance of learning for poor children who did not have the possibility to study.

The Muppet concert has one main goal to achieve and it is to underline the importance of studies and knowledge for everyone. Through simple dialogues kids obtain general and cultural information, they enrich their view of the world around, get prepared for school, are ready for further learning in schools. In a conclusion, the meaning of the program is enormous. If you want your son or daughter to spend their free time with good, you should probably note in your calendar when is Sesame Street Day in 2022, the holiday of simplicity but with the profound internal meaning.


Did someone pay attention to the behavior of kids in the toy theater? Why do children adore the puppet shows? Their interest to silly and smiley characters is not eventual. Here are some characteristics of marionettes’ performance and their influence on a growing organism:

  • It satisfies a big educational need.
  • It helps developing pupils’ self-esteem and the self-identification. The performance tends to create the values, the traits of a character, the essential convictions in child’s future life. It is very important to show them the examples of a good friendship, a love to their mother land, of honesty and kindness.
  • It makes us familiar with pain and happiness, joy and tears. We have to explain the youngest citizens all the realities of our existence, to make them ready to the cruel world.
  • The Muppet show revives spirits and relieves distress.
  • What is more, the talking dolls have a big effect on kids. They are used to playing with silent toys in ordinary routine. When they see them move, act, sing, and dance, the spectators start to believe everything is possible in the world. It is very amusing for the little audience.
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What a day Sesame Street Day is in 2022, what emotions and feelings can it bring to all Earth! Every family may establish its own traditions of this anniversary celebration. What is primal? Sure, to gather the family and to watch one or more series of the famous puppets. You may also visit one of the puppet performances in your town or city. Spend this day with good for you and for your children. If you are interested in marionettes, you may buy or make them by yourself. Thus it will give a chance for children to play with, to develop their communicative skills. It is even useful for adults because it will provide the vivid interaction between two generations, it will help to find mutual comprehension and to break walls in relationships.

Gary E. Knell, Joan Ganz Cooney, Sesame Street

National Sesame Street Day facts

There are a lot of TV shows for kids nowadays. Sesame Street was popular some time ago and until now it did not lose its originality.

Here are some interesting facts about the kids’ TV play:

  • The show used educational goals for the first time in history. The creators also used a curriculum to make a short report of each episode.
  • In 1996 the TV animation was watched by 95% children under 5 years.
  • Its animators, directors, and writers wanted to combine two spheres of child’ life that are the television and the education. Now we can say, they achieved their goal successfully.
  • From 1980, the show has changed the format. It began to invite celebrities and famous people to the performance which brought more popularity to it.
  • There were many quarrels on the funding of the show. Lots of private companies, foundations from one side and the federal power from the other one wanted to buy the rights and become owners of the show. In the present time, it is granted by the State powers.
  • The Harvard’s professor Gerard S. Lesser elaborated the plot and continued the researches of the innovative and recent information. According to the words of Cooney, the main director of the program, Sesame Street would not exist without perpetual improvements.
  • The Muppets became the most popular characters between pupils in primary school. In 2009, more than 75% of young children were following the scenes every day.

In a conclusion, we live in a very unfair society. From the early age, our daughters and sons are growing up in the cruel ambiance. The kids prefer terrible computer games where they kill the monsters, zombies or even each other. That is why the teenagers are getting angrier, they cannot feel all the beauty of their child age. If their parents knew what is the date of Sesame Street Day in 2022, they would try to change the situation. They would like to spend their leisure time admiring comic but didactic episodes of Sesame Street. This holiday wants to remind us that we are responsible for our descendants, of their future good and healthy living. Today, we are invited to take the plunge into the sea of wonderful emotions, good mood, and humor. Take this advantage! Enjoy the festival of marionettes in your house!


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