The holidays which are devoted to peopleโ€™s rights and possibilities arenโ€™t rare. They are usually used by many people to express their attitude and thoughts about the life of the society and other valuable themes. The list of these occasions includes several dates of the years which are devoted to the freedom of concrete layers of the society. Females have always tried to prove their genderequality with males. The most weird and provocative occasion is held several times a year. When is National Topless Day in 2022? What is the most observed date?


The holiday isnโ€™t accepted by the governmental laws in many countries. Many parades are prohibited to be held because of strict governmental and religious rules of many countries. Inner moral convictions also donโ€™t let many people to follow the observance in a habitual way. There are few countries and regions in the world which let their citizens and dwellers topless parades.

Every occasion and event has got a certain history. According to the official sources this holiday was initiated in 2007. The idea was possible to provide in the US territories. Go Topless was the organization that initiated the observance. The first event took place in Nevada.

Topless girl

The organizers decided to encourage female groups to go out topless. Men were proposed to put on bikinis and brassieres which had to cover their chests. The event was made to show and prove the gender equality.

The date was proposed to be set on the week-end in August. The date was to be close to the Women’s Equality Day. The holiday was initiated in 1920 on the 26th of August. It was initiated by the organization of suffragists. Originally it didnโ€™t carry the modern title. It was given to the date in 1971. Women’s Equality Day was traditionally observed on the 26th of August.

The Go Topless organization was initiated by C.Vorilhon who used to be a French journalist. He moved to Nevada and took the name Rael. He organized a special movement named in his honour. Despite the beginning of the holiday took place in the USA. It has later become the worldwide event which was held in the territories that can support such provocative idea.

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The first event was held in 2008 on the 23rd of August. Several parades took place on that time in the US territories. โ€œWhat day World Topless Day in 2022?โ€ The holiday coincides withWomen’s Equality Day. According to the schedule it will be held on the 26th of August.


What does National Topless Day mean for females? The date is a real protest against harassment which is usually directed against women and girls. They often feel iniquity when they try to get a job. They also face many troubles while doing their job. Thereโ€™s a statistic index that man have more money for the same duties. They also have better conditions of work. It is said that the employers prefer to sign a contract with a male more often than with a female. Men are granted more often.

In many countries women event canโ€™t get a driverโ€™s license. They canโ€™t visit the same public places. The problem is especially obvious in the eastern countries where women donโ€™t have equal rights with men. Moreover, they canโ€™t show their despair and protest. Females who have enough courage are usually punished in a cruel way. Thatโ€™s why the participants of Go Topless organization try to attract the societyโ€™s attention to these problems.

The day falls on theWomen’s Equality Day. This fact is very symbolic. The holiday has gained certain popularity among groups of people. The value of the day is increased by the participation of men. They try to support female groups in their demands. This participation also shows male concern and care. Governments usually pay attention to the problems when the demands are made by men, not only by naked women. When is International Topless Day 2022? The occasion is to be held on the 26th of August.

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The meaning of the day is too obvious for the majority of people. They always have a clear picture of the way of the dayโ€™s celebration. Thereโ€™s no need to explain what women usually do during the event. Nevertheless, many people donโ€™t have any idea what is the aim of the occasion. Itโ€™s not just a show with topless women. Itโ€™s not devoted to different sexual preferences. The main idea of the day is to convince the public to pay the attention to main social problems. The problems are faced against the government.

The term is widely used in the world. The word has got an international meaning. Every language has got the word in its original form. Thatโ€™s why nobody translates the word on its native language.

The term has its definition in many dictionaries. The main meaning can be also expressed as โ€œHalf-nakedโ€. The adjective shows a female who doesnโ€™t have any clothes on her breasts. A parade is a show or a march when women donโ€™t cover their breasts by the clothes or use the body-art to hide their half-naked body in a partial way.

The word appeared as a unity of two words โ€œtopโ€ and โ€œlessโ€. The second word expresses the absence of the first part. The first usage of the word took place in the 16th century.

People can visit these places without tops. Itโ€™s not restricted to be topless on the concrete holiday. Nevertheless, being topless is not prohibited at home, but not in the public. What is the date of National Topless Day 2022? The date is set on the 26th of August.

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topless parade


The main way to follow the observance is to take part in a march or a demonstration that proposes women to accept the common idea and to convince people by attracting their attention not only by naked breasts but also by posters and proclamations.

The parades are traditionally organized in many countries. Local authorities usually have some problems with their female organizations. The holiday is a way to express female thoughts and demands. The local governments should follow them; otherwise, this event will get the continuation.

The date isnโ€™t set for women who want to show their bodies. It is a special time when every girl and woman can make her own proposition and show her desire to the world of males. The occasion is always paid attention to by mass media groups. They reveal the injustice of the local government and local laws.

If you are a brave woman, you can participate in the event. Women who want to take part in the observance always sign in the internet or by the organizers. The best way to get information about the observance is to find it in the internet. โ€œWhen is Topless Day in 2022, calendar of demonstrations?โ€ the event is set on the 26th of August.

International Topless Day Facts

People should follow the next rules:

  • They are to sign in to participate in the parade.
  • They arenโ€™t to make illegal actions. The organizers arenโ€™t responsible for such doings.
  • It is obligatory to avoid being topless in the territories where it is strictly forbidden by the local law.
  • The organizers usually make a decision as to the territories and cities where parades should be held.
  • The true spirit is to be expressed. The parade isnโ€™t to be vulgar or banal. Itโ€™s better to get information about the main slogan of the local parade.


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