Imagine a bottle of rum. What associations come into your mind? It must be a one-eyed pirate with a parrot and a chest full of ducats. This beverage is always a kind of alcohol. It is associated with a brutal man who likes to spend hours in a loud bar with this drink and a pack of playing cards. Nevertheless, lots of women adore this kind for its strength and splendor. The beverage gained its own holiday when everyone can have a glass of it. When is National Rum Day in 2022? How can people spend it?


The tradition of celebrating the day doesnโ€™t have a certain history. It wasnโ€™t proposed by the concrete person or company. There isnโ€™t any information as to the development of the occasion and years of celebration. Nevertheless, the history of the liquor is slightly known.

People have been making this average for several centuries. The beverage has got long history. The first years of this drink arenโ€™t known exactly. The first production might happen many thousand years ago when the Malay tribes used to make brum. One of theories insists that the ancestor of rum was a beverage similar to wine which was made in Iran. In the 17th century the people of the Caribbean used to produce the beverage with a help of distillation. Slaves who worked on the plantations discovered the process of fermentation when the byproduct became a spirit. It was to be distilled till rum appeared.


The Caribbean isnโ€™t the official place of origin of the beverage. It is exactly known that this liquor was produced in Barbados. Other versions of the origin suggest that it was created in Sweden and Brazil in the 17th century. The Sweden variant was found on Vasa, a ship which sank in the 20s of the 17th century. People, who found it, also found a bottle of a beverage similar to rum. Similar product was produced in China when people fermented sugarcane juice.

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Later the beverage spread to the North America. It became a product of the whole industry. Sometimes it was used as a currency. It was used in slave trading for payment. It is said that people of America including children and women drank that alcohol in a huge amount.

In the 18th century this alcohol was used to attract the outcome. Candidates showed their generosity in such a way. In the 19th century a candidate was considered to be a truly republican if he drank with ordinary people. He was said to be outgoing. Later whiskey got a great popularity, thatโ€™s why this kind of alcohol lost many of its fans.

For many centuries the Royal Navy used to give rum to sailors daily. That tradition was abolished in 1970.ย  Nevertheless, this beverage is granted during great occasions. It is granted only by the royal family members. The Canadian Navy preserved the tradition of giving a daily portion of this alcohol drink.

โ€œWhat day World Rum Day in 2022?โ€ itโ€™s celebrated on August, 16th.


What does National Rum Day mean for people and companies which produce the liquor? The occasion isnโ€™t a very famous event throughout the world. Itโ€™s not an official holiday in any country. Nevertheless, it can be considered a national holiday due to its popularity among many nations.

The event is celebrated in many countries according to the tradition of celebrating such events. Many pubs use the occasion to promote themselves. They propose a great variety of propositions. People can taste the best examples of the alcohol, though itโ€™s not a cheap entertainment.

Producers try to expand their productive lines to give the public a possibility to celebrate the occasion and to try new lines of the beverage. The occasion is a kind of promotion for companies which produce alcohol. They certainly know that they will get great benefits from sales.

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If you arenโ€™t an alcohol fan, you can get some information about its history. There are many museums which are devoted to the production of rum. They are mostly former companies which were very popular in a concrete area. Due to such exhibitions you can get a possibility to spend good time tasting original beverage and walking former plantations. The best way to get information about the history of the beverage is to visit such places. When is International Rum Day 2022? The occasion takes place on the 16th of August.


The definition of the event is very clear to be explained. It is an obvious event when everybody chooses the way of celebration according to its own likes and dislikes. The beverage is very popular across the world, so everyone who is proposed to observe the date exactly knows what he or she should do.

The term appeared in the middle of the 17th century when people started noting the process of production. The word is a shortened version of the term โ€œrumbullionโ€. Nowadays the term is described in many vocabularies. It is used in the sense of an alcohol drink. It is produced by distillation from the cane products which are previously fermented. For a production molasses is usually used. The second meaning concerns the alcoholic liquor.

The beverage is very popular so it is certainly understood by the majority of people. Besides, the term is used in many adventure stories. It is a symbol of pirates. Novelists described them drinking many galloons. It is very strong liquor. What is the date of National Rum Day 2022? The event is observed on the 16th of August.

Rum Cocktails


There are many ways to observe occasions which are devoted to beverages. The main problem is to choose a place of the observance and snacks. Groups of friends usually have exact variations of celebrating the date. It is a usual tradition to go out for the observance.

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Rum is considered to be a male holiday. Thatโ€™s why the main participators of such meetings are men. They adore going out to pubs and meeting their friends. The topics for discussion are various but the main beverage is rum if they meet on the 16th of August.

Girls arenโ€™t great rum lovers. Nevertheless, they can make any cocktail using this liquor. Thereโ€™re lots variants of such mix. The best way is to go out and have a glass of cocktail in any bar. Culinary sites give much information due to which the process of making cocktails simplifies greatly. You can make a cocktail party with a certain championship for the best alcoholic cocktail.

You can visit common public parties where everybody can have a drink. There are lots of posts in Twitter which represent the way people observe the occasion. You can also share some photos from your party. Get information about parties and other events devoted to this beverage in the net. When is Rum Day in 2022, calendar of events? The event takes place on August, 16th.

International Rum Day Facts

  • This liquor is thought to be the oldest spirit in the history of alcohol production.
  • It was very valuable. It was used as currency in slave trading.
  • Your hair can be great due to the regular use of this kind of alcohol. Though try to make masks, but not drink too much alcohol.
  • The strongest beverage is made in Jamaica. It contains almost 65% alcohol.
  • Washington was the fan of this liquor.
  • Thereโ€™re many synonyms to this kind of alcohol. You may buy Pirates Drink, Grog, Barbados Water, Navy Neaters and Demon Water on the day.


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