We meet them on a daily basis bit often forget to say “hello”. They are the salespersons. When is National Salesperson Day in 2018 and what should we say them “thanks” for? Read on!


The history of the holiday is as short as it could be. It was invented in the beginning of the 21st century – on 2000, to be correct – by the president of the company, author of the many articles, and, of course, the brilliant speaker in the field of the sales and selling.

Maura Schrier-Fleming is a woman we should remember of when we talk about the today’s celebratory date.


What does National Salesperson Day mean? It means appreciating the difficult labor of those who toil at the shops and offices.

The selling specialists have always been considered as the crucial employees in any company. Nowadays, during the crisis period, they are more than just valuable. There are two ways of coming out of the crisis situation – either by spending less or by earning more. That’s why the human resources offices are searching for the skilled experts in the selling that would be able to bring the company more profit while the heads of the companies try to make their employees sell more.

Salesperson Day

What is a proper salesperson like? Of course, they are polite andcivilized. It is well-known that the buyer is always right. Yes, they – the buyers – could be arrogant and stupid but those who sell must be always under the self-control. They are the face of the company. At the first request of the client to show some of the items, the salesperson must present it in the best way.

They should not be too obtrusive. At first, they are ought to ask the customer whether they could help. To follow on their heels and offer the different things is totally tactless. Such sellers can even scare away the clients. Then, there should be a bit of the psychologist in them. If a buyer needs a consultation, they must be near them, if they want to be alone, then leave them alone but be ready to turn up at the first glance. Another important point is that they must be the experts – the competent and literal experts who know everything about the items.

When is International Salesperson Day 2018? Seems like a crucial question!

Imagine, you need the microwave oven. You drop by the nearest store and here begins the adventurous journey. First, you’retryingtocatchtheseller. When you’re done with this part of the task, follow the second. Asking them about the functions, power and other details, you see that they just read the information brochure and know nothing more except for the letters on the pages. You want to know the nuances like the automatic regimes but the consultant, alas, does not know a thing about that model. Before selling something, the person must look into the items down to the details to be able to answer even the most stupid question of the client.

On top of that, they should be honest and fair. Not everyone will be happy to come home from the market and find out that out of two kilograms of the cucumbers you bought at the local street vendor only five hundred grams happened to be good for eating.

The real salesperson is almost not seen but they are noted. Due to them, you are sure to come back to the shop. They don’t turn up right in front of your nose but always smile at you and say “hello”. You won’t notice their presence but when you need it – you’ll get it. They like what they sell and know everything about the items. They find out unobtrusively your desires and offer exactly what you want even if you still don’t know it. If you don’t like the item they would tell when the delivery is and offer to call and inform you.

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Regardless of what day World Salesperson Day in 2018 falls on, be sure to always treat them respectively.


The lot of the salespersons is not that easy. When they take the job in a shop, they either agree to the conditions or look for another one. In the resume, they just mention the opportunities of the career’s growth and money. But working for a couple of months, they see that these resumes are forever stored in the compartments of the boss’s table. The position of the salesperson is occupied by different people and oftentimes not so expert ones. They are treated like the temporary workers who would run away, sooner or later.

Today, it happens that the only experts in the stores are the grannies who work for more than fifty years in the same place. If a person has even the two days of the working experience they would be automatically approved. They would be shown how the computer works and how to pile up the boxes and here is the new salesperson. The young workers don’t want to develop themselves in the career, plus, there are not so many opportunities. It is not profitable for the boss. It could be said that the meteoric career in the selling is impossible.

What about the duties? The seller must look for their own section. Look for all items to hang in the hall, be an expert in the price tags and sizes. No one teaches them how to sell. No one gives them the information about the brand and the year the designer was born in. There is the seller who asks directly whether you buy this thing or not and runs from one client to another. And there are people who work only with one customer. The latter earns less but the quality of their work is much higher.

On top of that, there are the thieves. In fact, both the sellers and the customers steal. For the latter, the stealing could be of two types – the accidental and intentional. Oh, you say cameras? There is no one who sits and watches at all fifteen screens. For all the things that were stolen, the seller pays.

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What is the date of National Salesperson Day 2018? It takes place on March 2!


Sometimes, people buy something and then return it in a couple of days. Of course, returning the defective item is okay but oftentimes it sounds like “my boy walked in your sneakers for an hour and his feet sweated, we don’t want them anymore”. Or a man, dropping by with a woman and buying her the clothing – in a while, she comes back and asks for exchanging the clothes on the money.

Besides, there are the conflicts. The manager is always on the side of a client; the seller is not supported by anyone. You are dying and the boss tells you to perform your duties anyway. That’s why even if you’re sworn at you have to smile at the person. Buttheself-controlcomeswiththeexperience. The clients could make you walk after them for five hours without a break – they would try on every piece of the clothing, choose the cheapest one and would beg for the discount.

The dismissal is another part. When the boss is near they have to be accurate, smile in a cute way and wink at them like “oh, I know you”. Usually, the salespersons are not fired for the small mistakes. But if the mood of the boss is not so bright, the terrible things may happen.


What is the best way to celebrate the holiday? Of course, by saying lots of thanks and hellos to the salesperson you know and meet daily! Don’t miss even the single one, the attention is really important.

International Salesperson Day Facts

  • Do you know who the best ever salesperson is? It is an American man called Joe Girard who worked at the Chevrolet company.

Make a firm fixture in your calendar, when is Salesperson Day in 2018, and make up a list of the people to congratulate!


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